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Stop being a fat bitch

As someone who's struggled with weight loss, I was surprised to see the name of Lola Berry's new diet plan – “Stop Being a Fat B*tch”. Yes, you did read that correctly.

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Whilst the intention was apparently noble, there was a huge back-lash. With people shocked that she'd chose such an emotive title. These comments summed up the reception of the name of her diet program:

  • Is this a joke? What the hell. This is horrible.
  • How about we teach never to call yourself ” a fat bitch ” – that'd be first mindset lesson in weight loss.
  • Oh my. As a psychotherapist that works specifically with women that are struggling with long term weight issues, I find this completely inappropriate and demeaning. If I REALLY try, I think I can just manage to glimpse where Lola is coming from but it is waaaaaay off the mark and will actually cause more harm than good. This is a classic example of why people need to stay within the boundaries of which they are qualified – I don't go giving nutritional advice so please leave the mindset stuff up to those of us that are qualified.
  • Wow, what a disappointment. In a time where orthorexia, fat shaming, weight stigmatism and eating disorders are on the rise, this title only serves to perpetuate all of those problems, regardless of the intention of the book. Utterly shocked.
  • Seriously? Isn't this encouraging people to call women struggling with weight issues a fat bitch? Disappointing. What about those struggling with auto-immune diseases that are overweight due to illness and need assistance in eating strategies to help with their healing? Are they a fat bitch because of their illness?
  • That's a horrible degrading title, I honestly thought you had more integrity than that. This is a career killer.
  • “Fat” women don't need any help with self hatred. We usually carry it around with us as a visible reminder. Bitch a word used by (primarily) males to shame and assert dominance over women who don't conform to society's ideal- it's not motivational, it's demeaning and petty.
  • I'm in shock!!! Lola Berry we are here to help rid the cultural definitions of what beauty is and to free women from this brainwashing so that they can be comfortable in their own skin, and be empowered to make what ever choices they want for themselves and that includes how they look and feel about themselves. Not re-affirm these ideals of the mainstream -which are only created in the first place to suppress the feminine. By doing so you are affirming that there is something wrong with “not fitting into the mainstream's definition of beauty” and as a result feeding the insecurities of women which is a seed set in our psyche by western media. I hope when you come to speak at a an inspirational women's event later this year that you choose to leave this thinking behind you, it does nothing but support the continual suppression of feminine.
  • As a nutritionist I really feel bad having looked up to you and admired you – you might have called yourself that horrible phrase but how about dropping that phrase from positive conscious thought – why emphasize it when it's so demeaning? As women we should be empowering each other – as nutritionists we should be inspiring and empowering people to make positive choices and sadly I think the title of your weight loss program misses the mark

It looks like the name is going to be changed, with Lola Berry apologising for the upset:

I'm really sorry the name of the eating plan has upset lots of people, that's not my intention at all. The whole point of it was to evoke a change in self talk, but I can see how it's too strong and I'm sorry for that. The content is all about changing your mindset to achieve your health goals. So, I would love you guys to name it. What would you like it to be called?

I'd love to hear your thoughts (please comment below), do you find the title offensive, or do you appreciate the sentiments behind it?

The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle

Finally – an all Australian ebook bundle! (I'm a bit late to share this with you, as it's only available until OCT 16th)

The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle contains 35+ eBooks (worth over $450) from 30 of Australia’s top healthy living experts and it can be yours for just $44.95!

If you aren't familiar with eBook bundles, they typically include a variety of eBooks from authors and bloggers in a particular niche, such as health and wellness.
They are sold at a discounted price for a limited time only. It’s a way for all of the contributors to get lots of exposure and to gain new readers, and an opportunity for our readers to get access to resources and eBooks they wouldn’t have seen or read before, or that they wouldn't be able to afford if bought separately.

This is the very first bundle to focus on exclusively Australian made resources! That doesn’t mean it’s only for Aussies. My international readers will find ALL of the eBooks highly valuable and relevant as well.

The eBooks and authors in this bundle have been carefully selected to provide the best quality material in one package – from paleo, raw and vegetarian whole food recipes and detox meal plans to tips and plans on how to reduce stress, tone up, sleep better and find balance and clarity in your life. Get some of that world-famous Aussie wellness spirit in your life!


Here is a little taste of what’s inside:

  • Learn how to heal your gut with an informative, uncomplicated and achievable gut healing protocol from one of Australia’s favourite holistic nutritionists and whole food chefs Lee Holmes (Heal Your Gut).
  • Try 25 new, nutritionally balanced whole food breakfast recipes, which come with stunning pictures and detailed instructions and variations, from an experienced naturopath Georgia Harding ND (Rise & Shine – A Well Nourished Breakfast)
  • Learn about a revolutionary approach to running from two of Australia’s leading movement experts – Dr. Brett Hill and ultra-marathoner Kim Morrison – and fall in love with barefoot running, without the injuries. (The Barefoot Athlete).
  • Get 95+ yummy and healthy lunch box recipes and snack ideas suitable to many dietary requirements from healthy family specialists Stacy Clare and Cass Michelin (A Healthy Lunchbox & Whole Food Snacks eBooks)
  • Learn how to make raw cheesecakes with Jules Galloway (Desserts Raw & Simple), grain, gluten and refined sugar free chocolate hummingbird cake with Alice Nichols (Sweet), or a vegan triple coconut sorbet with Adele McConnel (Sweet Essentials)
  • Get tips and guidance on how to deal with change and stress in order to live a blissfully effortless and more mindful life with Tom Cronin (Path To Peace)
  • Find the best substitutes to eggs, nuts, and refined sugar with Jordanna Levin (A Stress Free Guide To Allergies & Intolerances); and learn how to make dairy free milks, ice cream, cheese and butters with Lauren Glucina (Dairy Alternatives)
  • And that’s just some of the things you will get out of this bundle.

