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75 Paleo Snack Ideas

Once you've perfected your Paleo meals, you might need to work on making sure you have a few Paleo snack ideas in your repertoire, to fit it with your Paleo diet. Here is the list of Paleo snacks you've been waiting for!

If you're looking for even more ideas and recipes for Paleo snacks – you'll be pleased to hear my Paleo Snack recipe ebook has just been launched! You can find it here.

Ideally, if you have a good Paleo breakfast and lunch, you’ll often find you don’t feel hungry and don’t need to snack. If you do find yourself hungry between meals, try eating more at meals (are you consuming enough satiating fat in your meals?). Also, check out the recipe book I've just written with loads of Paleo Breakfast recipes to inspire you.

There are always occasions where it’s good to have some healthy Paleo snacks prepared, or in mind. This way when hunger strikes, you won’t ruin your Paleo diet. There are hundreds of great Paleo and Primal snack ideas and 75 ideas in the list below. With a bit of preparation, there will never be any need to hit the vending machine or go for an unhealthy option.

Some of these ideas are more Primal/ Lacto-Paleo with the inclusion of dairy. If you tolerate dairy, get the best quality full-fat you can. Raw dairy is even better.

Brace yourself – this is a long list. Most of the ideas are quick and easy – so there’s no excuse not to keep in Paleo!

75 paleo snack ideas suggestions inspiration recipes-min

Paleo Snack Options For Work

It’s a great plan to have an emergency Paleo kit in your desk at work. This way whether your caught sort, or don’t have time for lunch, you always have a fast Paleo snack at your fingertips. If you’re buying pre packages tins and packets, make sure you check the ingredients and get the best quality available. These options should store and keep well for a while in your desk; perfect for an emergency stash!

1. A tin of tuna or salmon
2. A good quality packet of beef jerky (or make your own)
3. Put together a trail mix of your favourite nuts and seeds
4. Some dark chocolate
5. Larabars are a good emergency option
6. Coconut flakes will also store well
7. A jar of coconut oil and spoon will provide some good fat when you need it most

Kids Paleo Snack Options

Children tend to eat more fruit than adults, but these ideas will be good for adult snacks too.

8. Apple & cheese slices
9. Fruit balls (made with a melon baller) in coconut milk
10. Turkey roll-ups with cucumber, tomato, grated carrot and avocado inside
11. Make “chicken nuggets” coated in coconut flour and egg
12. Wrap melon in ham

The Paleo Recipe Book

Simple Snacks

It doesn't get much easier than these snack ideas

13. An avocado and a spoon
14. Peeled, hard-boiled eggs
15. Black and green olives
16. Fruit in coconut milk
17. Seasonal fruit on it’s own
18. A young fresh coconut
19. Pork rinds/ crackling (ideally home-made, if not, make sure it’s good quality with minimal ingredients!)
20. Coconut yoghurt

Movie Snack Ideas

Instead of a bucket of popcorn and soda, you can easily keep it Paleo with these movie snack ideas

21. Activate, dry roast and season some cashews, pecans and walnuts
22. Spicy almonds
23. Dried seaweed (make your own, or buy – checking the ingredients!)
24. Coconut flakes are a great ready to eat snack
25. A medley of berries (i.e. strawberries, cherries and blueberries) with coconut flakes
26. A dried fruit mix
27. Meatballs
28. Pigs in blankets

Midnight Snacks

Late night, bedtime and midnight snacks seem to be a common habit for a lot of people. Here are some Paleo supper ideas you can try before bed, that won’t ruin a day of great nutrition.

29. Make up some almonds, walnuts and berries in a bowl of coconut milk
30. A bowl of Paleo granola or No-Oatmeal
31. Some full fat yoghurt
32. Smoked salmon

Airport and Flying Paleo Snack Options

Given the unhealthy options available at airport and on most flights, it’s a great plan to come prepared with your own Paleo snacks. Check the security requirements at the airports you’re travelling through to determine which of the following options will be allowed on your airplane. Hopefully with unopened packets, you should have no problems, but do check first!

33. Smoked meat and high quality salami (this should store well)
34. Good quality cheese
35. Coconut Butter
36. A sealed packet of nuts and seeds
37. A jar of pickles (check the ingredients!)

On the Go & Travel Paleo Snack Ideas

When you have to travel for work, or don’t have time, these options will work well on the go.

38. Make up a batch of egg muffins to store in the fridge and grab as required
39. Paté
40. Sardines
41. A tin of smoked oysters
42. Diced meat and veg
43. Make up some devilled eggs ready to go
44. Keep some bacon pieces in the fridge
45. Dehydrate some apple slices
46. Make veggie chips with sweet potatoes, kale, brussel sprouts, pumpkin or zucchini to take with you
47. There are a few Paleo Packs on the markets idea for travelling with

Pre and Post Workout Paleo Snacks

Before and after a workout your nutrition requirements are different; here are some ideas to give you a good protein boast.

48. Protein Shakes; whilst not exactly “whole foods” there are some great Primal protein powders available
49. Chicken and avocado is a great snack to take to the gym
50. Make some primal energy protein bars
51. Leftover meat and mustard (or try making a Paleo mayonnaise)

Weight Loss Paleo Snack Suggestions

When you have weight to lose, snacks are dangerous territory! Some snacks, such as nuts and fruit are easy to overdo and can sabotage your weight loss efforts. If you’re constantly hungry, make sure your meals are sufficient and try adding more fat. These low-calorie snack ideas are going to be a better bet for weight loss on a Paleo diet

52. Make some rice-less Sushi using nori wraps, lengths of veggies, avocado, egg and fish
53. Make a small omelette with your favourite vegetables
54. Carrot and celery sticks with an almond and cashew butter dip
55. Fresh salmon on cucumber slices
56. Cucumber sticks with a guacamole dip
57. Capsicum (Bell Pepper) strips with a homemade spicy salsa
58. Mini bacon & guacamole “sandwiches”
59. Cherry tomatoes and ham
60. Roast vegetables with a ranch dipping sauce
61. Sauerkraut
62. Make up some nori “chips” in the oven with coconut oil and seasoning with spices

After Dinner Paleo Snack Ideas

Instead of a dessert or pudding, these snack ideas should fulfil the need for “something” sweet, without going overboard!

