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All New Paleo Guide To Australia

Just a heads up that I've just updated the free Paleo Guide to Australia (and New Zealand) ebook. The current version now stands at 32 pages full of Paleo information – specific to where you are.

Following on from your suggestions, I've added more listings of Paleo suppliers in each state of Australia and New Zealand (farmers markets, grass-fed meat suppliers, fruit and vegetable suppliers, organic produce, fish mongers and fitness centres). I've also added a whole new section of Paleo Resources.

If you've already subscribed to my newsletter, just visit the same link to get your updated version. If you've not signed up yet, just subscribe using the link below to get your free copy!

I want to keep the Paleo Guide to Australia & New Zealand up to date with the best local Paleo places and stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand. If I've missed anywhere that you know about, please let me know and I'll make sure I add it to the next edition.

I'd also like to add in restaurants that do Paleo food – so let me know of any suggestions that you have in your local area.

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  1. scott
    scott says:


    Love your site, I have been paleo in sydney now for a few years with the family. We buy grassfed beef from the amazing market in sydney,

    Coles and woolies do some nice butter called harmonie..but it isn’t very yellow! but tastes good, otherwise the organic milk from pauls is ok, if you get the cartoon (1L) it isnt homogonised.

    The inglewood organic chicken is a nice buy, available most places. The most disappointing issue with paleo in australia is the fruit…not a huge variety, and expensive cheese. However the bega vintage is pretty good for the money.

    Restaurants…very few paleo ones sadly…we would love a Sydney gourmet burger place!

  2. Pat Wales
    Pat Wales says:

    The Eatons Hill Tavern has Cape Grim grass fed rump on the menu. The Full Moon Hotel at Sandgate has grass fed eye fillet on the menu. Just order with salad or steamed vegies. A lot of butchers around me carry grass fed meat including Warburton’s at Aspley, Purcell’s meats at Geebung, The Meating Place on Rode Rode.. I find that the butcher’s are great if you ask and are happy to talk meat.

  3. Cher
    Cher says:

    I have just started the Paleo diet a few days ago and I am reading everything I can. Scotts comment of the 24th July indicates that he eats milk and cheese. I thought diary was off the Paloe menu.


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