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80 Paleo Breakfast Ideas

If it wasn't for struggling to come up with different Paleo Breakfast Ideas, I'm sure more people would make the transition over to Paleo. Unfortunately, Breakfast seems to be associated with cereal, toast, bagels, crumpets and sugar laden foods.

Breakfast doesn't have to equal grains! tweet this quote

I think a lot of people also get stuck in a breakfast rut making the same dish every day. Well, it’s time to break it up – try something new for breakfast tomorrow!

My biggest tip is to get used to seeing breakfast as fuel – it’s just another meal! And who wants to start the day off with a big sugar crash?

80 paleo breakfast ideas primal diet network suggestions recipes-min

I've come up with lots of great Paleo Breakfast Ideas for whatever your Paleo situation (no time, dislike eggs, want to drink breakfast, child friendly, SAD substitutes, vegetarian/ vegan or keen to impress) – there are certainly lots of options.

To prove the point, here is a HUGE list of 80 Paleo Breakfast Ideas to inspire you. And if you want even MORE, check out my very own Paleo Breakfast Recipe book, with over 100 pages of beautifully photographed step-by-step recipes.

Easy Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Here are some Paleo Breakfast Ideas for when you have a little bit of time in the morning:

1. Bacon, eggs, avocado, mushrooms & tomato

2. An omelette with your choice of meat, vegetables and of course – egg yolks as well as whites

3. Make a frittata with your favourite veggies, meats and cheese (if you’re more Primal than Paleo)

4. There’s nothing like steak and eggs for breakfast!

5. For a nutritionally dense Paleo Breakfast Idea, chop up chicken liver and scramble with eggs, mushroom, onions and capsicum (bell peppers)

6. Scrambled eggs mixed with diced bacon and avocado (my personal favourite!)

7. Soft boiled eggs and wilted spinach

8. Lots of nations wake up to soup – make a soup with bone broth – or try coconut milk and leftover meat and veggies

9. Sweet potato, sardines and a poached egg

10. Try substitution bacon for skirt steak and serve with pumpkin

11. Bake an egg in an avocado

12. Bone broth with an egg whisked in

13. Smoked salmon and fried eggs for a great protein boast

14. Smoked haddock with poached eggs and wilted spinach

No Time?

When you need a good, quick Paleo Breakfast and have no time to cook and prepare, here are some fast ideas:

15. Paleo Breakfast Casserole – the night before put your choice of ingredients in your slow cooker – and wake up to an instant hot breakfast

16. Egg muffins – cook these up with your favourite veggies and meat in a big batch – and help yourself from the fridge all week

17. Make up a batch of salmon and zucchini croquettes to dig into all week

18. Black Coffee

19. Got a couple of minutes? Scramble an egg in a mug in the microwave

20. The day before, roast some sweet potatoes, and some chicken and have waiting in a container ready for breakfast

21. Make up a breakfast salad the night before with nuts, olives, avocado – and dress with extra virgin olive oil to serve

Grab & Go/ Travel

With no time to eat at home, these are some Paleo Breakfast ideas you can have on the go, eat on the road or perhaps at work.

22. Take a can of tuna/ mackerel/ kippers/ sardines and some pre-cut raw veggies

23. Make a Paleo trail mix with your favourite nuts and dried fruit

24. There’s nothing wrong with beef jerky for breakfast!

25. Hard boiled eggs travel well and can be prepared in advance

26. Make a BLT sandwich using capsicum (bell pepper) as the “bread”

27. Coconut yoghurt

28. Take a halved avocado and a spoon

29. Pork scratchings/ crackling/ rind (whatever you like to call it!)

30. Make up nut balls with nuts, seeds, spices and coconut oil and store in the fridge

SAD Substitutes

If you’re missing your old SAD breakfasts, there’s a Paleo Diet grain-free equivalent for almost everything…

31. Make a Paleo cereal with your favourite nuts, berries and seeds in a bowls of almond milk

32. Or try a Paleo cereal using dried fruit, seeds and nuts and serve with coconut milk and a pinch of cinnamon

33. Paleo granola can be made up from your choice of nuts and served with coconut milk

34. Make up banana bread with almond meal – and bananas!

35. A coconut muesli with nuts, seeds and coconut flakes served in coconut milk

36. Make up a noatmeal – or a Paleo porridge substitute using ground nuts, seeds, eggs and coconut milk

The Paleo Recipe Book


These deserve their own category! Make sure you cook up extra dinner the night before – and you have a ready made breakfast. What’s wrong with steak for breakfast? tweet this quote

37. Sauté onions and mushrooms – and last nights leftover meat and serve over poached eggs

Something Fancy

If you have the time, there are some great Paleo Breakfast Ideas that are perfect for an occasional treat. I very rarely use nuts and nut flours, but they are great for special occasions – and especially good for showing your SAD friends just what is possible when you go grain-free:

