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Paleo Meetup Groups – Have You Joined Yet?

Exciting news! There are now Paleo meet-up groups in every state in Australia! Wherever you live, you can now meet up with local people who eat the same way as you do.

The meet-up groups arrange local dinners, barbecues, picnics, talks – you can even suggest a meetup of your own to the group.

Meetups are a great way of meeting people and finding out about Paleo restaurants and suppliers in your area, so if you haven’t already – join your local Paleo Meetup!

There don’t seem to be any New Zealand Paleo meetup groups yet – why don’t you start one? If you're in the US, Canada or the UK there are lots of Paleo meetup groups, so find your nearest and join up – it's free!

Paleo Meetup Groups Events Australia

With the exception of Sydney, Perth and Melbourne most of these groups are very new – so spread the word and help to increase the membership! If you live in Darwin, Canberra or Hobart there is also the opportunity to become a co-organiser.

Here are the Australian Paleo Meetup groups

NSW/ Sydney
Victoria/ Melbourne
WA/ Perth
SA/ Adelaide
Queensland/ Brisbane
NT/ Darwin
ACT/ Canberra
Tasmania/ Hobart

So sign up (it's free) get involved!

Have you been to a local Paleo meetup event yet?

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7 replies
  1. clint
    clint says:

    Perfect timing! I am looking at setting up a group for the sunshine coast. Any Hints or tips to make it a success?


  2. Tam
    Tam says:

    Hi Suz, just stumbled on your blog, some great info, thanks a lot.

    2 months ago I “converted” the family (husband and kids aged 6 & 4) and I’m slowly working through this lifestyle change.

    Obviously paleo ingredients can get quite expensive, and I’m wondering if there could be a forum to share any bargains we’ve found with others. Eg. I sourced a supplier in Brisbane with coconut oil for $10kg. Things like ghee, almond flour, oils, dried fruits and nuts, etc.

    Just a thought!


    • Jillm
      Jillm says:

      Tam, I don’t think paleo ingredients are expensive. I recently found an item in a supermarket catalogue – Coles Simply Less jelly. It works out at about $50 per kg. Makes organic meat look like a bargain. Also, I found if I have a nourishing, satisfying meal, I don’t think about snacking. Sometimes my husband and I have a cup of home made broth for lunch. My favourite butcher/grocer in Brisbane is The Meat-ting Place. They are so friendly. Regards, Jill

  3. kahiba
    kahiba says:

    Hi Clint. We (husband and self) live about 1hr south of Kingaroy so depending on travel distance/time we would love to be part of a Paleo group.


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