Happy 3rd birthday blog anniversary 3 years paleo network

Happy Blog Anniversary to Me!

Wow – I wrote my first post on this blog three years ago today! Doesn't time fly? By that time I’d been eating paleo for the best part of a year, had lost loads of weight and was feeling amazing. I’d set this blog up ages before I plucked up the courage to start writing. I just attended my first Ancestral Health Symposium in California in August 2011 and came back full of enthusiasm ready to start the Paleo Network!

Paleo-Network-Blog-Happy-Anniversary-Birthday 3rd

Since then we've now got Paleo Meetup Groups in every state in the country, I've written 5 recipe ebooks and the Paleo Network Facebook page now has over 79,000 followers! Who’d have thought!

I can’t wait to see what the next three years brings. I wonder, perhaps paleo will be mainstream by then?!

Happy anniversary!

Paleo birthday cake recipe no flour primal fruit cake

Paleo Birthday Cake

Who said you can't have birthday cake now you're eating paleo?

My Mum is very careful to avoid all grains and sugars, so was both delighted and horrified when I presented her with this cake for her birthday! I didn't own up to the contents until she cut into it – she hadn't been expecting to cut into a melon!

Paleo birthday cake recipe no flour primal fruit cake

Birthday Cake Ingredients:

  • A large watermelon
  • Double cream (use coconut cream if you don't do dairy)
  • Flaked almonds
  • Summer berries

Birthday Cake How To:

1) The key is in cutting the watermelon into a good shape. Cut the top and bottom off the melon (at the widest part). Cut the edge off carefully, making sure your cut is straight. There will be a lot of wastage in pursuing the perfect cake shape – so save it all for a fruit salad!

2) Whip up the cream (use coconut cream if you can't tolerate dairy) and spoon it onto the melon cake, arranging it to cover the whole cake.

3) Sprinkle the almond flakes onto the sides and top of the cake and decorate with fresh berries.

Paleo birthday cake recipe no flour primal fruit cake slice

You can also use other types of melon or pineapple – or even tier them to make a layered cake. Have you had a go at making a paleo birthday cake? I'd love to hear how you made yours!

paleo diet birthday resolutions-min

Paleo Birthday Resolutions

It’s my birthday today, which is the perfect time to evaluate my achievements this past year – and to focus on what I want to achieve in this brand new, unchartered year.

This past year can be summarised by one word for me: Paleo!  I’ve travelled to America twice for PrimalCon and the Ancestral Health Symposium and met so many amazing, lifelong, Paleo friends along the way.  I’ve refined my Paleo nutrition and found what works for me.  My housemate and a few friends have adopted a Paleo lifestyle, which I am thrilled about.  I’ve spent a lot of time this year researching and reading in the Paleosphere – and of course, I started this blog.  My biggest personal achievement this year has been my fitness.  I have never been as fit as I am now and it enhances almost every aspect of my life.  Linked into all of these factors, my sleep has been another huge transformation this past 12 months.  I used to really struggle to fall asleep, sleep very poorly, then struggle to wake up in the morning.  The last few months however, I’ve been tired at bedtime, sleeping soundly and waking up before my alarm almost every morning!

It seems like a timely point to work out what I want to achieve between now and my next Birthday, with the help of some “New Years” resolutions.  So, from tomorrow: –

1.       I’m going to see the sunrise and sunset every day.

This is going to be quite a challenge, but it seems a really important link, to the body’s natural circadian rhythm.  After all, we should live alongside the natural day; staying up until 4am isn’t good for us.  Here in Sydney Sunrise is between about 5:15am (this month) and 7am in the winter months.  This should be fairly easy.  I’ll get up just before sunrise, so I should see the sunrise on my walk into work.  The time of year will then determine how long I spend in the gym/ swimming pool before I go to work – or perhaps I’ll even start work early?  Sunset will be a lot more of a challenge, as in Sydney it varies from around 4:50pm in June to about 8:10pm in the summer months (I do miss those long summer evenings in the UK!).  I’m not sure how I’ll tackle this one in the winter, but the summer should be quite achievable.

2.       I’m going to get rid of five things every day.

One Primal area I really struggle with is minimalism!  I have a lot of “stuff”.  My friend Lars over at Primal Minimalist has recently started a new daily habit of de-cluttering his house by five things every day.  I could honest do this every day for the next year – and probably still have quite a lot left by my next birthday.  So this is what I’m going to do!

3.       I’m only going to eat local food.

I think I’m probably fairly compliant on this one already, when I eat at home.  When I eat out however (which is all too frequently), I often have no idea where the food is sourced from.  I need to know this.  I think it’s really important to eat local food (and ideally, organic).  This should also mean I am only eating seasonally, which is also important.  I can hopefully achieve this by bringing in my lunch to work, and eating out less.  When I do eat out, I’ll be very careful to select somewhere that uses local food – and I won’t be afraid to ask!  One area that might not be possible is coconut oil; I’ll investigate further, but may need to make an exception here.

4.       I’m going to up the ante on my chin-up & fitness mission.

By my next birthday I want to be able to do ten unassisted pull-ups and be working towards hand-stand push-ups!  I also want to be considerably fitter and stronger than I am today.  As I have never been as fit and strong as I am today, this is all very exciting new territory.

Are you still sticking to your New Years or birthday resolutions?  Which new Paleo habits would you like to adopt?  What do you think of my resolutions?

paleo diet birthday resolutions-min