Paleo Breakfast Salmon Burgers recipe mushrooms-min

Paleo Breakfast: Salmon Burgers Recipe

I've been trying out lots and lots of new ideas for Paleo Breakfast Recipes (more on that soon!) and was particularly pleased with Sunday's creation. I could eat eggs every day, but I know a lot of people get fed up with eggs – and believe it or not bacon, so this Recipe is something different.

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With just three “main” ingredients, it couldn't be much easier to make either.

Ingredients: –

Two large Portabella mushrooms
Two large tomatoes (as close in size to the mushrooms as possible)
Salmon (I used two pieces from the fishmongers, about 500g)
Coconut Oil
Salt (I used Celtic seat salt)
Fresh Lime

Method: –

• I preheated the oven to 200C (400F) whilst I washed the tomatoes and mushrooms.

• I cut the stalks off the mushrooms – carefully – and set them aside (to add to a batch of Paleo Chilli; waste not want not)

• I then cut the mushrooms into two slices. Once I’d cut off the top and bottom, I cut the tomatoes into four slices each.

• I had intended to use a biscuit cutter, but I actually found it easier to use a large glass (similar in diameter to the mushrooms), to cut 8 rings out of the salmon.

• I arranged the mushrooms, tomatoes and salmon onto a baking tray and brushed with coconut oil, then topped with a little salt.

• I cooked for about ten minutes, then assembled the burgers, starting with the bottom slice of the mushroom, alternating the tomato and salmon – and ending with the mushroom top.

• I served with a squeeze of lime, a pinch of paprika (and some spinach leaves).

This was a really simple breakfast to make, but looked impressive and was very filling.

If you give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think of the Recipe, below! What do you think about fish for breakfast?

Paleo Breakfast Salmon Burgers recipe mushrooms-min

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9 replies
  1. Ron
    Ron says:

    I do enjoy salmon so this will go down a treat. Though I am lazy when it comes to cooking, so maybe just for a weekend treat.

  2. Eliot Reeves
    Eliot Reeves says:

    Looks awesome, I may even give it a whirl this weekend.Fish in the morning is great… especially with eggs. Scrambled egg and smoked mackerel – YUM!

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities
    GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    I could eat eggs every day too… what would make this dish even more AMAZING would be to swap out a salmon patty (every other) with a fried egg!! Fish & Eggs = Better than getting an 8 hour back massage!

  4. Liam (CyclingFitness@Hubpages)
    Liam (CyclingFitness@Hubpages) says:

    I love the idea of using a large mushroom as the ‘bun’ and it gives so many opportunities although I’m not sure personally on teh meatiness of the mushroom with salmon. I’d more consider a nice couple of grilled rations of bacon or a nice thin slice of lean steak.

    Instead of the oven I find my old George Foreman grill is great for breakfast- I even take it in to work.


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