Get all 35+ eBooks (valued over $450) for only $44.95 AUD! But hurry, it’s only on sale until Oct 16th.

Gwyneth Paltrow fails the food challenge-min

Gwyneth Paltrow fails the food challenge

After doing my own $50 food challenge and seeing first hand just how hard it is to eat well on a budget, I was some what bemused to see Gwyneth Palttrow's attempts to feed her family on a budget. The #FoodBankNYCChallenge she undertook was to eat on $29 USD (equivalent to about $37 AUD). This was said to be the average amount an American receiving food stamps gets on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – though apparently the true amount is actually closer to $45 USD. I've found food considerably cheaper in the US, so I suspect your money would go a lot further there.

Gwyneth lasted four days on the challenge before she had to give up and eat some chicken and black licorice. As you do.

Food choices

Gwyneth's choices are very different to mine. Here's what she bought:

  • a dozen eggs,
  • black beans,
  • green peas,
  • onion,
  • avocado,
  • brown rice,
  • soft tortillas,
  • lettuce,
  • garlic,
  • scallions (spring onions),
  • cilantro (coriander),
  • a sweet potato,
  • a tomato,
  • an ear of corn and
  • seven limes

Yes, she bought seven limes. Whilst limes (and avocados) may be considerably cheaper in Southern California than they are here – there are far better ways to stretch a budget than by buying limes. The whole shopping basket is low calorie and low fat.

Vitamins v Calories

Whilst the food bought may be great from a nutritional perspective – there just aren't enough calories. The food she bought works out at about 1000 calories a day. And when you're on a budget, calories are important, especially if you're doing physical work or have a family to look after.

I would look at food from a cost-per-calorie perspective and try to bulk meals out with potatoes and rice (whilst not strictly paleo, I think white rice is a good compromise on a very tight budget). Meat is expensive – but bones can be cheap. A huge pot of bone broth is great alone, or as the base of many dishes and must be one of the cheapest things you can make.

I'd be really flexible with my fresh produce, and based it entirely off what is in season – and what is sold off at the end of the day, or is on special offer. Unless organic food was cheaper than conventional, I'd accept it as an unrealistic option. I'd happily buy packs of frozen veg, if they worked out cheaper than their fresh equivalent.

How would you manage a strict food budget of under $40 a week?

UWL Easter Bundle Weight Loss paleo health summit

The Weight Loss Bundle

Sale ends today!

Since I started on my weight loss journey, I've learnt so much. Crucially – there is so much more to weight loss than just “eat less and move more”. That's why I've got together with the leading experts in nutrition, health, fitness and mind to bring you a unique bundle, giving you all the tools you need to lose weight and regain your health, this Easter.

UWL Easter Bundle Package 800w-min

In this exclusive bundle, you'll find grain-free recipe ebooks, ebooks of ketosis, fermenting your own foods, eating well on a budget, and cooking gluten free dishes. We've also got a couple of meal plans, giving you step by step plans and recipes for every days of the month.

From my recent survey, I know so often weight gain is a symptom of other health issues – that's why this bundle includes several ebooks focusing on health – including specific issues such as Thyroid, Autoimmune conditions and Hashimoto's.

Fitness and movement are also hugely important on your journey, so we've got you covered with programs you can do at home. If you garden, you'll learn how to grow your own produce to support your healthy lifestyle (& save money whilst doing it!)

The talks on mindset were HUGE in the summit in January, so we've included a Mindset Reset for Weight Loss in this bundle and loads of resources to build your self confidence & ensure you succeed on this transformation.

So many of you have emailed me asking for help with emotional and binge eating – this bundle includes several ebooks dedicated to these issues – you can transform these behaviours with the help of these experts. We all know how important sleep is – so if you're not getting good sleep every night, you'll love the Deep Sleep Every Night audio included in this bundle.


The Unconventional Weight Loss Easter Bundle includes 45 ebooks, MP3 audio programs, ecourses and meal plans. Over $1000 of value for just $37!

Find out more about the ebooks, ecourse, mp3's and programs in the bundle below:

Easter Bundle Book Shelf

The bundle explained….

Recipe Ebooks


Seasonal Juicing – Summer by Claire Ragozzino of Vidya Cleanse

The 25 seasonal recipes in this eBook highlight produce and flavors that help align the body with spring, incorporating bitter greens, alkalizing citrus and fresh herbs that promote gentle cleansing and support of the liver, kidneys and colon.

This 40-page eBook includes: 25 refreshing summer recipes for juices, tonics & blended elixirs accompanied with vibrant photographs, A comprehensive “Tools of the Trade” guide to assist in purchasing the right juicer for your needs, and Holistic nutrition tips & herb profiles peppered throughout the pages




1_guide_tofermenting_fruits_and_vegetables_-_3dOh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables by Kelly Liston & Tamara Mannelly

In This ebook, You Will Learn…

  • The importance of the roles gut bacteria play in your digestive tract.
  • The basics of the process of fermentation, how it happens and why.
  • The benefits of consuming fermented foods (there are so many!!)
  • What materials you need to ferment foods at home to get you on your way to becoming a confident fermenter.
  • How you know when you food is fermented and other frequently asked questions.
  • How to make almost 40 different recipes easily in your own kitchen; recipes your whole family will love!
    and more!



