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11 sneaky ways to exercise

Let’s be honest, we don’t all love exercise. For some of us, the idea of going out for a run, or an early morning boot camp is enough to make us break out into a cold sweat.

But the fact is, movement is good. There’s a huge myth that exercise has to be long, intensive cardio for it to be worthwhile. But that’s just not true. Often it can do more harm than good exercising in this way – not to mention the increased risk of injury. If you don’t enjoy the exercise you’re doing, is it really going to benefit you as much as working out in a way you love? The stress from long intensive cardio, particularly if you hate it, could do you serious harm. Especially if you’re regularly forfeiting an hour of sleep most nights to fit it in.

11 sneaky ways to get more exercise fitness anti gym crossfit Paleo Network-min

If you love running on a treadmill in the gym – good on you – but for those of us who don’t – how about getting your fitness in another way? A way you might actually LOVE?

Here are some alternative ways to get some exercise in – without stepping foot in a gym:


There aren’t many things more fun than dancing – whether you’re out with friends, taking a dance class, or just dancing in the privacy of your living room.


Yoga is so easy to start, whether following online at home, or joining in at a class. Wherever you live, there’s bound to be a class near you.


Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this! Whether it’s walking for a purpose, or just to explore your local area

Playing video games

Seriously! Of course, I mean an active video game, like Wii Fit or Just Dance

Playing with the kids

Pretend you’re the same age – it will keep you young, and they’ll love it!

Martial Arts

Have you ever tried karate or judo? A lot of fun – and a valuable skill too


Maybe this is the year to sort your garden out, have a proper veggie patch and some light landscaping? I love dial purpose exercise like this – the treadmill doesn’t reward you with home-grown veg, does it?


Not the most fun, I admit, but cleaning your house is a great workout – and has the side benefit of making everything all sparkly and shiny


Wherever you live, you can guarantee there will be some volunteer schemes nearby. Maybe it’s looking after the Local Park or beach, or at an animal home – give it a try!

Get a dog

Well, you should probably have more reasons than for it’s exercise benefit alone – but what better way to move than with your canine best friend?

Dust your bike down

Cycling is such a low impact, fun way to get out. Put a basket on the front and who needs the car next time you go grocery shopping?


5 paleo weight loss tweaks speed up lose weight plateau paleo diet primal

5 paleo tweaks to speed up weight loss

For the vast majority of people, transitioning to the Paleo diet will often see dramatic improvements in their personal battle with weight loss. However, on some occasions, you may hit a plateau with your weight loss and find yourself struggling to reach your desired weight.

Before I go any further, I must stress that it vitally important not to worry about that number on the scales. If you’re looking and feeling your best, then ignore what the scales are telling you. Chances are, if you’re eating right and training well, you may well have added a little weight in the form of muscle mass.

If, however, you still have that last bit of body fat that you want to lose in order to look, feel, and perform at your optimum level; then you may wish to consider the following ‘tweaks’:

Watch your carb intake

Whilst it is a lot harder to take in excess carbohydrate on the Paleo diet, (largely due to the removal of grains and processed foods) it is still possible – and especially so if you’re not active. You may want to look at bringing your carb intake down to see how this helps you with your weight loss goals. Try cutting back on starchy vegetables like yams, hard squash, parsnips and beets, and replacing them with dark leafy greens like spinach, kale and broccoli. It may be worthwhile limiting your fruit intake as well to one portion per day. If you do eat fruit, berries are a very good choice. Otherwise, snack on hardboiled eggs, jerky, nuts and coconut to see you through between meals.

It’s important to tailor your carbohydrate intake to your activity level. If you’re relatively sedentary, then roughly 50g of carbs per day from vegetables is more than adequate. If you’re training more (and especially if you partake in high intensity exercise like Crossfit), you’ll be looking at probably double that. Time your carb intake as well – straight after a heavy workout to replace glycogen stores, and in the evening to increase melatonin and ensure a healthy sleep.

5 paleo weight loss tweaks speed up lose weight plateau paleo diet primal

Try Intermittent Fasting

Proven to break through even the most stubborn weight loss plateau, I can’t recommend Intermittent Fasting enough for fat loss and general appetite control. Try exercising when fasted, so your body turns straight to the fat stores for energy.

Move more

Sometimes, conventional wisdom does get it right. If you’re not seeing the fat loss results you’re after, it could be a case of not exercising enough. Just make sure it’s the right kind of exercise and you’re not slipping into chronic cardio territory. HIIT Training, sprints and Crossfit are excellent fat busters.

