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Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast seems to be the meal people struggle with when moving over to a Paleo diet.

The word breakfast may be synonymous with cereal, toast, pancakes and many other refined carbs – but it really doesn't have to be.  Breakfast is simply the first meal of the day the “break” the “fast” you've carried out since your last meal the previous day.

I'm thrilled to announce I've just finished my first recipe book; the Paleo Breakfast Recipe book, with over 100 pages of beautifully photographed step-by-step recipes – check it out and let me know what you think! I hope you love it as much as I do.

A Paleo Breakfast?

I think the first step is to remove the association of breakfast with a specific type of meal.  Breakfast does not equal cereal, swimming in skim milk.  Think of breakfast on its nutritional merits; that is, base your first meal of the day around a good protein source and marry this with a good fat source and some vegetables.  You may initially find the idea of having meat for breakfast odd, but it’s worth persevering with this, as good quality meat can be a great way to start the day.

If you don’t have much time in the mornings you need to be organised and prepare as much as you can the night before.  I find it helps to plan all of my meals for the whole week in advance, at the weekend.  I then buy the ingredients, so I have no excuses and everything I need on hand.A lot of people skip breakfast, which might be the right thing to do.  If however your reason for skipping breakfast is that you can’t get out of bed in time to make breakfast – this indicates to me that you need breakfast!

Eggs For Breakfast?

Eggs are an obvious breakfast choice.  They are quick, nutritious and very versatile.  I often have bacon & eggs, scrambled eggs with avocado or an omelette, with whichever vegetables I have in the fridge.  I always cook in coconut oil.  Another favourite is making up a batch of egg muffins at the weekend.  I make these up as I would an omelette, but pour them into muffin cases and cook in the oven.  These last for a few days in the fridge and are perfect for busy days when there isn't enough time to make something from scratch.

I’ll also often cook extra chicken at the weekend which is great to base a breakfast around and doesn't need to be reheated, I think it’s great cold.  Chicken and avocado is a great combination.

Leftovers are another great breakfast, once you've got used to the idea of having “untraditional” breakfasts.  You can’t get much quicker and easier than that!

Occasionally at weekends I’ll make Paleo pancakes (using coconut or almond meal).  This is great served with a berry sauce, made with fresh berries, blended in coconut milk.   Noatmeal is another infrequent Paleo indulgence which is a great way to start the day.


Whilst strictly, I guess it is Paleo, I never have just fruit for breakfast.  I always base my meal around protein and include fat.  To have fruit (carbohydrate) as a meal on its own would be depriving myself of essential fats and proteins, would raise my blood sugar level and I’d very quickly be hungry.

What are your favourite Paleo breakfasts?  I’d love to hear, in the comments below.

Paleo Breakfast Ideas primal diet suggestions recipes list-min

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  1. Nashat Samir
    Nashat Samir says:


    Can you please advise on where to get Coconut Oil and what brand do you prefer? I live in Melbourne and have been relying on Ghee and Butter but definitely want to give coconut oil a go. Leftovers are definitely great for breakfast, especially any protein from dinner the previous night along with lots of eggs….


    • PaleoGirl
      PaleoGirl says:

      Hi Nashat,

      Well, I’m currently using organic, virgin cold pressed, unrefined Melrose Coconut Oil, which seems good. I’m trying to buy a different brand everytime, so I can find and recommend a true favourite. Look out for a post soon! I think the main things to bear in mind are to make sure you buy a virgin, unrefined oil – organic if possible. You have to be careful with refined (no coconut taste) as some are bleached and deodorised. Not good! One other tip – I find a jar or tin is so much easier, than a bottle, to get the oil out of.

      Also compare a few prices before you buy (perhaps between a few health food shops near you in Melbourne). Here in Sydney I find prices can vary significantly between shops. A lot of shops are also able to order in larger sizes, which can work out a lot more economical.

      Let me know how you find it! I love it and use it for almost everything.