63. Keep it simple with some squares of very dark chocolate
64. Try chocolate coated bacon pieces, unusual, but delicious
65. Make some chocolate coated almond and coconut bites
66. Dip strawberries and blueberries in chocolate
67. Make some “Paleo Cookies” using almond meal
68. Make coconut flour berry muffins/ “cakes”
69. Coconut flour pancakes
70. Frozen grapes
71. Baked apples with cinnamon and coconut cream
72. A simple fruit salad

Drink Your Paleo Snack

With a flask or thermos and some preparation, you can have a drinkable snack with you wherever you go.

73. Bone broth
74. Soup
75. A green smoothie (remember to add in a fat source like avocado or coconut milk from your favourite recipe)

Has your snacking frequency changed since you've been following a Paleo diet? What are your favourite snacks? I’d love to hear more suggestions to add to the list of Paleo snack ideas; let me know in the comments below! And don't forget to check out my Paleo Snack recipe ebook for full recipes and even more Paleo snack ideas!

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34 replies
  1. Mara
    Mara says:

    Hi all you Paleo Sydney siders,
    Has any one found cheap coconut flour? Perhaps in some Indian shops or
    elsewhere? It also is called different names.
    Question: Is it coconut shredded but ground up to a flour cosistency?

    cheers, Mara

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      Hi Jill, thanks for the comment. Dairy isn’t strict Paleo, but a lot of people who follow a primal or lacto-paleo diet do allow good quality dairy. It all depends on what you can tolerate and how it makes you feel.

  2. Connie Marquette
    Connie Marquette says:

    I just have a question. Where could I buy these paleo snacks. I bought a bag and enjoyed them immensely and would like to order more.
    Thank you,

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      Hi Nick,

      It depends on you. Many people do include dairy (this is a Lacto-Paleo diet, or a Primal diet), but where people do consume dairy, it is generally very high quality, raw dairy.

      As a general rule it’s a good idea to go for 30 days with no dairy, before slowly reintroducing it to see how if affects you.

  3. Gabrielle
    Gabrielle says:

    Hey I’m 15 and I am lookinfor snack ideas, these are great thatnks!!! But in all of the paleo books, bloggs, ect; it says at cheese is unhealthy for you? So I’m just a little confused. But then again, doctors are also saying that we need milk and bread, so I’m really confused.

    • Emily
      Emily says:

      Hey Gabrielle.. the whole world is confusing when it comes to people telling us what’s right/ what’s not right and what’s healthy/ what’s not healthy. Your better off basing your diet on how your body feels after eating something (tired, bloated, sinus problems, how you feel emotionally, great or satisfied etc) Your body tells you awesome stuff about the things you eat if you pay attention to it.

  4. Aloka
    Aloka says:

    Awesome post. Somehow snacking is the most tough one because you know you don’t need it most of the time but just need something to nibble. This is so comprehensive! Thanks !

  5. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Hi Suz!
    Thanks for the list. I’m going on a two day road trip in a couple of days and really appreciate this large list!!

  6. Rashid
    Rashid says:

    Great suggestions! What are your thoughts on grass-fed beef? What about beef sticks/jerky? Are those good snacks as well? Looking for something that has high protein, low carb, but also want to watch the sodium.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    • Flower
      Flower says:

      Rashid – check out my comment below (about the Tanka Bars – the spicy one that I like only has about 250mg or 11%DV – which isn’t too bad for “jerky” type snacks. Low fat and pretty low calorie too). I’m addicted to them! Costco online has the best deal if you buy in bulk. Otherwise, try Ebay, sometimes people sell them there in smaller quantities you can try (maybe Zupan’s or New Season’s Markets or Whole Foods might carry them as well??? – I’m not sure).

      I hope that helps!!!! 🙂

  7. Kat @ Balance & Spice
    Kat @ Balance & Spice says:

    I snack much, much less frequently since starting a primal food plan. I used to eat 7-8 times per day(!!) just to keep up with my hunger. Now, my day looks like three protein and fat packed meals, and two simple snacks (chopped veggies, an egg, or some sheep yoghurt.) However, when I’m hungry, this list will be so helpful to remember!

  8. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Since starting the Paleo diet I am constantly hungry. I crave bread all the time, and occasionally potato chips. I have protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but am always tired and hungry. Is Paleo guaranteed to work for everyone? So unhappy with it at the moment 🙁

    • Megan
      Megan says:

      If you’re craving bread, there are a lot of paleo banana, zucchini, etc. bread recipes online you can try. For potato chips, try making sweet potato or parsnip chips/fries. There are a lot of options that may help curb your cravings! Hope this helps!

  9. Stephanie K.
    Stephanie K. says:

    Total beginner…this list is just what I was looking for! So many things I wouldn’t have thought of. This is helping me make a great meal plan for our first week. I know that with lots of variety and yummy choices, we’ll be more likely to stick with it! Thanks!

  10. Rebecca Baron
    Rebecca Baron says:

    I love this list and the variety it has and how simple most of the recipes are. Snacks should be really simple like this and not complicated or it hardly ever happens.


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