38. Paleo pancakes with almond meal take a bit more time, but are well worth the effort

39. Or try sweet potato pancakes

40. Waffles can be made with coconut flour or almond meal and served with a berry sauce

41. A Paleo NoOatmeal is far better than the SAD equivalent and can be prepared the night before, and cooked up in the morning

42. Raspberry Crepes made with coconut flour or almond meal served with fresh raspberries & whipped coconut cream – and a pinch of cinnamon

43. Scotch eggs; coat hard-boiled eggs in Paleo Sausage mixture, cover in almond meal and baked – amazing with poached eggs

44. A Paleo platter with a selection of fruits, cold meats, pickles, olives, sun-dried tomatoes & blanched veggies

45. Make bacon baskets using a cake case as a mould and bake eggs in them

46. My salmon burgers

47. Stuff capsicum (bell peppers) with salmon, mushroom and tomato and top with pine nuts

48. Sliced onion wrapped with smoked salmon on a bed of lettuce

49. Your favourite seafood & veggies

50. Serve scrambled eggs in an orange half

No Eggs!

It’s easy to make every Paleo Breakfast include eggs – and it can be easy to get fed up of eggs! Here are some egg free Paleo Breakfast Ideas:

51. Kippers and dried figs

52. Paleo Sausages and kimchi

53. Pan fried zuchinni served with guacamole

54. Stuffed portabello mushrooms

55. Sautéed minced (ground) beef, greens, onions and carrots

56. Sausages with sauerkraut & stir fried veggies

57. Trout with mushrooms and tomato

58. Fry kidneys and serve with broccoli

all without eggs!

Intermittent Fasting for Breakfast?

Since I've been Paleo, I quite often skip breakfast altogether – have you tried skipping breakfast?

Eat Stop Eat

Paleo Breakfasts For Kids (and big Kids alike!)

If your family has recently gone Paleo, here are a few suggestions your children and toddlers will love!

59. Egg & roasted vegetable soldiers

60. Make berry muffins with eggs, coconut flour, nuts and berries

61. Raw or blanched veggies served with nut butter, guacamole and salsa dips

Paleo Vegetarian/ Vegan Options

If you still can’t face meat in the morning, how about these ideas? Or you could always try a smoothie!

62. Poached eggs and sweet potato (or even yam) hash browns

63. Sauté some greens, squeeze on some lemon and add an egg

64. Fry eggs in a capsicum (bell pepper) ring or onion ring

65. Steamed broccoli with sweet potatoes

66. Mash up a hard-boiled egg with avocado

67. Try scrambling eggs with mushrooms, onions and a home-made tomato salsa

Fruit Friendly?

It’s common to minimise fruit intake on a Paleo Diet, due to it’s high fructose content. If you're targeting weight loss, it can be a good idea to minimise fruit and nuts. However, if you’re all for fruit, here are some fruity Paleo Breakfast Ideas. Remember berries have a lower fructose content and are loaded with antioxidants.

68. A nice simple fruit salad – served with whipped coconut cream

69. Even easier – a piece of fruit and a few berries

70. Make a warm fruit custard with eggs & coconut milk on the stove, nutmeg, cinnamon, berries a banana and some nuts

71. Chop up a kiwi fruit in coconut cream (or heavy cream if you do dairy too)

72. Wrap cubes of melon in prosciutto

Primal Breakfast Ideas

If your diet is more Primal than Paleo and you include some dairy, here are a few Primal Breakfast ideas for you.

73. Greek yoghurt with nuts, berries and your favourite spices

74. Apple and cheese is a winning combination!

75. Try the paleo cereal suggestions in raw milk instead of coconut

76. Bacon and tomato wrapped in cheese and lettuce wraps

Drinkable Breakfasts

A nice alternative – or something hand to have on the go is a smoothie or shake. There are some good options. Make sure you add in fat, perhaps an avocado or some coconut oil and enjoy your breakfast drink!

77. Green smoothies; try adding in Kale and spinach for a vitamin boast

78. Make an anti-oxidant berry smoothie with coconut milk

79. A veggie juice with coconut milk, carrots, broccoli and celery

80. A banana smoothie made with frozen bananas , coconut milk and almond butter

I hope I've given you some inspiration! If you're after even more, please check out my very own recipe book, the Paleo Breakfast Recipe Book with a recipe to suit every single paleo breakfast situation! I’d love to hear your favourite Paleo Breakfast Ideas in the comments below! What's on your menu?

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44 replies
  1. Ronnie
    Ronnie says:

    Sorry I meant to say I quite fancy poached eggs & sweet potatoes followed by :- Greek yoghurt with nuts, berries and a little honey.