1_nourished_cooking_-_3dNourished Cooking by Sarah Smith of Nourished and Nurtured

Nourished Cooking is packed with over 60 nutrient-dense recipes. All recipes in this book are gluten-free and use no refined sweeteners. This book contains 49 GAPS-legal recipes and 58 grain-free recipes, suitable for Primal eating






1_eat_well_spend_less_-_3dEat Well, Spend Less by Tara Buss of We Got Real

If you’re frustrated with your climbing grocery bill, wanting to eat well, but feel like healthy food is just too expensive – this is the ebook for you.

If you’ve taken steps to transform your eating habits, this ebook with help you get your food budget under control & give you lots of ideas for simple and tasty inexpensive real food meals – and help you to source budget-friendly, healthy food.




How to Become a Better Cook - 3dHow to Become a Better Home Cook by Lindsay Moe of Live In Kitchen
When Lindsay first started cooking she had no idea where to start. She dug her heels in and from there built her knowledge to the comfortable level she is at today. This book takes you through the steps she took to teach herself how to become a better home cook. By following these steps you can start your own journey into confidence and joy in the kitchen.

How to Become a Better Home Cook contains 40 pages of tips, tricks, and recipes that allow you to teach yourself how to cook. This allows for a highly individualized learning experience that will suit your tastes, needs, and learning style.




1_desserts_raw_and_simple_-_3dDesserts Raw and Simple by Jules Galloway of

This beautiful recipe ebook features 25 easy-to-make, delicious raw desserts, including the 10 most popular recipes from the blog. Recipes are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Cane Sugar Free and Paleo Friendly. The book gives easy step by step instructions – even for newbies, full colour photos to help you nail your finished product as well as tips and tricks to help your raw desserts turn out perfect every time





1_essential_gluten_free_-_3dEssentially Gluten Free 30 Grain Free Recipes by Ester Perez of Nurture my Gut

Are you on a gluten free or grain free diet and worried what meals to feed your family? Are you working to rebuild your child’s immune system only to find your child refuses to eat everything you make? Is eating a constant battle?

Are you exhausted making meals, only to find your child won’t eat them? Does your child suffer from asthma, eczema, celiac, gluten sensitivity, food allergies or low immunity? Are you on GAPS, SCD, paleo or gluten free diet and want flavourful and wholesome recipes for your family? Are you uninspired by cookbooks with no pictures? If so, this is the perfect grain free kid-friendly cookbook for you!


Naturally Sweet Treats - 3d Naturally Sweet Treats by Jan Berry of The Nerdy Farm Wife

When Jan's son was little, he had to go on a special, grain free diet. It’s tough for anyone to do such a thing, but even more so for a kid who couldn’t understand why he suddenly couldn’t have his favorite foods anymore. It was a huge adjustment period and Jan spent many hours in the kitchen, coming up with ideas for new foods for him.

This eBook contains a summary of his story and many of his favorite dessert type recipes. It only includes foods that could be made with ingredients commonly found in most grocery stores.

Some of the recipes qualify as Paleo, some as GAPS, and some as SCD – but this book is not intended to be a quantitative guide to any of those diets. Dairy, eggs and nuts are included in some (but not all) of the recipes, with substitution suggestions given when applicable.

The Naturally Sweet Treats eBook is perfect for anyone looking for fresh, new dessert ideas!

1_making_organic_food_affordable_-_3dMaking Organic Food Affordable by Justin and Tara Wagner

Making Organic Food Affordable, full of “organic food hacks” to help you do just that: help you make organic food affordable by getting around the high prices and filling your fridge with the healthiest food possible for a fraction of the price.






1_keto-adapted_-_3dKeto-Adapted by Maria Emmerich of Maria Mind Body Health

This ebook is your new nutrition ‘bible’. Maria has included every trick she knows to get you healthy and lose weight fast in this book. Detailed descriptions of Intermittent Fasting, over-eating days, keto recipes and much more!






1_nourishing_eats_-_3dNourishing Eats by Sarah Smith of Nourished and Nurtured

Nourishing Eats contains 60 nutrient-dense, grain-free recipes. All recipes are gluten-free and use no refined sweeteners. This book is perfect for the GAPS Diet since 57 of the recipes are legal for the Full GAPS Diet. It is also suitable for Primal/paleo eating.






1_gluten_free_comfort_food_for_the_while_family_-_3dGluten Free for the Family by Karen Mahoy of Gluten Free for the Family

This ebook is packed full of recipes the whole family will enioy – and all gluten-free!

• 15 chapters chocked full of budget-cutting resources
• 50 pages of simple steps you can take to cut your bill by at least 25% within a month
• What you can do to drop your bill by at least 15% in the next week
• Resources, ideas, tips, hacks, and strategies all in one easy-to-access place and instantly downloadable



1_a_backyard_summer_-_3dA Backyard Summer by Caroline Potter of Colorful Eats Nutrition

A Backyard Summer offers grain, gluten and refined sugar free recipes perfect for all your summer events. Written by Caroline Potter, Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and author of the blog Colorful Eats, this recipe ebook contains over 25 simple and seasonal recipes that all ages, backgrounds and tastes will enjoy. With an emphasis on coming together over food and laughter, A Backyard Summer has entertaining tips to correlate with each recipe so that you can focus on the people who come to gather at your table.




