Paleo birthday cake recipe no flour primal fruit cake

Paleo Birthday Cake

Who said you can't have birthday cake now you're eating paleo?

My Mum is very careful to avoid all grains and sugars, so was both delighted and horrified when I presented her with this cake for her birthday! I didn't own up to the contents until she cut into it – she hadn't been expecting to cut into a melon!

Paleo birthday cake recipe no flour primal fruit cake

Birthday Cake Ingredients:

  • A large watermelon
  • Double cream (use coconut cream if you don't do dairy)
  • Flaked almonds
  • Summer berries

Birthday Cake How To:

1) The key is in cutting the watermelon into a good shape. Cut the top and bottom off the melon (at the widest part). Cut the edge off carefully, making sure your cut is straight. There will be a lot of wastage in pursuing the perfect cake shape – so save it all for a fruit salad!

2) Whip up the cream (use coconut cream if you can't tolerate dairy) and spoon it onto the melon cake, arranging it to cover the whole cake.

3) Sprinkle the almond flakes onto the sides and top of the cake and decorate with fresh berries.

Paleo birthday cake recipe no flour primal fruit cake slice

You can also use other types of melon or pineapple – or even tier them to make a layered cake. Have you had a go at making a paleo birthday cake? I'd love to hear how you made yours!

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  1. Effie J. Sorg
    Effie J. Sorg says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was coming to the blog for a different recipe and saw this post just as I was getting out ingredients for a paleo pancake recipe experiment. Since your recipes are always so well tested and come out perfect I quickly switched to make this instead. And this cake was not only perfect ,this cake was delicious! Only my daughter is GF and dairy free, but my husband and I both enjoyed them very much as well!



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