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How to Get Cheap Vibrams

As I explained in my previous post, I love running barefoot, in VFFs.

My Vibrams

My Vibrams – I've got a pair of pink Treksports and black Classics. So far.

When I was in America for PrimalCon & the AHS this year, I was so shocked to see how cheap Vibrams were, compared to here in Australia.  I bought two pairs, the Treksport in pink from a big outdoors store in Texas and a pair of Classics in black from another store in San Francisco.  Each pair worked out at well under $100 AUD, including taxes.  Not only were they cheaper, but the stores stocked so many different models, colours and sizes.  I should have bought more.  It takes going overseas to realise how expensive things are in this part of the world.

The bigger sports shops in Sydney seem to carry just a few models, and you can forget about getting them in exciting colours.  The bigger Rebel Performance stores sell a small selection, for upwards of $169.99 AUD, which is a lot of extra money to pay, especially for a small selection.


Vibrams can be expensive in Australia

I bought my first pair of Vibrams on Ebay last year.  I carefully researched the model and tried an equivalent pair on in the city, to make sure I ordered exactly the right size.  I still paid about $100, so not that much of a bargain.  They arrived and I was instantly disappointed with Vibrams in general.  The toes were all the same length – meaning only my big toe would fit properly.  The top of my other toes didn’t even reach the bottom of toe section!  I initially assumed this was just how they made them, perhaps I had freaky toes, as they weren’t all the same length?  On close inspection it became apparent that the box and literature in the box was quite odd too.  It was upside down and back to front.  I think I probably spent my hard earned cash on a pair of fake Vibrams.  So my word of warning is be really careful where you buy them from.  If you buy them online, be sure they are genuine!

Luckily I wasn’t put off and after meeting so many VFF owners at PrimalCon I soon realised how they were supposed to fit and behave.  I bought my next two pairs earlier this year.  The difference is incredible!  They are an amazing fit.  Wearing them feels as close to barefoot as I’m realistically likely to get in the city centre.

Prices generally do seem to be coming down in Australia.  I found a sale today at the Adventure Mega Store in Sydney CBD selling VFF’s starting at $99, which seems to be a great deal (but I'd love to find a better price in this country).  They had by far the largest range I’ve seen in Sydney.  I also saw an indoor yoga style for the first time (with 40% discount) which looked perfect for dancing, though I’d need to see how they would compare to my existing dance footwear.  I don’t have the “Sprint” model, and think this might be a good choice for my next pair, I’m very tempted.

cheap vibrams VFF

I found a good sale on Vibrams in Sydney today…

If your toes do happen to all be exactly the same length, I could do you a great deal on a second hand pair of VFF’s.  Unworn…

Have you found any good deals on Vibrams in Australia and New Zealand?  Have you found a great stockist with lots of choice?  Have you managed to get any “real” ones shipped here at a good price?  I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below.

How to get cheap vibrams vff five fingers barefoot shoes running sydney australia-min

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    We have the same issue here in NZ. Limited retailers, with limited range, and very over-priced compared to the US market. Actually our prices look very similar to yours.

    A couple of options. Have a look at MEC, a co-op based in Canada.

    You have to pay a $5 lifetime membership, but then can get some Vibrams relatively cheap. I’m picking the $AUD v $CAD is favourable.

    Also have a look at The Kayak Shed –

    They have been instructed that they cannot sell Vibrams internationally. However, the Kayak Shed guys were kind enough to show me the get around for that.

    Register with comGateway (or similar) to get a US postal address – This is free to do. Once you have this address, you can shop direct with most US-based online outlets and get them to ship direct to this address (many US outlets will ship free inside the US). Once it has arrived at that address, comGateway will ship to you in AUS/NZ and you will get charged freight (very competitive and works out about the same as what you would have paid to get the shipment made direct).

    If you run into issues with your credit card address not matching your shipping address (and assuming PayPal isn’t available), comGateway can also purchase on your behalf and then ship as per above. They charge a 5-10% fee for doing this. However, this may still likely save you on buying domestically.

    I do have to say, I am all for supporting local retailers. But there becomes a point at which it is just uneconomically viable to do so. I know from the bike shop retail side of things, there tend to be lots of people clipping the ticket before things even get to the poor shop owner, and they are locked into ridiculous supply deals. Some of these importers/wholesalers are taking the piss and we are paying a premium for living at the bottom of the world.

    • PaleoGirl
      PaleoGirl says:

      Thanks Jamie, that’s some great links I need to look into. I really want to get a new pair and just can’t justify paying local prices, when there are better deals to be had.

      It’s such a shame we often can’t buy products like this locally; especially considering they’re probably made in Asia and shipped here anyway. Well, at least we have the weather more often to indulge in proper barefoot running I guess!

  2. Lance
    Lance says:

    I bought my Vibrams at shoeology(adventure megastore) in Sydney. Recently i found a website that sells them quite cheaply, but i’m not quite prepared to take the risk. The site is vibram5fingerssalecomau . Read the paragraph entitled “why choose us” , the English is atrocious. Anyway make your own mind up.

  3. Lucia Dos Santos
    Lucia Dos Santos says:

    I bought my first pair from the U.S and I stumbled on them on ozsale. I bought 2 pairs both under $100 a pair I think I paid about $150 – 160 for both. Keep an eye out on ozsale they are the cheapest ive ever seen and are guarateed genuine ones. Only down side is you have to be prepared to wait, I think they must import them from overseas. There is a vibram shoe sale on ozsale again – it ends this Monday. This is the 3rd time they’ve had them. Im buying myself some KSO’s for $85 in total. Postage is only $10 shoes are only $75 bargain for Oz prices! :))

  4. Bec
    Bec says:

    I have purchased 2 pairs from wildfire sports online and they were genuine and under $100ea with free shipping. I’m now looking at how to get some variety with Spring only a month away.

  5. Chris
    Chris says:

    Like you I was quite shocked by the ‘australia tax’ placed on these great shoes. I had spoken with the distributer in the past, and they basically said that they were not prepared to look at prices in line with international rates

    I have bought several pairs using and a us shipping service. They have very good sales from time to time and I believe the pairs to be genuine (comparing to store bought versions) Seems to be more women and kids there atm, but this may change.

  6. Lenny Golightly
    Lenny Golightly says:

    I started with the overpriced originals, and still love them. Helped me to identify cheap rip-offs I got on ebay. I’m sure I got some genuine ones on special by Oz web shops, but it’s still hit and miss. And, yeah, comparing the range of models available with the tiny selection in bricks and mortar shop leads to frustration. That’s what you get in a remote market place controlled by global corporate interests. Original VFF still rock, just sad that it usually takes some enormous extortion price to get them.


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