Sleep more

When you’re deprived of sleep, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which has been proven to increase fat storage. And, in case you needed any more reason to get a solid 8 hours sleep every night, the biggest spike in growth hormone occurs during sleep – which in turn, burns fat. Try sleeping more, and sleeping better too.

Stress less

As with sleep, if you’re stressed, your body will be releasing cortisol. Try meditating, exercising more, or increasing your sunlight exposure to help you manage your stress levels.

These are just a few ideas to help you break through your fat loss plateau. Do you have any other tips for fellow readers?

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The 19 worst types of people at the gym

Personally, I hate going to the gym. I’d much rather actually be outside in nature, in the fresh air, than stuck in a sterile gym, that could be anywhere in the world.

Part of the reason I hate the gym is because of the other gym goers. Some of them are just so annoying. Well, I hate to stereotype, but I bet you’ve encountered one or two of these on your gym visits:

1) The contortionist yogi

There’s always one taking over the mat area with their incredible feats of flexibility defying the laws of gravity

2) The resident

They’re always there. Always! Everyone knows them – and surely, they must actually live there?

19 worst types people gym workout crossfit Paleo Network-min

3) The hoarder

That weight you want to use? Yep, he’s hanging onto it, he might need it later. You can’t have it.

4) The sweat monster

We all sweat, but the sweat monster takes it to a whole new level. And never has a towel. Good luck getting on the machines you want after him

5) The model

Always wearing something different from lululemon with matching trainers and nail varnish

6) The always-skips-leg-day

You know the one, he’s always working on those muscles up top

7) The texter

Always on their phone. Always. Presumably to keep their facebook friends updated about their workout.

8) Mr oh so hairy

And why is it the hairiest always wear the briefest of outfits?

9) The selfie queen

You’re sure you saw her load a few extra weights on, take a photo, then walk off

10) Mr. doesn’t want to be here

But he has to be. So he reads a book on the machines and barely breaks into a sweat.

11) The water fountain junkie

He’s always there. Always.

12) The expert

Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong – and rest assured they’ll let you know about it.

13) Miss competitive

Just because you’re on the next treadmill does not mean we’re racing.

14) The grunter

He’s a warrior and don’t you know it

15) Mr. farts when he squats

Admit it, you laughed when you heard him

16) Miss Perfectly made up

You’ve seen them, perfectly applied make up and just-out-of-the-saloon-hair. And what’s more bizarre is not a hair out of place, or smudge to be seen after a workout.

17) The ten minute man

He’s just arrived before he’s off again. The ultimate in power workouts

18) The cardio bunny

Exclusively treadmill with a bit of (fast) bike and cross trainer to mix it up a bit

19) Free trial Kyle

Never more than 7 days in any one gym – one the free trial is over, he’s off to a new trial at a new gym

Your Health Messages To YOURSELF Ten Years Ago paleo network-min

Your Health Messages To YOURSELF Ten Years Ago

I recently asked the fans of my Facebook Page The Paleo Network this question: “If you could go back and tell yourself a key health message ten years ago – what would it be?” What would your answer be?

There were hundreds of answers covering all sorts of aspects of physical & emotional health, here are some of them.

Your Health Messages To YOURSELF Ten Years Ago paleo network-min

Quit grains

And sugar. This was (unsurprisingly) a very common theme. Here are some of the messages:

  • No grains
  • Grain brain
  • Give up wheat
  • Kick the sugar
  • Don't eat sugar.
  • Cut sugar n carbs
  • Stop eating grains
  • Put down the sugar!
  • Don't. Eat. Grains.
  • Go grain & sugar free
  • Don't eat lots of bread!
  • Don't eat so much sugar!
  • Give up wheat and sugar.
  • Eat less sugar and grains
  • Don't eat grains or sugar!
  • Stop eating bread and pasta
  • Fat is not the enemy…sugar is!
  • Don't eat candy or chocolate bars!
  • Cut the bread bro and lay off the booze.
  • Ditch the GRAINS, forget the SUGAAAAR!!!
  • Fat doesn't make you fat. Sugar is the enemy.
  • Reduce your carb intake, don't eat bread anymore!!!
  • Avoid grains and sugar, they make you feel like crap.
  • Give up sugar and grains. You honestly won't miss it!
  • put down the loaf of bread and spinage dip!… I have a long list…
  • Once a sweet tooth, always a sweet tooth! Cut out sugar from the diet!
  • Stop all grain not just gluten don't look for substitutes there really enough to eat….