1_cooking_techniques_and_recipes_olive_oil_-_3dCooking Techniques & Recipes with Olive Oil Ebook by Laura Bashar of Family Spice and Mary Platis of California Greek Girl

Gold medal winner of the Global Ebook Award, this new cookbook teaches you how to use olive oil using various cooking techniques, from poaching to baking and everything in between. Includes recipes, tips & photos. Purchase the enhanced pdf-version here.






1_seasonal_juicing_-_spring_-_3dSeasonal Juicing – Spring by Claire Ragozzino of Vidya Cleanse

The Vidya Seasonal Juicing series is meant to provide you with holistic knowledge of the different seasons and how to marry this with your daily juicing habit, so you can connect in with your deepest inner wisdom, your vidya, to maintain that clarity of body, mind and purpose through the ever-changing seasons.

This 40-page eBook includes: A comprehensive “Tools of the Trade” guide to assist in purchasing the right juicer for your needs, The “Juicer’s Pantry” guide featuring seasonal produce charts for early and late summer, and an Ayurvedic herb and spice chart for boosting and balancing your juices and uses Accessible and affordable ingredients



Buy it now



The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough by Anne Angelone of

The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough presents a new model for patients and practitioners interested in reversing autoimmune disease as quickly as possible. Learn how to use the autoimmune protocol along with Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics to investigate and correct the root causes of your autoimmunity.






1_simple_natural_health_-_3dSimple Natural Health by Nina Nelson on Shalom Mama

Simple Natural Health is the book you need if you want to be more intentional about your family’s health. This book isn’t just another dogmatic “what not to do” that will make you feel bad for past choices. Rather, it’s a holistic approach to health – mind, body and soul – with a lot of money and time-saving tips thrown in. You’ll love the comprehensive guide to using herbs, tips for saving money on nourishing whole foods and simple approach to a naturally healthy lifestyle





1_super_moms_guide_to_managing_thyroid_-_3dThe Super-Mom's Guide to Managing Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease without Going Bonkers by Jen Wittman of Thyroid Loving Care and Your Best Thyroid Life

Motherhood is the toughest job in the world—and it only gets tougher when you’re diagnosed with a thyroid or autoimmune disease. Take back your cape with this eguide which provides real-world, actionable lifestyle tips that have worked for me and for dozens of my coaching clients. It’s the perfect companion to The Radical TLC Solution: Home Healing Program to address all those specific challenges that mothers with thyroid or autoimmune disease face.

Streamline your world and take back your (well deserved) title of Super Mom with these simple ways to save time, boost your energy, and be the kind of mother you want to be.



1_healing_hashimotos_-_3dHealing Hashimotos by Dr. Alan Christianson

The most common type of thyroid disease is hypothyroidism and in the modern world, the most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Medical treatment guidelines focus only on thyroid hormone replacement. Mind you this is with precious little finesse in dosing and very few medication options. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is a complex interaction of genes, environmental toxins, nutrients, the immune function and other hormones. Consequently, many patients need correction in a unique combination of these areas to really feel their best. The purpose of this book is to serve the savvy, educated patient who is questing to regain their optimal health. For those of you who have done the basic steps and still are not at your best, this ebook is for you.




1_cold_flu_seasons_-_3dColds + Flu Season eBook by Carol Little of Studio Botanica

Carol has written this book for busy people who want to enjoy a healthy winter OR maybe even gallivant through the cold months~ Proclaim this winter THE healthiest yet — starting with 10 TIPS for Prevention. Pamper yourself with soothing baths, healing teas and EASY to make healing remedies from the pantry. Puzzle no more about whether it’s a cold or the flu with a simple symptoms chart to guide you! Promote quick relief for cold + flu symptoms with step-by-step recipes and suggestions.

Includes 32 pages of helpful information & full colour photos. Includes 28 time-honoured proven recipes & links to many more




1_raw_paleo_primal_cleanse_-_3dRaw Paleo-Primal Cleanse by Melissa Heing of Raw Paleo

The DIY Raw Paleo-Primal Cleanse is an instructional ebook. It includes complete recipes and detailed instructions on how to do a raw Paleo-Primal cleanse at home.


Fitness/ Movement

1_move_well_the_ancestral_body_way_-_3dMove Well, The Ancestral Body Way by Charby Ibrahim of The Ancestral Body

If you're sick and tired of busting your gut in the gym, for months and months, only to see modest results… this is the ebook for you. We're all guilty of riding the motivational roller-coaster when it come to exercise; fact is – we're time poor. What if I told you that you could get all the exercise that you needed, without ANY equipment, in just 5-30 mins a day, from the comfort of your own home. This ebook will show you how.





1_homemade_muscles_-_3dHomemade Muscles by Anthony Arvanitakis

On 2013, Anthony had his left leg amputated and it was probably the most difficult time of his life. Instead of letting this event destroy him, he used it to become stronger – physically & mentally. And Homemade Muscle was born. Dedicated to providing people with the best ways of becoming strong & lean without going to the gym. Homemade Muscle is also about motivation

Homemade muscle includes:
• Video Tutorials: Exercise guides, progressions and variations for every level, either you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee
• Muscle building exercises: Which bodyweight exercises you have to do to effectively build muscle
• How to get that Six-pack: Learn which are the typical reasons most people fail to get abs and why doing a thousand sit-ups a day is not the solution to a shredded stomach
• Arms, Chest and Back: The most important muscle-building bodyweight exercises for your arms, chest and back
• Which diets really work – How to lose weight without starving yourself to death!
• Nutritional Tips: Simple to follow nutritional tips that can increase your fat loss results with little effort, put them into action today!
• Which supplements work: Do you need supplements to build a lean mean physique? Which work according to science which ones are a waste of money
• Motivation & Goal Setting tips: The most difficult thing probably when trying to get into shape is staying motivated.