  2. Gaby
    Gaby says:

    Great list! You covered some of my favourites. Also in my repertoire: canned wild salmon & avocado wrapped in nori; canned tuna & avocado on rehydrated seaweed; canned tuna, avocado & kimchi; bacon, fried eggs & sauerkraut.

  3. Amy
    Amy says:

    I do the same as Kirk and skip breakfast but by lunchtime I don’t feel hungry until I start eating then I think I possibly have twice as much as normal, not good.

  4. Jill
    Jill says:

    I love the sound of kippers & figs, I always seem to go for sweet & savoury together. Stuffed portabello mushrooms & banana is another one I’m going to try.

  5. Jared
    Jared says:

    I was in need of new ideas for breakfast, thanks for the inspiration. The drinkable breakfasts are just what I need when I have to have breakfast on the hoof 🙂

  6. Elissa
    Elissa says:

    After reading this post I decided to make a different breakfast even if my husband called me a weirdo! I had a piece of salmon fillet grilled with a side of sauteed kale in coconut oil. it was beautiful and I had so much energy that morning! Def a great change from eggs eggs and eggs!

    Usually I have a few poached eggs with sauteed cherry tomatos, spinach, cabbage etc depending on whats in season and what I have on hand in my fridge. Sometimes I will have a small steamed sweet potato with a handful of walnuts on weekends with sauteed apple.

    Looking forward to making a breakfast san choy bow without the sugary sauces in lettuce cups later on this week for another change. yummo!

  7. Mads
    Mads says:

    How timely! I came onto this site specifically looking for suggestions for Paleo breakfasts. I’m embraced the Paleo for lunch and dinner, but I am struggling to move beyond my beloved porridge for breakfast.
    There are many great ideas here (although I never liked smoothies and can’t quite get to eating eggs every day at 6am…baby steps).
    Do you know where I can get coconut yoghurt in Melbourne? Or do you make your own?

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      Hi Boop, thanks for the comment. Dairy isn’t strict Paleo, but a lot of people who follow a primal or lacto-paleo diet do allow good quality dairy. It all depends on what you can tolerate and how it makes you feel.

  8. Sarah Conti
    Sarah Conti says:

    thank you for all these wonderful ideas!
    i am a recent convert to eating paleo, and am really struggling without my morning dose of oats and berries.
    can’t wait til the morning to try out something new!

  9. Amber
    Amber says:

    I am so happy I have come across your page! (ive been looking at it for half an hour now lol) We are new to the Paleo diet and i’ve been struggling to find ideas to feed our 2 year old for lunches and snacks and breakies that consist more than scrabmled eggs. Thank you so much for the great work you’ve put out there for newbies like us!

  10. Kylie
    Kylie says:

    I’m new to Paleo eating but discovered green apple slices wrapped in thin slices of roast pork. That would work well for breakfast I think:)

  11. Terrance
    Terrance says:

    This is just wonderful and right on time too! My wife makes wonderful Paleo dinners for our family but she is not a breakfast person. I have had many “SAD” breakfasts and I’m wanting to switch things up a bit. Thanks for all the great ideas! Time to go shopping!

  12. robin
    robin says:

    I was all excited about the hard boiled egg with avocado but my avocado went over. I might try wrapping an apple in lunch meat instead.

  13. Paula
    Paula says:

    Thanks so much! I’m just embarking on Paleo & just exactly as you’d mentioned…was finding the concept of Paleo Breakfasts quite daunting. This amazing list opens up a whole new world. I learnt a lot just from scanning through the possibilities. So helpful.

  14. Ron
    Ron says:

    Where does wild rice – ferro and quinoa fit in if at all . All sounds wonderful. Looking forward to getting started.
    Thanks Ron

    • Jude
      Jude says:

      Quinoa is a seed not a grain & full of protein – not sure where rice is able to fit in though. Coming from the UK – what is ferro?

  15. Jude
    Jude says:

    Just did some research and found about wild rice – quote:
    “Wild rice is seed of an aquatic North American grass and completely different species from ordinary rice. The seeds are long, thin and covered in black, brown or green husks. They are dried after harvesting, then hulled, separated from their covering, and ‘pearled’ (polished using traditional methods). They are an expensive delicacy because they are found in relatively small quantities in America and China – though these days, they are cultivated by Americans using modern technology.”

  16. Helen Jackson
    Helen Jackson says:

    This morning I had Paleo Apple Pie made with an Almond Crust , 1/2 chopped banana and coconut milk .. Beautiful !!!

  17. Misty
    Misty says:

    This list is just what I’ve been looking for. Simple ideas. I’ve bookmarked it to refer to as I meal plan for my family. Thank you for taking the time to come up with this!


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