Easy on the vices

Alcohol and smoking also featured…

  • Don't smoke
  • Don't drink beer
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Ease up on alcohol
  • Avoid alcohol better
  • Don't start smoking again
  • Don't smoke or hang out with those who do!!!!
  • Cut the grains and sugar and it will be easier to quit smoking.
  • Stop drinking alcohol it's poison. So is wheat dairy and sugar. Paleo paleo paleo


I thought more people would have commented about body weight and body image…

  • Stop Eating!
  • Don't get fat!
  • You're not fat. Eat something
  • Being fat is not genetic and you're not big boned.

Ditch the soda

Soda and fizzy drinks were also prominent in your messages to your younger self

  • No soda. No diet soda.
  • Stop drinking pop and fast food
  • Drink water not coke or coke zero
  • To never touch diet drinks or diet anything and drink lots of water!


Fitness was one of the most popular themes, with these messages being added:

  • MOVE
  • Stretch
  • Do yoga
  • Exercise!
  • Weightlifting
  • Don't overtrain
  • Stay strong fit and fast.
  • Don't quit weekend sport
  • Start CrossFit. Eat Paleo!
  • Don't ever quit sport/exercise!!
  • Don't stop exercising because of pregnancy
  • Put down the sugar and lift weights…. heavy weights
  • And start yoga young to keep u strong and flexible !!!
  • Keep moving…don't stop the exercise…even for a week!
  • Paleo and CrossFit….if only I had discovered this years ago!!
  • Don't wait till you gain weight to start exercising. Biggest mistake I made!!!
  • Go to the gym & get a trainer/training partner. I'd be so much further along in my physical development

And perhaps best of all, the random messages!

There are definitely some stories there…

  • Speak up
  • Sleep more.
  • Stay consistent
  • Don't marry him.
  • Pack it in. Idiot!
  • Bitcoins! Buy them!!!
  • Omg! Where do I begin?!!
  • Put the candy bar down fatty
  • You really are allergic to dairy
  • Stay away from the chocolate
  • Stay focused don't get complacent
  • 27 is not too young to have babies
  • Don't get the flu shot and go Paleo
  • Your friends and chidren are amazing
  • Stay away from snotty nosed children!
  • Thank god u took the advice to lose 95 kg.
  • Stress less, not a food thing but a health thing
  • Don't ever stop, that's what I tell the youngsters.
  • Don't marry him! Hahaha. I would Def be healthier
  • Dont listen to your mother… and dont eat like her….
  • Take the time to feed your kids and yourself healthy!
  • Enjoy the small things! Work to live, not live to work!!
  • Stop making stupid excuses and get divorced now !!!
  • Nothing can be fixed until you sort out that zinc deficiency.
  • The habits I have will be the habits my kids will have. Eat clean!
  • NOTHING and I mean nothing, taste as good as healthy feels!!!!!
  • Don't take hormone contraceptive pills and quit that stressful job!
  • You are worth loving and you don't have to turn to food to feel loved.
  • Don't sweat it me, you are going to look better at 37 than you did at 27.
  • I would tell me to keep eating clean and switch degrees to sports science!
  • Don't shrug off the little things cause sometimes they mean there is a big thing.
  • My biggest down fall, closely followed by, avoid chocolate – it is not a meal!!!!!
  • Don't get lazy and give up. YOU'RE worth the EFFORT of cooking healthy food!!
  • Everything you've been taught about nutrition was false. The food pyramid is upside down.
  • Slow down, create more homemade meals (organic) than eating meals on the run (processed junk).
  • Exercise, laugh, set goals be flexible, action is the key to fruition, rest, relish silence, no sugar, grains, no dairy
  • Take a kids cooking class to master basic cooking skills – especially knife skills & don't be bloody lazy about eating properly!!!
  • Do not do the endometriosis treatment that your supposed specialised GP said was latest and greatest. It will ruin your health forever…
  • Don't have vital parts surgically removed unless you've been diagnosed with a deadly disease and the removal of said parts is the way to eliminate the disease.

So over to you… what message would you tell your ten-years-ago-self?

Time to get healthy paleo rock bottom over indulged Christmas lose weight-min

Time to get healthy?

Post Christmas is a popular time to readdress your goals. Perhaps you got a bit carried away with the festivities and have realised you are carrying more weight than is healthy? Or perhaps you have a few health issues that you want to concentrate on, and resolve once and for all? Now is the perfect time to get healthy!

