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Buying Coconut Oil in Australia & New Zealand

Coconut Oil is a huge staple in my house.  I generally order a large tin in from my local health food shop, but having realised I’m getting through 700ml in under three weeks, I've started researching and comparing costs of coconut oil.  I've been spending $36 on a 700ml tin of Melrose Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil every three weeks – which is about $900 a year – If I could make savings on this it would make a big difference!  I've got no intentions of using less to save money, as Coconut Oil is such a great source of fat.  I've never seen Coconut Oil sold in any of the major supermarket chains in Australia, like Coles or Woolworths, but perhaps this will change as it gains popularity.

Having looked at various online sources, buying from health food stores isn't as expensive as I expected.  It’s convenient in that I can buy some the same day I realise I've run out – but it is a lot to carry home from work.  I think I'm going to try ordering online next time.

I often visit Healthy Life which has stores across Australia.  They mainly stock Aclara Health Coconut Oil which is all Organic.  The Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil is between $10 and $24.95 for 250 to 700ml.    Their other variety is refined, which I used to buy as I didn't like the coconut taste.  Now however, I don’t used refined, as I’ve got used to, and quite enjoy the Coconut taste.  Mainly though, I think refined is too processed and many of the benefits of the oil are lost in the processing.  Aclara Health Refined Coconut Oil is $17.95 for 700ml, or $65.52 for 4 Litres, which is actually one of the lowest prices I've found, at under two cents per ml.  The other brand Healthy Life stock is Fijian Gold, who make an organic Coconut Oil at $12.50 for 500ml.  I’ve still got a bottle of this at home, which I like taste wise, but to be honest it comes in a bottle and I find it really hard to get the solid oil out!  I realise I can warm it to make it liquid, but I’d much rather just buy a better packaged oil that I can spoon out!

Coconut-Oil-Paleo-Australia iherb special offer-min

I've recently found the “Pure Health” store in Sydney, which stocks Melrose, Spiral & Wild Harvest Coconut Oils.  This is where I order the Melrose Oil from.  Their smaller sizes work out really expensive on a cost per ml basis, but perhaps this is good for the very occasional user as 300ml starts at $7.95

You need to make sure you do your research before buying online.  I found one store, Chemist Direct charging between 6 and 16 cents a ml for Nui Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil, including $7.95 shipping to Australia (shipping to New Zealand is an extra $19.91!)

I was expecting the online store Kokonut Pacific to be really expensive, but it actually works out at under two cents a ml, including shipping to Australia.  The draw-back however, is that to get the better deals you need to buy their large packs – up to 20 litres at a time!  Perhaps if you have a large family and an enormous amount of kitchen storage this might be an option for you?  Their shipping costs to Australia are reasonable (up to about $20), but for New Zealand the shipping is about double.

I'm going to order my next supply of Coconut Oil through iherb, as they seem reasonable, including shipping and have the best range I've seen.  Most of their Coconut Oil is shipped to both Australia and New Zealand for $4 or $6, which seems fairly reasonable (it’s calculated on weight).  They carry a lot of brands I’ve never seen in the shops in Australia, such as Artisana, Garden of Life, Harvest Bay, Jarrow Formulas, Jungle Products, Natures Way, Now Foods, Nutiva, Organic Fuji, Quantum Nutrition, Source Naturals & Spectrum Essentials.  When I finish the Melrose, I'm going to try the 858ml Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which should work out at about $23 shipped to Australia.  I’ll let you know what it’s like!  Iherb also offer $5 off your first order using the code DUV741 , which just about equates to free shipping.

I would love to hear which brand you use and where you get it from?  I'm sure there must be lots of other sources of Coconut Oil that can be shipped to Australia or New Zealand for under two cents per ml – let me know if you've found one! Or perhaps you've found such a good brand that it is worth the extra cost?  Let me know your thoughts and I’ll update this post.