1_fit_mom_blueprint_-_3dThe Fit Mom BluePrint by Lindsay Tupper of Paleo Fitness Mama

The Fit Mom Blueprint Program includes

• Manual: Instantly downloadable and printable program manual.
• Charts: Special food charts to help you stay on track with your goals.
• Workout Program: Exercises designed to be quick but very effective for getting in shape fast!
• Video Demonstrations: Videos of all exercise moves.
• Meal Plans: Sample meal plans, to make sure you are eating a balanced diet.
• Modifications: Special modifications for mothers who are breastfeeding.
• Nutrition Tips: Advice on what to eat for optimum fat burning and muscle building.
• Fitness Tips: Learn the most effective types of workouts to do to get in shape quick!
• Customizable: Select between a beginner and an advanced program to fit your needs. Both are included so move up when you are ready!

1_21_day_flat_belly_jumpstart_program_-_3d1 Day Flat Belly Jumpstart ecourse by Derek Kuryliw

Derek’s program includes

• 21 Day Flat Belly Jumpstart manual
• 21 day exercise plan
• 21 meal tracker
• approved foods list
• private access page


Meal Plans

1_30day_low_carb_meal_planner_-_3d30 day Low Carb Meal Planner by Celeste Ashton of Femme Fit

The 30 Day Low Carb Meal Planner ebook will kick start your weight loss and turn your body into a fat burning machine. The secret to a successful low carb health and weight loss journey is eating foods with a low carbohydrate value, in addition to good sources of fat and protein. This 30 Day Low Carb Meal Planner takes all the stress away as everything has been carefully planned and calculated for you. If you thought low carb eating meant boring foods, you are in for a huge surprise! The recipes are delicious and will delight even the most hardened critic.

What do you get in the 30 Day Low Carb Meal Planner?
• Four weeks worth of mouth watering, induction friendly breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
• Beautiful color photographs of the recipes you will be eating.
• Quick and simple recipes that take no more than 15 minutes to prepare.
• For ease of use all recipes are in metric and imperial measurements.
• Full nutritional information, calories, kilojoules, fat and protein values, on a per meal basis as well as a comprehensive daily count.
• A complimentary BONUS day.
• Induction – 14 comprehensive hints and tips.
• How to lose weight fast eating low carb.
• What is ketosis?
• Glossary of low carb and nutritional terms.

1_7_day_super_healty_meal_plan_-_3d7 Day Healthy Meal Plan For Kids from Super Healthy Kids

Eating healthily is so much easier when the whole family is involved. This is a 7 day meal healthy kids meals plan and includes free printables, and a meal planning 101 guide.



1_the_art_of_gardening_building_your_soil_-_3dThe Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil by Susan Vinskofski of Learning and Yearning

The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil e-Book teaches a way to garden that:

• builds healthy soil
• is more disease resistant
• eliminates the need for toxic pesticides
• requires no digging Tomato-Painting
• requires little weeding
• produces delicious, nutrient-dense vegetables

The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil e-Book includes:
• an alphabetical guide to vegetables to help yield a rich harvest from the vegetables you plant in your garden
• 10 recipes that use the wonderful nutrient-dense vegetables that you’ll be growing!
• 67 downloadable pages

1_grow_abundant_herbs_and_greens_-_3dGrow Abundant Herbs & Greens… In Pots! By Nicole Newman

Do you want to easily grow delicious herbs & greens for your green juices, salads, soups & herbal teas? Are you tired of having your herbs turn into ‘dried arrangements’ in pots before you can harvest them? Do you secretly want to feel the sat­is­fac­tion of say­ing “I grew that!”?

If you follow the steps in this ebook you’ll be successfully harvesting your own herbs from pots in less than 14 days. Author Nicola Newman is an organic gardening teacher, fine artist and certified Permaculture designer who teaches busy people how to set up low-maintenance, organic gardens to support their health.


Your Mind

0 Mindset ResetMindset Reset for Weight Loss by Victoria Morrison of Weight Loss Mind Coaching

ebook, mp3 audio and three bonus pdf reports on Thinking Like a Non Binger, Resourceful Beliefs and Mindset and Train Your Brain to Focus.Victoria Morrison is a weight loss mindset expert. 30 years in the health and fitness industry and finally conquering her own binge-eating issues led Victoria into the field of positive psychology. She created Mindset Reset for Weight Loss for smart women who want to drop the struggle and drop their excess weight.

Using CBT, NLP and other modalities, clients quickly transform their mindset and get on track for transforming their bodies permanently. Victoria is passionate about helping others let go of what is holding them back: “It’s easier, faster and more fun than people expect– and the results are amazing. Be your ideal weight and enjoy the experience – why wouldn’t you give that a go?




0 Detox your Mind Transform your Life - 3dDetox Your Mind, Transform Your Life by Hong Curley

Ebook and audio. This ebook demonstrates how changing your perspectives and beliefs can heal chronic diseases and transform your life. Packed with deep, profound spiritual and psychological wisdom and knowledge, it will help you instantly detoxify the thoughts and beliefs that make you sick and transform them into beliefs that create harmony, health happiness and unlimited abundance. Fasten your seat belt because you are about to go on an emotional roller-coaster ride with tears, laughter, excitement and wonderment. This book will put a smile on your face, hope in your heart and joy in your soul.