It starts with food

Diet is a great place to start. Instead of waiting until all if the festive food has been eaten (we've all done that!) why not just throw it away – or give it to someone who will appreciate it? Your health will thank you!
Once you've cleared out all the not-exactly-paleo food – it's time for the good food!  Make a list, plan out your meals for the next week and go and get some good wholesome paleo foods.
I like to make up big batches of dishes like soups and curries. It's great to freeze them in small portions, making it super easy to get healthy meals, quickly.
Time to get healthy paleo rock bottom over indulged Christmas lose weight-min

What about lifestyle?

Lifestyle is a huge health factor! In fact, I'd argue that even with a perfect diet unless you have got the lifestyle factors right it's almost impossible to get healthy.

How's your sleep?

Have late nights and difficult mornings started to creep in? Are you getting enough sleep? This is a great time to work out how much sleep your body needs – and how you're going to get it.


Another huge factor – do you have enough time in your life for your friends and family? Do you have enough time to relax and just be? If not – what can you change to create more balance in your life?

Get healthy with fitness

This is another important factor. Do you lift heart things and get in the occasional sprint? Being fitter seems to go hand in hand with overall health and well being. You don't have to start big – try walking more.
I'd love to hear what you're planning to work on over the coming months, what changes are you planning to make to your life?
Why You Should Add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) To Your Workout paleo fitness exercise crossfit primal diet-min

Why You Should Add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) To Your Workout

What exactly is high intensity interval training?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become a bit of a buzz word in the Paleo community, but what is it? HIIT is a series of short high intensity workout intervals combined with short “recovery” intervals.

Instead of spending hours on the treadmill, a HIIT is far shorter, consisting of short bursts of very strenuous workout, broken up with recovery intervals. You might sprint for a minute as fast as possible, then recover for two minutes several times.

Why You Should Add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) To Your Workout paleo fitness exercise crossfit primal diet-min

What are the benefits of HIIT?

1. You can burn far more fat in HIIT. After you complete a high intensity workout, your body burns more fat than if you were to run for 30 minutes at a steady pace.

2.  You push your heart and make it stronger because you are making it go to a limit that it won’t go to if you remain doing low intensity workouts.

3.  You will lose fat, not muscle.

4.  You can do it anywhere.  You don’t need a gym with lots of equipment.  You can just go outside and run.

5.  It’s challenging.  This is something you need to set aside time to do.  You cannot relax and watch a movie or read a book while you try to do a few sit-ups.  This requires your focus and commitment which will result you feeling better and help you to obtain good results.

Of course, it is important to not over do it.  When you engage in high intensity interval training it may be tempting to keep pushing yourself until you are working out for an hour or more and doing more intensity intervals than recovery intervals.

The conventional wisdom workouts, where people spend hours on a treadmill or cross trainer are “chronic cardio”, which is not the key to fitness that it might seem. Chronic cardio can result in muscular fatigue, oxidative stress and a stress generally on the body.

Crossfit incorporates HIIT in it’s WOD’s (workout of the day), this makes up just a small part of a class – and the actual activities making up the HIIT element are always varied.

Do you do HIIT? I’d love to hear how you workout, add your comment, below!

Learning from olympic athletes paleo mindset nutrition diet-min

Learning from Olympic Athletes

In the last three weeks I've been fortunate enough to meet and learn from two former Olympians. To become one of the best in the World – competing in the Olympics at a particular discipline, they clearly know a lot about what that takes. If I can learn just some of that and apply it to my own life, perhaps I can adapt their methods and enhance my own life? I also have a particular interest in their own nutritional beliefs and practices.

Learning from olympic athletes paleo mindset nutrition diet-min

Michael Stember

The first Olympian was American track & field athlete, Michael Stember, who taught a sprint class at PrimalCon last month. Being at PrimalCon he completely “gets” Paleo and everything that involves. I learnt a lot of practical running tips from him that I've been putting into practice – but what I found most enlightening was the psychology he applies to his sport. He made it really clear that just wanting to achieve a goal is not enough. To achieve a goal you have to dream about it and have the certainty that you are going to make it a reality.

Matt Welsh

Earlier this week I went to a talk by Australian Olympic swimmer Matt Welsh. He is an ambassador for a health fund, so I expected his message to be a blend of agendas. Matt started describing his own story and how he got into Swimming relatively late at the age of 18, but made the national team. I'm really interested in the mental aspect to training and achieving goals, which he spoke about at length.


