60 Stupid Reactions To Your Paleo Diet-min

60 Stupid Reactions To Your Paleo Diet

Luckily, most people in my life either eat a broadly Paleo diet now – or at least understand it. But over the years I’ve been eating this way, I’ve had so many negative  (or just plain confused) reactions from people, questioning why I've been eating this way.

Which of these reactions have you had? And what other reactions have you had? Share yours in the comments below.

60 Stupid Reactions To Your Paleo Diet-min

  • Aren't you supposed to hunt all of your meat?
  • You need to eat a proper balanced diet, with all of the food groups
  • It's so boring eating like that! I couldn't do it.
  • I could never give up bread
  • What you eat is disgusting
  • Your body is going to go into starvation mode if you don't have snacks
  • Where do you get your B vitamins?
  • Oh, you mean Atkins
  • You won't be able to keep that up
  • I don't think it's right to deprive yourself of anything
  • It's dangerous to leave out an entire food group
  • Oh, another one of those fad diets
  • You're going to have a heart attack!
  • But what about rice?
  • But you don't need to go on a diet!
  • Your body can't digest all that meat
  • All that fat is going to clog up your arteries
  • I've been eating grains all my life and I'm ok
  • What about nuts?
  • Those gluten free foods are so expensive in the supermarket
  • Just because your skin, energy, hair, digestion, mood and body composition got better, doesn't mean you're healthy
  • Well I've read the China Study
  • Cavemen didn't live in houses and drive cars
  • What do you have for breakfast?
  • My great grandma lived to 104 and she ate bread everyday
  • I've studied nutrition and it's not healthy to eat like that. I know.
  • Why are you wearing gloves on your feet?
  • Don't you get constipated?
  • Cavemen didn't eat bacon. You had bacon for breakfast. I saw.
  • But what about oatmeal?
  • But it's my birthday, you've got to have a piece of cake!
  • What do you mean you don't eat Soy? Soy is healthy!
  • Eeeeeew you only eat raw meat! That's disgusting!
  • What can you have for lunch?
  • But my personal trainer says…
  • But where do you get all your energy?
  • That's so restrictive!
  • What about brown bread?
  • You must get so hungry!
  • But what about quinoa?
  • Are you still on your diet?
  • Isn't all that fat going to make you fat?
  • It's ok, I've cooked you a lentil bake instead
  • Are you going to go and live in a cave too?
  • Bread with spelt is ok though, right?
  • How do you get your vitamins and minerals without eating grains?
  • But the food pyramid…
  • You need wholegrains for fibre
  • You have to have grains because your brain runs on carbs, not fat
  • We've switched to brown rice now
  • Everything in moderation is what I say
  • But cavemen died at 20
  • My doctor said saturated fat will give you a heart attack
  • You poor thing, I could never give up pasta
  • I don't need to change my diet, I'm not overweight.
  • But what about wholemeal pasta?
  • That's a really stupid way of eating
  • You're just going through a phase
  • What do you mean you don't count calories?

Over to you! What's been the best reaction you've had?