Buying Coconut Oil in Australia & New Zealand woolworths coles aldi iherb cheapest supplier paleo diet-min

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  1. Kitty
    Kitty says:

    Hi Suz,
    Great job on the blog, really appreciate the super-useful info coming through every day. The cheapest that I’ve been able to find is Spiral Foods, which has a refined and non-refined version, I think I have been buying the refined for just under $10 for 500ml. They have this at both the health food stores I shop at so it seems like a standard price. This seems cheaper than your plan to go for Nutiva online. I like Melrose better, but that was $12 for 500ml last time I bought it. On another topic, I discovered the Organic Pomegranate cafe/restaurant on King St Newtown which has a lot of specifically gluten-free stuff because the owner is allergic. You need to avoid the legumes and dairy when ordering, but its so great to know that at least the gluten side of things is taken care of! Thanks again, keep up the great work.

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      Thanks Kitty! I’ve not tried Spiral yet, I’ll have to give it a try!

      That restaurant sounds great, will definitely try it. Knowing they’ve not marinated things in a sauce (which I think a lot of places neglect to tell you!) makes it so much easier!

  2. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    I have been getting the 900ml Melrose in my local health food shop which as you have found can get expensive!!
    I recently tried to buy bulk online but the australian supplier is currently out of stock 🙁
    My mum in NZ gets hers from iHerb and swears by it, I tried the Nutiva one when I went home to NZ last month and it tasted awesome!

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      That’s frustrating, I guess it means it’s getting more and more popular! Glad to have a recommendation for Nutiva as I’ve not tried it yet!

  3. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Another interesting post, thanks.

    And Kitty thanks for the hint, I live in Newtown so I’ll make sure to visit the Organic Pomegranate!


  4. Sandie
    Sandie says:

    Hi Suz,

    I did as you did – bought my coconut oil at the health foods shop but now I order online from The Coconut Shop (add a dot com dot au for the website) for $19.50 a litre (Banaban Extra virgin). They’re based in Sydney and will deliver to you COD for $8. My first order included 3 litres of oil, a case of coconut water and coconut shampoo and conditioner (must get more) carried up 2 floors in a block of units and all for $8 delivery. A friend also found them at Marrickville markets.
    The oil tastes great!

    Now I’m going to bookmark your site because I lost it after the last time I visited.

    • Sylvia
      Sylvia says:

      Hey, Sandie, what a great find! I just ordered a 1 litre jar, together with the $8.00 Delivery fee, all up it was $27.50. that’s waay cheaper than my local Helath food store….this is my first time buy of coconut oil, any tips please?

      @Suz…What a great site you have here, that was a great article on coconut oil, I am not fully paleo yet, but am working on it! lol….I am low fructose, and very little processed foods, eat clean about 90% and more most of the time…simple carbs are my enemy….I crave them & can’t seem to go more than 3 or 4 days without bread….any tips?

      Namaste, Suz

      Sylvia xx


      • Suz
        Suz says:

        Thanks Sylvia! I think it’s important to make sure you have enough fat when you get rid of the refined carbs. Also I think it’s helpful to keep your carb intake up – but from sweet potatoes and pumpkins. It gets so much easier once you get past the initial week or two, so stick with it and the cravings will go!

  5. Jen
    Jen says:

    I use ‘Perfectly Pure’ coconut oil from Holland & Barret, it’s normally over £12 (it was a half price offer for 453g (16oz) £6). (Though I am in the UK at the moment.)
    I am surprised how versitile it is. I got it on your recommendation, thanks.

  6. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Great info on coconut oil in Australia.
    Rudanetrading (online) supplies virgin coconut oil at competitive prices.
    Give them a go.

  7. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Roberto, if you are in Newtown you might be interested in the organic markets that are on every Sunday morning at the Addison Rd centre in Marrickville. I’ve only just started reading about Paleo and haven’t actually commenced a 30 trial yet, but I noticed that there is a stall at the Marrickville markets that has coconut oil, a variety of other coconut products, and some books on the health benefits of coconut oil. Aside from this stall the markets themselves are a great source of Paleo friendly organic veg, meat etc and a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

  8. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Ayam coconut cream is the only way. Why buy their coconut milk?!? You’re just paying for water, they tell you the % they water it down to, just buy the cream and do it yourself.

