Paleo Alternatives to Bread friendly recipes no flour-min

Paleo Alternatives to Bread

Bread. On a Paleo diet – it is one of the first things to go; whereas on a SAD diet it is a staple. It’s no wonder giving up bread is such a shock to people considering a Paleo Diet.

“I couldn't live without bread”

“I’d never be able to give up bread”

“What do you eat if you don’t have bread?”

Paleo Alternatives to Bread friendly recipes no flour-min

I'm sure you've heard these comments before too. Perhaps you found giving up bread to be the hardest thing about transitioning to a Paleo diet – or the one thing that is preventing you from going fully Paleo?

The longer you abstain from bread, the less you’ll miss it. There are some great recipes for Paleo Breads made with coconut flour or almond meal; but instead of trying to substitute one type of flour for another – how about some of these alternatives to your favourite SAD bread meals?!

Paleo Sandwiches

Sandwiches are one of the most popular lunch options, mainly because they are convenient to eat on the go, without getting your hands covered in food! They’re filling and you can prepare them ahead of time. Perhaps you’re missing sandwiches, filled rolls or wraps? Instead – why not try these Paleo sandwich options instead: –

  • Make wraps with lettuce (try romaine leaves) to hold the filling in place
  • Use cooked cabbage leaves to encase your filling
  • For an iodine boast and great flavour make your wraps with Nori (or other seaweed) wraps
  • You can also make (or buy – but check the ingredients) coconut wraps
  • Cut a large capsicum (bell pepper) into two flat pieces for a Paleo alternative to sandwich bread
  • Use a knife and fork! I often order a sandwich in a café – without the bread. Shop bought and restaurant sandwiches often hide very small fillings – but when you order it without the bread you usually get a far more generous portion of the filling!

Paleo Burger Buns

The best think about a burger is the meat – never the bun. So go bun-less, or try these: –

  • Chop the stalk of two large flat or Portobello mushrooms – the perfect size for a burger bun
  • Encase your burger patty with the top and bottom of a large tomato

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

White bread filled with peanut butter seems to be a popular pre-Paleo combination. But let’s face it – it’s the peanut butter that’s popular – not the bread in this snack. Clearly peanut butter is out as it’s a legume – so try

  • Nut butter (almond butter, macadamia nut butter, cashew nut butter – or make your own) and use as a dip for crunchy raw vegetables like carrots, celery, capsicum (bell peppers) and cucumber.
  • Or slice some eggplant and layer on the nut butter!

Egg and Soldiers

Missing dipping slices of toast into soft boiled eggs? Once you try dipping in roasted vegetables, you’ll wish you’d always done it!

Lasagne & Garlic Bread

Once you've gone to the effort of making a Paleo lasagne, roast some zucchini sticks and garlic as a far more enjoyable accompaniment.


Try using a nut flour as a Paleo alternative


If you’re used to a crunch with your soup, try some pork crackling (rinds) as a Primal alternative!

Which bread meals or snacks do you miss the most? I’d love to hear what your favourite bread substitutes are!

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10 replies
  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    I do miss having the choice of bread as a quick easy snack. Just out today looking in a bakers window and thinking so many things to fill up on. So tempting yet out of bounds for me.
    I actualy save money as I always make my own snack for an outing if I can, one of my popular ones is romaine leaves as my ‘bread’.
    I’m rather pleased to have different choices to try.

  2. Jilly J
    Jilly J says:

    I love the idea of ordering a sandwich without the bread! Bet you get some pardon me Mams,
    I think I’ll try that just to get a reaction.

  3. Marg
    Marg says:

    If you’re desperate for something very similar in texture to bread, take a look at Richard Nikoley’s Fat Bread. Thank-you Richard for taking the time to make this work. I made it 2 days ago for the first time. It is keeping really well in the fridge, probably because of the fat content. It tastes a bit eggy! but my eggs are home grown and huge so I would only use 4 next time. Too calorie heavy for me for regular use but very nice as a treat or for a special occasion. (we’re having overseas visitors next month so would be good for a packed lunch on a day out). There is a thread about it on MDA.

  4. Nora
    Nora says:

    I’ve been struggling with this hard. I found a recipe for flax noodles which are good to keep pasta cravings at bay. I like lettuce wrapping pretty well, but sometimes carbs are just calling me and won’t leave me alone. Then I eat them and don’t feel good and Paleo scores a mental point. I like the bell pepper idea, will def give that a try.

  5. Paula Lewis
    Paula Lewis says:

    I have made several paleo bread recipes and I just can make myself like them. The pizza dough one is ok but the rest doesn’t get it for me. Maybe the bread is too sweet. I really want to stick with this but need a good cracker and bread recipe. I made one of the cracker recipes but not crazy about it. I use vegetables and go bun less when eating out. So ….any suggestions? Thanks
    Everything else about the paleo diet works great for me.

    • Karyn
      Karyn says:

      I’ve just discovered the most awesome paleo bread – kale bread. Savory and yummy using base of kale, almond meal and macadamia oil. Goes great toasted with eggs any way you like them for breakfast or fresh for sandwiches. So moist and does not crumble at all.

  6. Helen Beard
    Helen Beard says:

    I make fritters, I grate up a Zucchini and some sweet potato or carrot, cabbage etc a bit of grated onion gives extra flavour, add 2 beaten eggs, salt pepper and maybe some herbs. 1 tablespoon of coconut flour and 1 to two tablespoons of flour, banana or buckwheat flour mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder. Mix to a nice soft consistency and put a tablespoon of the mixture to cook in a hot frypan add a little coconut butter and ghee. They are nice with a poached egg on top or with soup. They keep well in the fridge and are yummy cold. You could add a can of sardines, they are a cheap nutritious meal.
    I find them really handy to have around for a quick breakfast just warm them up for a few seconds in the microwave.


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