1_falling_in_love_again_-_3dFalling in Love Again by Elizabeth Rose of Life with Elizabeth Rose

Falling in love again has been written especially for you – the woman who is ready to call in love…beginning with love for yourself. You, the beautiful woman who is ready for mega transformation, lofty dreams and lots of JOY. You are yearning to fall in love again with someone special, and/or ready and willing to fall in love again with you and your life.

But… Although you are ready to call in love, you feel stuck. You’re uncertain of your direction in life and you lack self-love and self-confidence. Secretly, you even feel undeserving of love at times. This is the ultimate love-guide for transforming you, your life and your relationships. It is jam-packed full of heart-centered storytelling, challenges around your mind, body and soul, plus loads of tools and how-to’s to tackle each challenge and live life fully and with love.


Self Confidence & Emotional Eating

1_5_steps_to_overcome_emotional_eating_-_3d5 Steps to Overcome Emotional Eating by Kes Cardoso

So many of us struggle to dissociate food with comfort. If you’re sick of yoyo dieting and emotional eating, this is the ebook that could change all of that. This ebook will help you conquer your innate freedom so you can make peace with your emotional – and finally satisfied – belly.






1_binge_eating_breakthrough_-_3dBinge Eating Breakthrough by Chelsea O'Brien of Binge Eating Breakthrough

Here's how to stop binge eating and eat in the way you've always wanted. In this ebook you'll learn the exact steps and specific directions for how to get control over your cravings (even if you've been trying for years). This book takes the guesswork out of how to stop binge eating or compulsive overeating by utilizing resources you already have…but may not have realized how to use effectively. The book explains the simple yet effective way to re-create your relationship with food.
End Binge Eating - 3d
How to Stop Binge Eating and Take Control of Your Life! by Kristin Gerstley of End Binge Eating

There is an amazing life just waiting for you once you beat binge eating. This ebook will teach you:
An easy-to-follow three-step process to sky rocket recovery and overcome binge eating once and for all
The seven factors that may contribute to the development of Binge Eating Disorder according to the latest research and how they affect you
The five ways you can achieve a healthy, positive body image right now – even if you are at your lowest point
Why dieting is a BIG no-no if you are a binge eater and what steps to take so that you never have to diet again
The simple three-step process to finally stop jumping on the “diet of the month” train, while still losing weight The easy to follow four-week plan to see results almost instantly
How your daily routine may be adding fuel to your binge
A little known technique that will not only help you overcome binge eating, but it will also put you on the fast track of living the life you have always imagined



1_nourish_yourself_-_3dNourish Yourself by Anastasia Amour

In a perfection and Photoshop driven culture, so many of us automatically link food with the need to change our bodies. The result? Guilt. Fear. Negativity. Perpetuating the cycle of body loathing, even if we think we aren’t. What we need is to eat out of nothing but the utmost respect for our amazing bodies. What we need is a healthy relationship with food.

Do you:
• Spend a lot of time thinking about food?
• Feel guilty after you indulge in a treat?
• Want to eat healthily, but can’t seem to get out of the cycle of eating junk?
• Go through periods of bingeing/purging?
• Find yourself putting items in your shopping basket that you don’t really need or want?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, these are all signs that your relationship with food may have some unhealthy elements to it. This guide is for you.

1_a_teenages_perspective_on_food_restrictions_-_3dA Teenager's Perspective on Food Restrictions by Erica Braha of Edible Attitudes

This ebook reflects a raw, honest experience of living with food sensitivities… This guide breaks down all of the conflicts that arise when going against the norm of the Standard American Diet in an effort to heal the damage that it causes. Erica dissects these issues and the emotions that accompany them in an effort to help others both understand her experiences and also to help them face their own challenges with greater ease.





1_healing_whats_eating_you_-_3dHealing What's Eating You by Rev. Ke'ala Vai of Aloha Healing Women

Since 1999 Rev. Ke'ala Vai has successfully helped many women heal at Aloha Healing Women on the Big Island of Hawaii. Knowing that it would be impossible to reach the vast number of people who need help on their path of healing, she has put what has worked for others into Healing What's Eating You. This holistic protocol works for people with eating disorders, abuse issues, grief, weight concerns, emotional and physical illnesses and for those seeking a spiritual path of awakening. Included are self help workshops on Aromatherapy, Complete Cellular Mental Alignments, Crystal Therapy, DYNAMIND, Food Combining for weight loss and management, Ke'ala Kards of Positive thinking, Neural Lingual Programming, Reflexology, Reiki and Stress reduction. Illnesses such as – Abuse, Eating Disorders, Depression, Negative Energies and clearings and Poisons that effect you, are discussed. Alternative methods of healing such as Acupuncture, Dream Analysis, Exercise, Hypnotherapy, Massage and Pet Therapy are explained as options that you might want to explore. Most importantly this book teaches you how your thinking effects every arena of your life. The sections on Manifesting, Prayer, Ke'ala Kards and Spirituality show you how to take your healing path into your own hands. Your thoughts create your reality. No one can heal you, but you and the powers that be. By honoring and learning the lessons from your challenges, you can release them to be free to enjoy a life full of harmony, peace and happiness. Begin your healing now by opening this ebook.