  9. Anna
    Anna says:

    Hi Suz,
    I will be buying coconut oil for cooking, but I’ve also heard it’s really good for hair and nails, and also cellulite! (Eek!) Do you know if this is true?
    Great post, thanks so much.

  10. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    I’ve never used coconut oil before but I have a couple of recipes that I’d like to try that include it as an ingredient. What brand would you recommend for a first time user? I’m thinking something with not too strong a taste if it’s to be used in baking?

  11. chid
    chid says:

    Thanks for the blog post, I’ve been looking and not finding anything but now I have new places to look 🙂
    FYI Auroma has a ~10 shipping charge
    but they have incredible prices. as pointed out above.
    I don’t know why you’d use coconut oil for baking, I’d think coconut milk would be more aromatic.

  12. Nikita
    Nikita says:

    I’ve just found your page, very excited to explore! I wanted to share that I recently became interested in using coconut oil, and perchance found a 300ml jar (spiral foods, virgin organic) at my local Woolies for $4.79. HOWEVER it doesn’t have that lush coconut flavour I was seeking.

    It was in the Asian foods aisle, partially hidden behind a hanging display.

  13. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    Woolworths appear to now sell spiral organic coconut oil (finally). It’s in the Asian food section and they’re 300gm jars. Currently on special for abou $4.70. Not sure when this finishes though.

    Hope this helps someone

  14. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Wow, Glad I came across this lovely network. Great to see everyone knows how good coconuts are!

    We have just launched our Website:

    We sell a whole bunch of yummy, organic, quality Coconut Products. We’ve tracked down the best quality brands of everything. Example: Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, Coconut Flour, Coconut Cream, Coconut Milk, Desiccated Coconut,Coconut Sugar, Coconut Snacks, Coconut based Chocolates to Organic Coconut Soaps and lotions. (All of our food items are Gluten free and Vegan)

    We are based in Sydney but ship Australia Wide. Please feel free to check out all of our Coconut Products in our online shop. 🙂

    If you ‘like’ us on Facebook you will automatically be in our monthly draws to win a $15 Voucher to use in our Online Shop 🙂

  15. Joel
    Joel says:

    after looking at the Banaban coconut oil i was getting confused because the picture showed it was a clear oil? haha then i found out it was just in a wam climate so the oil had melted and gone clear anyway, i just thought id share this site I found for anyone who lives in QLD:
    these guys are based on the Gold Coast and there prices seem pretty good!

  16. Francis
    Francis says:

    Hi guys,

    very interested in the various posts about coconut oil. I have access to both crude coconut oil and virgin coconut oil and i am looking for a market overseas to supply from the Solomon Islands. though not very large, i can supply up to 1000L month for virgin coconut oil and 10,000L/month for crude coconut oil. iam also looking on supplying virgin coconut oil in 150ml (AUD$3.00), 250ml (AUD$4.80) bottles or AUD$15/Litre provided the buyer can meet the freight from Honiara, Solomon Islands.

    please email for more details or enquiries

    • Reinier
      Reinier says:

      Dear Francis,

      Please email me in regards to the crude coconut oil supply from Solomon Islands.

      Many thanks

      • Samantha
        Samantha says:

        Hi Reiner,

        Go to this website
        They are specialised in organic virgin coconut oil which I found very quality and competitive in price.They do crude coconut oil too.

  17. Murat
    Murat says:

    We buy our oil online through a company called Passionately Vital. They’re based in Brisbane I think. Their website is . They’re the cheapest I’ve found for unrefined organic oil (which is important for us because we go through about as much as you!). The service is really good too.

  18. Kat
    Kat says:

    I have recently started using extra virgin coconut oil (niugini) and it is $29.50 for 1L from my health food store. It’s nice oil and I like the taste, however the rate my hubby and I are going through it, it’s going to be $$$.
    Has anyone tried the banaban brand of coconut oil? Is it extra virgin, cold pressed, unrefined, and made from coconut flesh (not copra)? And is the taste alright? It seems to be one of the cheaper ones I can find on the net.