Matt started off on a smaller scale with his training – but he always kept in mind the big picture of the goal he wanted to achieve. This seems far more realistic than launching straight into a daunting regime – which is going to do anything but inspire. I was interested to hear how much importance he placed on being confident in races. He achieved this by “sabotaging” small local competitions (i.e. deliberately not wearing his swimming goggles), which meant that if something went wrong on the day of a big race, he’d already encountered that situation and knew how to deal with it. He removed the fear of the unknown by creating these different experiences.

I was also intrigued to hear the how much importance was placed on visualisation. The swimmers would visualise every detail of the race, as if they were actually in it. This process ensured that on race day they knew exactly what they were going to do, which ensured they stayed focused – at the optimum performance and arousal levels.

After the session (before I broke into my obligatory nutrition question), I asked Matt what he thought about when he was in the midst of a difficult training session. I've been asking this question of every athlete I meet, as I've found just changing my thoughts during a training session makes the difference between a dreadful session – and an exceptional session. Matt told me he used to let his mind wander and look at the tiles at the bottom of the pool – then one day he realised he was wasting his brain power. He switched his focus and would think about what his muscles were doing with each stroke – or when on the treadmill focus solely on a spot in the distance and not let his mind wander.


It was interesting to hear Matt talk about how, when his focus was on swimming, he was fit and healthy. But being fit and healthy was a by-product of his swimming. He concentrated on training, technique, race strategy, nutrition, recovery and exercise to get to his swimming goals. When he retired from swimming all of a sudden good health and fitness were no longer automatic and for the first time in his life he had to make them his focus.

He stressed the importance of enjoying the exercise you do – and not just exercising because you feel you have to, rather because you enjoy the activity in its own right. Consistency is key.


I was very eager to hear what he had to say about nutrition; as you've probably gathered, this is my favourite topic. The nutrition discussion started well, as Matt stressed the importance of eating what you need, before eating what you want. If you focus on what you want you won’t have room for what you need. Sadly the nutrition section then turned into not only a teaching of conventional wisdom (food pyramids, cut out fat – you get the picture), but also a soapbox on the importance of carbohydrates (and he wasn't talking about sweet potatoes)!

Matt had mention that he’d just started reading “Sweet Poison” by David Gillespie, so I thought it was a safe bet he’d know something about Paleo. Or Primal, or an Ancestral diet – or even a Caveman diet! I wasn't sure what to ask to get onto the topic of nutrition, but I thought I’d ask what he thought about a Paleo diet, which is something that has been very beneficial to me, but seems very different to what he discussed. His answer made it apparent that he didn't know much about Paleo – but had always been taught the nutritional approach he’d spoken about and he knew there were lots of studies backing up that nutritional approach.

He’d mentioned in his talk that he doesn't think we need to know the ins and outs of nutrition (but that it’s great if you do learn). He said we all know what’s healthy and we just have to make the healthiest choice available at any given time. I found his response to my question really enlightening as I just assumed athletes would have an interest in researching nutrition and experimenting on themselves. After all, they know how essential nutrition is to their performance and recovery. Clearly this isn't the case and often the nutrition advice handed out is taken as gospel without being questioned or experimented with. Personally, I disagree. I think everybody needs to know at least the basics on nutrition. Given that we literally are what we eat – how can we not have an interesting in understanding what we eat and what our body does with it?

Do you think people need to understand a little about nutrition? Or is it enough that they follow advice that someone else has researched?

The Unexpected Way I’ve Improved my Training Performance paleo primal crossfit mindset gym fitness mental attitude-min

The Unexpected Way I’ve Improved my Training Performance

Since I started considering the mental aspect to Training, I've found I can achieve more reps, better reps, faster reps and lift heavier weights.  It still amazes me how much of the hard work is down to my mind and not my body.

I thought I was doing everything well in my Training Sessions; I had the right mental attitude, the right pre and post workout Paleo nutrition and was focusing on good form in everything I did.  Well, almost everything…

I've been talking about the mental aspects of training at great length with a friend, who recently came along to an interval training session with me.  After the session he commented that he'd noticed in the rest between activities, my posture completely changed.  I would put my hands on my knees and look towards the ground.  I hadn't realised I adopted this position until it was pointed out, but after noticed that it was my default rest position after a high intensity set.  I also noticed when forced to pause a run by traffic lights, I’d also drop my shoulders and look to the ground.

