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A Typical Day in Paleo Meals

Despite trying not going overboard talking about my Paleo diet, it often comes out, especially when I'm out in a group, quizzing waiting staff about exactly what is in each dish and how it’s cooked.  It also becomes quite obvious when I'm the only person tucking into fish and vegetables – instead of eating pizza! I'm always asked (in disbelief) what a Typical Day in Paleo meals looks like.

I explain what I eat and why I don’t eat grains.  This stage often seems to happen whilst the person asking the questions, is tucking into their grain based meal.  Once they've got their head round the impossible – life without grains – they’ll almost always ask me what I actually eat.

So I thought I’d show some photos of a fairly typical working weekday, in Paleo meals.



A Paleo breakfast of bacon, eggs & avocado

On this particular day I had bacon, eggs and avocado.  I avoid supermarket bacon as it’s often very heavily processed with all sorts of ingredients I don’t want to eat.  My local organic butcher makes the best bacon I've had since I've been in Australia.  It’s fresh, made in store, with minimal ingredients.  It comes from organic, non factory farmed pigs.  And the taste really is testament to this.  I cook this in coconut oil (I'm currently using organic, virgin cold pressed, unrefined Melrose Coconut Oil).  Once the bacon is almost ready I cook the eggs in the same pan.  I always use organic, free range eggs – and where I can find them I’ll also often get Omega-3 enriched eggs.  I complete the meal with a few slices of avocado.  This breakfast is a great source of great fats and protein.  At the moment I'm trying to eat within 30 minutes of waking up and it really does seem to be making such a significant difference.  You can read my Paleo breakfast post for more breakfast ideas.



Paleo Lunch in the City; Roast Beef & Vegetables

Lunch should be something bought in from home so I know I'm eating the best possible ingredients.  However, in the real world I invariably don’t get round to making lunch every day.  This was one such day, where I had to find the best possible Paleo meal in the city.  In this situation, I often choose a roast dinner, on this occasion with roast beef and seasonal vegetables.



Paleo Dinner, Stuffed Capsicum

Dinner is the meal where all the effort, creativity and amazing ingredients go!  I usually plan the week’s dinners at the weekend, then shop to make sure I have all the required ingredients.  This dinner was stuffed capsicum (bell peppers) with a filling of minced beef and lots of veg, herbs and spices.  I have something different most days as I enjoy trying different recipes, cooking and introducing a lot of variety to my diet.

And to Drink?

I drink water all day long with the occasional cup of tea, or hot water with a slice of lemon or lime thrown in for good measure.

How does a typical day in food look for you?  Do you tend to repeat the same meals or go for maximum variety in your diet?

A Typical Day in Paleo Meals primal diet meal plan suggestions idea list breakfast lunch dinner snacks-min

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6 replies
  1. jillm
    jillm says:

    I bought Dr Richard K Bernstein’s book Diabetes Solution. I haven’t been diagnosed as diabetic, but I am determined this is not going to happen. His diet is 6g carb for breakfast, 12g for lunch and 12g for dinner. I am not as strict as he is but I keep his recommendations in mind. This evening I gathered some salad vegetables from our garden and the nextdoor neighbour’s garden (we share). I put some vinegar and olive oil over the salad. On top sat the contents of a can of sardines. An inexpensive meal.
    Take care

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      That sounds like really good recommendations in the book – and not too difficult to achieve that level of carbs either.

      Your dinner sounds great, it’s so satisfying eating food that you’ve produced yourself.

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      They’re in the Big Bear Centre in Neutral Bay, Sydney. I like knowing that everything is Organic – and that they can order things in just for me. I’m planning to order some organ meats soon!

  2. Elissa
    Elissa says:

    Yum Suz your meals look devine! My breakfast is usually the following eggs, bacon (from free range butcher), avocado or fried tomato, sometimes i throw in some mushrooms, organic spinach or cabbage whatever is in season. it fills me up for hours sometimes till 2pm. I eat heaps of veges for breakfast with my good fats. Avocado really makes a difference to my meals, i find if i dont have it, im usuallyl hungry within a few hours.
    Lunch is usually boiled eggs with salad, kangaroo fillet and heaps of veges with some olive oil drizzled. depends on what I have at home and whats in season.
    Dinner homemade chicken/vege soup with a slice of homemade nut bread made from almond spread, egg, vinegar, baking soda, cinnamon, cardomon, nutmeg, no grains.
    Cause im such a newbie to this eating, I try and vary my ingredients, eat whats in season and what I can afford cheapily and I make alot of food for husband to try who LOVES what I make him, hes my guinea pig 🙂


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