      • jillm
        jillm says:

        I buy Melrose Coconut oil at the pharmacy. I had to order it. They stock other Melrose products. Take a look at Melrose’s internet site.

  2. Beebeejaybee
    Beebeejaybee says:

    Mmmm egg muffins…. must drag out the muffin tin and have a go, I’ve been relying on animal fat to cook with for the moment, there are a lack of health food shops nearby for coconut oil, going to have to look though because everything is tasting like its come from a fryer 🙁 I made thai yellow curry this week, brilliant cold for breakfast or any other time, I prefer it cold as then the coconut cream in the sauce thickens and it sticks to the meat and veg better

    that Reminds me I must shop again I seem to go through so much food at the moment all good just more than usual

    • PaleoGirl
      PaleoGirl says:

      So do you save the animal fat? I should do that too – I get through coconut oil far too quickly and it’s not cheap!
      Thai yellow curry sounds fantastic!

      • Beebeejaybee
        Beebeejaybee says:

        I buy it, its with the lard and beef dripping near the butter, not the best but we’re on a bit of a tight budget at the moment….. though if I could get hold of my grandmas dripping pot ……

        it is I was over the moon when I read the ingredients on the paste jar and they’re all just spices … its soo easy to do in one pot too

  3. Lars T
    Lars T says:

    I live off bacon, eggs, and avocado as my daily staple. I could’ve have taken that picture at my house.
    I also often re-heat leftovers, often a beef stew, steak (eaten cold, or gently warmed), and a handful of macadamias. I’ll need to buy a muffin tin to bake my eggs like that. I threw out my old baking tins when I went Primal! 🙂


    • PaleoGirl
      PaleoGirl says:

      Isn’t it just the best breakfast! It’s so quick too.

      You definitely need to buy a muffin tin, it’s a top primal breakfast.

  4. Paulette (Grokette) Smith
    Paulette (Grokette) Smith says:

    I am new to the Primal/Paleo lifestyle and have noticed benefits already in my health – I suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and this has greatly improved since changing my eating habits and a friend also suggested coconut oil. There are 2 choices of health food shops in our little town of Burnie, in north west Tasmania and I thought the Melrose Coconut oil (1.8ltr) in the first shop was expensive ($47.95) until I went to price same in the second shop ($65.00)! Am now looking at internet alternatives!

  5. Krystal
    Krystal says:

    Hi, great post – breakfast is one I really struggle with! I usually have eggs but I just wanted to check if it is okay to eat so many eggs? I would eat a couple of day. Thank you 🙂

    • PaleoGirl
      PaleoGirl says:

      Hi Krystal, there’s no problem with eating lots of eggs. In the days of the Lipid Hypothesis they used to warn people against eating eggs, but not so anymore

  6. Suzanne Fleenor
    Suzanne Fleenor says:

    I found my best source for purchasing Coconut Oil is a mail order Health Catalogue in Fargo North Dakota called: Swanson Health Products I order the 54 oz. for $19.99. Two at a time as it is a straight $4.00 shipping fee.
    My husband and I Have been on Paleo way of eating for 3 months. His diabetes meds have been cut in half. He wears a size 40 pants instead of 44. I have gone down from size 24 to a 20 and lost 35 pounds, cut one of my blood pressure pills in half. Inflammation in my joints and mussels that was making it hard to sit, stand, lay or walk very painful(was diagnosed having fibromyalgia) is gone. Psoriasis is gone. I can walk right past candy isles without any appetite for sugar and chocolate. I praise the Lord for allowing me to learn of the Paleo way of nutrition and the Christian Doctor who told me about it, and has been giving me answers along the way. He and His wife have been eating this way close to 9 or 10 years just for the health benefit of it. They never had the weight problem as I have. I have purchased several copies of the two books on it that I have used as my text books and shared them with family and friends. It is a real rescue mission. Thank You for your part in helping as well. Suzanne Fleenor

  7. Liz
    Liz says:

    Hi I have a friend who is Paleo and is coming to Perth – do you know any cafes south of the river that I could take her for breakfast?? Thanks

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