I've been noticing a lot of other people in the gym adopt their own version of negative posture during their sessions too – sometimes even sitting down or lying in a heap on the floor!  It seems I wasn't alone.

The Unexpected Way I’ve Improved my Training Performance paleo primal crossfit mindset gym fitness mental attitude-min

“Slumped” positions like this enable the muscles to relax, which feels like a good idea, especially during a hard tabata session.  However, it’s logical that putting the body in this position signals that you are tired and resting.  When the rest ends a few seconds later, this is not an easy position to come back strong from.  In this position, lung capacity is significantly smaller, making it harder to intake as much oxygen as the body requires – making the rest period even less effective – and the following activities that much harder.

Since this revelation, it has been so easy to change my posture in the rest between high intensity activities.  As soon as I have finished my reps I stand up straight and tall looking straight ahead, never down.  I've found this posture makes me feels strong, focused and ready to get onto the next exercise.  It’s actually hard to think negative thoughts about being worn out and not able to lift any more when I adopt this posture.

How is your posture between sets?  Have you found changing how you stand – or think – has improved your performance?

7 Habits of highly healthy people-min

7 Habits of Highly Healthy People

Since I've taken such a keen interest in my health over the last couple of years, and particularly since I've adopted a Paleo lifestyle I've come to be surrounded by more and more healthy people.  It doesn't take long to realise that these people have a lot in common.  I've been trying to understand exactly what they do differently, so that I can try to adopt these habits myself.

7-Habits-of healthy people paleo-min

1.  View food as nutrition and fuel.

Healthy people see food purely as a means of providing their bodies with the fuel and nutrients they need – not for pleasure and enjoyment.  They are never obsessed with where their next meal is coming from and with constant thoughts of their favourite type of junk food.

2.  Prioritise healthy lifestyle above all other distractions

Healthy people have their health as their number one priority.  This makes it easy for them to decline social invitations that they know will mean poor nutrition, poor sleep and a hard training session the next day.  They constantly keep their focus on their health, instead of being easily tempted by distractions that go against these aims.

3.  Consistently get adequate sleep & get up early

I’m realising more and more how crucial sleep is to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy people almost always seem to have a routine of getting up early and going to bed early (because they know they can’t burn the candle at both ends).  Going to bed earlier means being more organised with evening meals and of course, not staying out all night on social events.  Consistently having proper rest allows the body to recover and recharge ready for the next day.  Sleep also seems to have crucial roles in how the body stores fat as well as willpower and concentration.

4.  Surround themselves with healthy people.

Healthy people tend to have healthy friends.  Having a circle of healthy friends means meals out and social events will be based around healthy food and activities.  A group of friends with a similar outlook will also serve to inspire and motivate.

5.  Seamlessly integrate fitness into their daily routines

Fit people don’t have to rearrange their day and cancel arrangements to squeeze some exercise into their day.  They have established routines that centre around fitness.  For example, getting up early every morning to get some training in before work or walking to work.  They will routinely take the stairs instead of the lift – and perhaps even work at a standing desk!

6.  Results not excuses

Successful, healthy people don’t make excuses.  It might be raining, they might be tired, they might have an important meeting, or a friend visiting.  It makes no difference.  They will still eat well and exercise.  They won’t allow these factors to impact their life.  The motivation to stay fit and healthy is far more significant to them than the temptation to give into any excuses.

7.  Healthy self image

Crucially, healthy people seem to visualise themselves as just that, fit and healthy.  Those who are not yet there, may instead visualise themselves as unfit, unhealthy and overweight – all negative connotations that can only hinder their efforts.

Do you agree with my observations?  Have you noticed any other traits healthy people seem to have in common?

Ido Portal Movement Culture event conference classes australia sydney

Ido Portal – Paleo Fitness

With MovNat coming to Australia in March – and founder Erwan Le Corre teaching at PrimalCon in April – it really is the year of natural movement. Get ready for Ido Portal!

I’ve recently found out about Ido Portal.  His YouTube videos show the most incredible movement, strength and balance.  You can’t watch these videos and not be completely in awe – he makes the movements look so effortless.  My handstand push-up ambition just doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore!

As all the Paleo & related experts do eventually, Ido Portal is coming to Australia!  He’s taking a two day workshop on the 25th & 26th February, at Elements of Movement, CrossFit Sydney.

Better get practicing…

Ido Portal Movement Culture event conference classes australia sydney