    I may also try nutiva from iherb if i dont order the banaban!

    • Samantha
      Samantha says:

      Try hellotropical I really like that organic extra virgin coconut oil and the taste is very smooth and texture is consistent. They often goes in specials for 1l jar for $22 .

  19. Jade
    Jade says:

    Great blog and full of some really useful info…but i’m totally overwhelmed and am left pondering where to buy my unrefined, unbleached, cold pressed extra virgin oil…..there are soooooooooooooo many choices but finding the best value to be shipped to the Sunshine Coast is difficult. THe prices are always good until postage is added.

    Anyone know of a good supplier on the sunny coast?

  20. Christina
    Christina says:

    What a great entry! Thank you for this. I just ordered 2L of EVCO from TheCoconutShop, awaiting its arrival excitedly 🙂 Just wondering whether you ended up trying them? And how was the Nutiva from iHerb (I’ve heard great things about the taste). It sounds like you would’ve tried quite a few. Which brand have you had the best results/best tastes/is you overall favourite?

  21. Marg
    Marg says:

    We use Bananban Coconut Oil. The label reads: Banaban Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Organically Grown & Harvested in Fiji. I bought 10 litres on 23rd May 2012 for $137.00 including freight. It is packed in 1 litre plastic bottle/jars. It has a batch number with a use by date of May 2014. I bought it from Nature Pacific at Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4226.
    Their web site is

    I had been buying it from a health food shop but it was $20 for the same bottle so this is much better. I thought 10 litres would last us forever but we have just started the 6th bottle, and there is only hubby an me. We love it and I can eat it straight off the spoon. Hubby likes it in his coffee instead of dairy.

  22. Florenda
    Florenda says:

    Found this website really helpful and this entry. I’m only new to paleo and am in the process of converting. All i need to fully convert is to stock myself with the products i need. To Suz and all the readers;
    I see that i can now easily make comparisons for coconut oil from all of this advice from this thread, but can anyone recommend a good online store to make overall paleo food purchases??? I live in sydney south and have found that i cannot buy many products that i need in stores, besides whats in woolies/coles. Must take into consideration cost, as I am a mum with 2 children converting the whole family, so i want to minimise cost where possible. I hear purchasing online is cheaper. I should hope so, as the health food store was damned expensive!!! Want to purchase things such as coconut oil, cocoa powder, coconut flour, kelp noodles etc. Would appreciate any recommendations, so i can get started!
    From a struggling mum! =)

  23. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    Hi Suz,
    Likewise I also started using 400 ml jars of coconut oil and found with a family of four I couldn’t keep up with the cost. Did some research and found Kokonut Pacific. I love not only their coconut oil but their whole philosophy and approach to producing the coconut oil. For me it’s easy to buy a 1.5 lt at $120 plus about $15 postage which was lasting me about 8 – 10 weeks. I say was as I’m now finding more and more uses for coconut oil and thinking that I’d like to buy the 20 lt tin. I have a friend that might go halves with me which will be a real saving. So that’s a possibility for anybody wanting to buy in bulk. Join in with a few people and buy a really big container then bottle it into smaller ones. Just a thought.
    Love your sight.

  24. Sally
    Sally says:

    Woolies do have coconut oil now but it’s refined so lots of the nutrients would have been removed. I bought some and it has no taste and no smell. Not a good sign for coconut oil.

  25. Alison
    Alison says:

    I have been buying Banaban extra virgin from my local Health Food shop. Then my sister offered to visit their store in Burleigh Heads Qld and bring me an order down when she visited Sydney next. Buying 5+ litres brings the price down to $13 per litre. I also ordered a coconut spray (ProChef) and best of all – Organic Doggie Crunch by Banaban. My dogs love it sprinkled on their bones and raw food diet (BARF). It smells so good I could possible try it. It is simply organic dried coconut flesh, nothing else.