1_live_to_110_-_3dLive to 110 by Weighing Less by Wendy Myers of Live to 110

This is the guide for you if you’ve struggled with yoyo dieting, fad diets, losing weight only to gain it back, emotional eating, unstoppable cravings, fatigue & insomnia. If you tried rigid fad diets, this is the toolkit to help you gain control. You will learn:

• The best diet template for weight loss – The Modern Paleo Diet
• 6 Quick Start Rules to get you started losing weight NOW
• The 15 habits of highly effective eaters
• Fitness tips that really work
• How to stop cravings dead in their tracks
• Stress reduction techniques
• And so much more!

1_30_days_to_a_life_made_full_-_3d30 Days to a life made full by Shanti Landon of Life Made Full

This ebook will give you everything you need to live life to the full for 30 days, including:

Paleo dinner recipes: 30 days of paleo (grain-free) dinner recipes with photos of each recipe, a list of staples to have in your pantry and a daily shopping list
At-home beginner workouts: No special equipment required; workout at your own pace, in your own home
Inspirational devotions: Get encouraged and find new perspective; find focus in a different devotion every day, with a new theme each week.


Meditation & Sleep

0 Jai Release - 3dJai Release Meditation Program by Julie Piatt

This series of protocols is set to a provocative and ethereal musical backdrop that comprise a comprehensive 30-minute meditation program suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners we call JAI RELEASE.

Premised upon an ancient and universal “humming technique,” Following along to Julie’s guided prompts provides easy access to that elusive gap where the thinking mind shuts down – and your soul can breathe.
An expert in all matters spiritual, Julie has spent decades studying, pursuing and practicing a wide array of meditation disciplines from all sects and perspectives, travelling the world to collect and test techniques native to a myriad of exotic locales.
Of all the techniques she has practiced over her 30 years of healing exploration, the method set forth in JAI RELEASE has proven to be the most powerful, effective and transformative.



2_reprogram_people_pleasing_-_audioMeditation Audio to reprogramme People Pleasing by Louise Thompson

A meditation audio to reprogramme People Pleasing for instant stress relief

When we try to please others by trying to fit with what we perceive their expectations of us to be, we become less of ourselves. Sometimes we give and give so much of ourselves to people pleasing that we do not know our own wants and preferences any more, much less realise they are just as valid and important as anyone else’s needs. This is a crying shame. The medition audio will help you reprogram and give your own needs the importance they deserve.

Also get two Two free chapters of Louise’s ebook, “The Busy Woman’s Guide to High Energy Happiness”.




0 Deep Sleep Every Night PackDeep Sleep Every Night by Glenn Harrold and Hypnosis Audio

Join the thousands of people who have overcome their sleep disorders and insomnia by using this superb, high quality hypnosis MP3 by Glenn Harrold – the UK's best-selling self-help audio author with sales of 4,000,000.

Insomnia and other sleep problems are often caused by stress, anxiety and a busy mind at bedtime. Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnotherapy techniques and audio production will help you overcome these problems in a completely safe and natural way.
Also includes a pdf guide to self- hypnosis




The Stress Buster WorkshopThe Stress Buster ecourse by Mark Laham of The New Yoga

You experience everything through your Nervous System.  Understand how the mindbody connection is working together, and how that understanding can lead to a happier, healthier, stress free life.

  • Eliminate the stress from your life by stopping them right at the source
  • Increase Energy, and focus so you have juice left over at the end of the day
  • Improve over all health and wellness
  • Learn to stay calm in the middle of chaos
  • Learn to take charge of your life

  • Over 10 audio mp3 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!


Buy it now

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Bare BonesSave 20% at Bare Bones

Bare Bones make broth the old-fashioned way. No junk, no fillers, no flavorings, just real food—the kind recommended for GAPS, paleo and Weston A. Price lifestyles, among others. And the kind our ancestors knew was essential to good health. We use only bones from animals that lived the good life because what goes into the animals body goes into our body. Save 20% off your basket (code valid until 4/18/15 at 11:59 PST) Ships inside United States Only.



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Unconventional Weight Loss Summit 2015 paleo network UWL

Wondered why I’ve been so quiet?

I hadn't disappeared, in fact, I've been working harder than I've ever worked before.

I told you a while ago about my struggle to lose the rest of the weight I had to lose. Not a great situation for a health blogger, I can tell you! How despite having a really good, clean, paleo diet – my weight just wouldn't budge.

I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it is. When everyone tells you “you just need to eat less and move more”, when you know it just isn't that simple.

I decided to get to the bottom of it.

How can I finally start losing weight, the right way?

I sought out 30 of the World's leading experts in everything to do with weight loss and they graciously all allowed me to interview them. I'm still amazed at some of the big names who gave me their time to help me solve this puzzle.

I've spoken to best-selling authors, doctors, scientists and real people with incredible success stories and health transformations. Jonathan Bailor, Jon Gabriel, Jimmy Moore, Nora Gedgaudas, Keoni Teta, Marc David and many others you'll be very familiar with, shared some pretty life changing information with me. You can find out more & register here

Believe it or not, nutrition is just one part of what we spoke about, we also spoke extensively about metabolism, hormones, physiological blockers to fat loss, emotional eating, food cravings, mindset – and so much more.

After sharing my story, I had hundreds of emails from people also struggling to lose weight, so I've decided to share this information, completely free – because I want to help as many people as possible to lose weight (the right way), this New Year.


How's it going to work?

There are 28 talks in all, and each talk is going to be shown online (for free) for 24 hours during the week long event. It starts in a few days time (4th Jan), so if you want to hear the life-changing talks, all you need to do is register here, simple. You'll also get a free ebook about resolving emotional eating, when you register.