  26. Natalie Hersee
    Natalie Hersee says:

    Ok, I love Nuigini Organic Coconut Oil the BEST it is devine and costs $23.95 per litre at Santos Byron Bay. Not far behind I have found a great company on the Gold Coast that has an organic coconut oil also & I can pick it up or it is delivered to places near the Gold Coast for free ! for only $13 per litre !! There was some jars that had slightly leaked and I got them for $12 a litres, such a bargain. I make nature hair treatments and a body scrub with them, so good. Happy Coconutting :)))

  27. Peter
    Peter says:

    Very disappointed with BANABAN oil! I’ve bought a few batches this year and the price and taste was good but my last batch bought in October was awful – smoky flavor and smell with yellow color. I wrote them an email and they didn’t bother to answer. Do you have similar experience with this or other oil? I’m looking for some top quality extra virgin with strong coconuty flavor, any tips? Thanks

    • Stacey King
      Stacey King says:

      Hi Peter

      Sorry to hear you had a problem with our oil as we pride ourselves on our VCO being the best raw VCO in the Australian marketplace and we guarantee all the oil we supply. Please contact me direct on so we can rectify the problem you had back in October.

      Our VCO is slightly light yellow in colour as we air dry the fresh flesh first before we cold press the oil which gives a rich coconut flavour and taste with a long shelf life. The air dried coconut flesh is then marketed as our Organic Coconut Crunch. Our oil is totally pure and there should never be any smoky flavour at all. During 2012 we doubled production back on our Fiji farm with the installation of a second drier. There were some teething problems with the initial installation but now everything is running perfectly. Our oil has a very low moisture content below .05% and recently we have encapsulated the oil into soft gel capsules and we have been able to acquire a TGA licence to export our oil as medicine.

      To answer some of the other comments in this blog:

      Banaban Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is available Australia wide through out Go Vita, IGA stores Qld, and many other retail and distributor outlets.

      Banaban Organic and Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed and comes from the only Certified organic farm in Fiji.

      The reason we are the best priced on the market is that we are a joint venture company with our Fiji counterparts and are totally Banaban and Fiji family owned. We do not have any middleman in our operations and pass on the savings to our customers to make VCO affordable for everyone.

      As there are so many different VCO now on the market the oil will vary with where the coconuts are grown and harvested and if the manufacturers are using fully mature or green coconuts. We only use fully mature coconuts which have a high lauric acid level and rich nutty flavour, whereas green coconuts produce a lot less oil content and milk and sometime water can be also processed from these unripened nuts. The principle is very similar to a pea sprout compared with a fully developed pea.

      There are so many different ways of processing:

      FERMENTATION (which is mostly village sourced) this type of oil has to be boiled off to try and stop the fermentation process and try and reduce the moisture content. Nice sweet clear oil but can sour when not boiled to correct temperature and also fades in flavour rapidly. Other concerns with fermentation is that the oil is made by many individuals and then held in one holding tank which doesn’t assure quality and can also have major problems with product stability on a commercial basis.

      RAW COLD PRESSED with gravity filtering is the way Banaban Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is produced. More info on this is available at:

      REFINED (often marketed as raw) manufactured by EXPELLER PRESSING and CENTRIFUGE SPINNING the oil. This type of centrifuge processing is commonly known as oil polishing and produces a much more refined VCO. Some of the VCO currently in the market contain both these levels of processing plus much higher levels of filtering usually carried out under pressure. These types of processing are usually conducted at much larger processing plants where coconuts are brought in from region growers for central processing.

      The other major concern with Centrifuge Spinning is that cheaper gradeS of copra oil can be polished to appear like VCO. The dead give away and to test for this is that when the oil is put on the skin it will be much thicker than VCO and stay on the top of the skin feeling greasy like normal vegetable oils. VCO will never stay on the surface of the skin as it is so fine in texture it will be quickly absorbed into the skin and should never feel greasy.

      In the end it is all up to individual tastes and what the customer is looking for in their VCO.

      Stacey King

      Managing Director
      Banaban Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
      Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
      Banaban Traditional Foods
      Banaban Gourmet Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

      • Veronica Winnett
        Veronica Winnett says:

        I am very disappointed with my Banaban coconut oil. I am trying to nourish my family on a shoe string budget, and after much consideration decided to order 12 litres of the coconut oil at great expense, to last me a year. The oil has a yellowish tinge, and to me, tastes terrible. I won’t be able to eat it. The company has assured me it is fine. However, I don’t want it. If anyone in the Brisbane area is familiar with the Banaban product, and agrees that the yellow coloured oil is acceptable taste-wise, or are just willing to risk it – you can have it “gratis” – at least I won’t feel like it’s been completely wasted.

        • deborah
          deborah says:

          Veronica, I’ve had the same experience with Banaban. I’ve been a coconut oil user for years now and know when oil is on the turn. I found Banaban very difficult to convince that their oil was not fresh. It not only looked golden yellow but had a burning aftertaste when sampled. That is not fresh! No way. I had a very disappointing time getting my money back and it wasn’t until I included an excerpt from the web on what fresh coconut oil is supposed to taste like, that they reneged and refunded my money..with lots of reluctance. I won’t deal with them again, ever!

    • deborah
      deborah says:

      Yes, I have had this experience with Banaban oil. I pursued a refund with great difficulty. Even had the managing director emailing me to tell me to stop hassling their stafff. I was disgusted with the quality of the product. They didn’t want to replace it and I had to really stand my ground to get my shipping back. It wasn”t until i emailed them web excerpts explaining what fresh coconut oil is like that they finally relented and handed me my money back>

  28. Brian
    Brian says:

    Hey guys,

    I’d just like to say I’ve been buying the Banaban brand for a year and a half now and will never change. I have tried Aclara, Nuigini and Nui and have found the banaban to be the best. Its organically grown, cold pressed and extra virgin. I have found it to be the cheapest on the market and living local on the Gold Coast I get free delivery to my front door. The Banaban brand also contract manufactures for a few other companies as well from what i’ve been told so that pretty much speaks for itself..

  29. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I buy my cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil from Cocopure ( are reasonably priced ($24.95 for 1 litre) .They also have other yummy products like raw cacao. There shipping is a flat rate of $10.95 but that is up to 3kg of product. I have found that they are the bet value for money 🙂

  30. Liz
    Liz says:

    I’ve been using the melrose brand organic coconut oil. When I couldn’t find it in my local supermarket I asked Coles to get it for me and they got it the next week – they now stock it permanently. So it’s worth asking if you don’t happen to see it.

    • Louise Rogers
      Louise Rogers says:

      Hi Sue,

      Try Iherb I live in New Zealand and the postage is so so cheap and its on my doorstep 4-5days. Pick DHL international postage. The Nutiva brand they sell for me is a winner!! It is quality plus. Cold pressed, extra virgin and just smells and tastes amazing. I get the 1.6L for $31 US$. I’ve done my homework and that’s pretty cheap really. It is in a plastic container but what the hay I say its a top quality product, imagine how much it would cost in glass??? Good luck with that and all the best for your husbands healing.

  31. Cecilia
    Cecilia says:

    I have been buying bulk Banaban VCO and it was the cheapest I could find when buying bulk. The only thing I don’t like is they are in plastic bottles. Of course they do have glass bottled ones but then it is dearer. Just recently I found Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in Costco. It cost $12.79 for 900g and it is in glass bottle. but the taste is not as nice as Banaban brand (so my children said) and I could not find information on label whether it’s refined or cold pressed. So I think I will go back to Banaban brand.

  32. Emily Hodgson
    Emily Hodgson says:

    Not sure if you’re still looking for this but we sell Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for $19.95 / litre plus heaps of other nutritional and wholefood products – if you don’t know about us you should check us out 🙂

  33. Louise Rogers
    Louise Rogers says:

    Hi there from down under in NZ,

    I have been purchasing more and more of Iherb as it is fantastic!!!! The price of organic’s is amazing and the postage is next to nothing really and at your doorstep in 4-5days!! The Nutiva Organic coconut oil is a mazing. I use it for so much now and my body just loves it. The taste is so yummy you can eat it off a spoon. I purchase the 1.6L for $32 US$. I’ve done my homework and its the cheapest for this quality. Anyhow goodluck and Iherb just rocks all the way!

  34. coco chips
    coco chips says:

    don’t know I can recommend this health-wise, but many years ago I spent a fortnight on the shores of Samosir Island, Lake Toba, N.Sumatra staying in a batak hut at Little Tuk-Tuk (Kecil) – every day we would be magnetically attracted to the smell of deep-fried potato chips cooking in coconut oil – man ! those were delicious – I died and went to heaven.

    Never before or since have I had chips deep fried in coconut oil. I assumed they were death to my cholesterol, but now I’m reading all you healthy-weight-loss folk and that while it raises cholesterol, it may actually improve the ratio of good-to-bad cholesterol – so – I think I’ll start looking out for some coconut oil in Woolies first.

    I’m cheap so I may look at the coconut cream can ingredients first, compare it to any oil I find, before considering your organic fijian etc.

    If I can justify frying up some more of those heavenly chips, I may just die and go to heaven – again.

    • Mins
      Mins says:

      Hi Coco chips 🙂
      Just thought I’ll let you know of an online grocery store that sells lots of coconut products including coconut oil. Its comparetively cheap (Costs $6.20 for a 750 ml bottle). They deliver to most Melbourne suburbs and post on requests to other states as well. Might be worth it to check it out…
      So this is the website

  35. Liz
    Liz says:

    I just received an order from a business that charged me $37.55 in postage and handling. The order of 2l of NUIlife organic oil was only $48 and the Australia Post sticker said $12.55. Over $25 profit for this company. My message is to those in rural areas that cannot get to a health food store and have to purchase online, watch out for the extra charges they hit you with. It certainly hurt me!

  36. Stacey
    Stacey says:

    Hi, I have just been introduced to coconut oil. I found some at Woolworths but would like a bigger jar. If using for cooking/smoothies, is extra virgin cold pressed the best? I can’t quite get my head around the different types… Thanks

  37. sian
    sian says:

    Hey, just went to Costco in Sydney recently and they have Absolut Organics raw extra virgin coconut oil – a big 900ml jar for $13 – best value I’ve seen, second best would be Maloneys on Crown st/coogee where they have Organic Road 1L for $17-$18

  38. Manjesh Singh
    Manjesh Singh says:

    I am a Farmer that produces Virgin Coconut Oil in Fiji. Most of our product is manually made and sun dried virgin oil to give the best quality product. I also have started producing VCO soap for the local market. If you are interested in our product please feel free to enquire.

    thank you

  39. Emma
    Emma says:

    I buy a 20L container of coconut oil from gpa whole foods
    it lasts for over a year and brings the price of coconut oil per litre down tremendously.

  40. Thao
    Thao says:

    Hi there – I’m new to coconut oil and I use it mainly for external applications. I find that my coconut oil can’t remain solid due to the temperatures of Sydney life. Would you store it in the refrigerator?

  41. Liz
    Liz says:

    Hello, I’ve recently discovered “Double Horse” brand coconut oil at my local Indian grocer (Manning Supermarket for anyone in Perth – they have a store in Maddington & I think another actually in Manning). I don’t think it’s organic, but it’s about half the price of what I can get elsewhere. (200ml/$2.95; 500ml/$5.50; 1-litre/$9.95; 2-litres/$17.95 as at late 2015 / early 2016). I’d recommend getting a small bottle first, as my sister doesn’t like it, but I think it tastes fine. It does seem to solidify at a slightly lower temperature than what I’ve bought in jars – not sure about how that happens, but it’s labelled as 100% coconut oil! and it staying liquid longer makes it easier to pour into pans!

    It comes with a foil seal over a clear plastic plug in the neck of the bottle – if you poke a skewer or something through the clear plug (which you need to do to get the oil out), you can wriggle the plug out, which makes it much easier to pour.


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