Here are the experts I spoke to


Jonathan Bailor

Bestselling author of the Smarter Science of Slim & The Calorie Myth

The Calorie Myth & How to Eat SANE

  •  Why a neurological problem is often wrongly labelled as willpower
  • How we can quickly identify which foods we should eat – and which we should avoid
  • Why exercise could hinder your weight loss efforts
  • Our body weight set-point

Dr. Bryan Walsh

Naturopathic Physician who helps patients who are struggling to lose weight

Fat Is Not Your Fault

  •  Why it’s about physiology, not calories
  • The specific physiological reasons that may be preventing you from losing weight
  • How to identify which issues are affecting you
  • How hypothyroid symptoms can be missed by doctors

Sam Feltham

Founder of Smash the Fat, author, Health Activist & Personal Trainer

Smash the Fat

  •  The physiological drive that causes some to store more body fat
  • Why the advice “Eat Less: Move More” is negligent
  • The different biochemical reactions from different foods
  • Why setting goals is detrimental to your fat loss attempts
  • The exact steps Sam’s clients do to lose weight

Bob Briggs

Health Activist who lost 145 pounds & shortly after his video “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” went viral

Bob's Story: Butter Makes Your Pants Fall off

  •  How Bob lost 145 pounds
  • What he ate & did to lose the weight
  • How his arthritis disappeared
  • The steps to take to lose weight for good

Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel is the author & creator of the book, The Gabriel Method, an international best-seller. He lost 220 pounds (100kg) & now helps others

Weight Loss Without Dieting

  • The specific non-food factors that can cause your body to hold onto weight
  • What signals the body into fat storage mode
  • Why our brains think we’re in famine
  • Why we may feel safer in a bigger body
  • Changing the body at a hormonal level
  • The importance of meditation & visulisation



Dr. Corey Schuler

Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist and Functional Medicine Practitioner in the field of natural health and metabolism.

Metabolism & Weight Loss

  • How to change the set point of your Basal metabolic Rate
  • The crucial role of hormones in fat storage and release
  • Why being overweight is an inflammatory condition
  • Why age 35 – 43 is a critical time for overweight women
  • The tests you should have

Kevin Bees

Strategic Interventionist, Coach, and Entrepreneur

How to Change Your Mindset to Guarantee Success

  • Why your mindset is crucial in your transformation
  • Why we take actions that sabotage our goals (i.e. binge eating)
  • The six needs that drive all of our actions
  • A technique to change disordered & unhelpful behaviours
  • Why we must celebrate to break our bad patterns
  • How to set up our goals to guarantee success



Orleatha Smith

Health Coach & Health Activist

How Orleatha Lost 125 Pounds & Solved Her Health Issues

  • The health problems that Orleatha suffered from – and overcame
  • The diets she had tried previously
  • Why a gastric bypass wasn’t the answer
  • How Orleatha got rid of her food cravings



Jimmy Moore

Creator of Livin La Vida Low Carb, Author of “Keto Clarity”

Ketosis: Using Ketosis to Lose Weight

  • What is ketosis & how it causes fat loss
  • How to eat to get (and stay) in ketosis
  • The protein impact
  • Eliminating food cravings



Nora Gedgaudas

Paleo Nutritional Consultant, Clinical Neurofeedback Specialist and the International Best-Selling Author of Primal Body, Primal Mind.

The Impact Our Adrenals, Stress What We Eat Have On Our Ability to Lose Weight

  • The significant impact stress has on our ability to lose fat
  • How (even with a perfect diet) cortisol can lead to fat storage
  • Why an in-sync circadian rhythm is essential
  • How to investigate



Tara Grant

Health Blogger & Author

Tara's Story: How Tara Lost Over 100 Pounds & Resolved Her Health Issues

  •  The health conditions Tara suffered
  • The turning point that made her transform her life
  • The importance of self-experimentation
  • The impact of gut health

Bob Montgomery

Chef and Founder of “Not So Fast Food”

Bob's Story: How Bob Lost 90 Pounds & Started Not So Fast Food

  • How imminent surgery prompted Bob to transform his life & health
  • The non-dietary changes Bob made
  • How Bob now helps others to eat well
  • Why Bob offers his customers non-gluten free bread

Dr. Keoni Teta

Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Author of the Metabolic Effect Diet

The Metabolic Effect

  • Why food is so much more than just fuel
  • The crucial role hormones play in our weight
  • The “What the Hell” effect
  • The crucial difference between willpower & mindset
  • Why yo-yo dieting leads to weight loss – not fat loss
  • The three key things that impact metabolism
  • The H.E.C. check we should all do



Adam Kosloff

Yale University Educated Blogger, Author and Science Enthusiast

The Black Box

  • The Black Box factors that make you store fat
  • How prescription drugs can mess with your Black Box & make you store fat
  • The triad of evil foods we should avoid
  • The mechanisms by which dairy can cause weight gain



Carla & Emma Papas, The MerryMaker Sisters

Health Bloggers

The Merrymaker Sister's Journey (& Mistakes!)

  • The turning point that made the sisters change their lives
  • The huge changes they made to their relationships and even careers
  • The mistakes they made that caused them to regain some of the weight the lost
  • How they overcame their soft-drink addictions



Tessa Cason & Faith Shevlin

Life Coaches, Authors and EFT Practitioners

Free Yourself From Food Cravings and Emotional Eating

  • The crucial role of our emotions and beliefs in weight loss
  • Why food cravings are symptoms
  • Why we crave the particular foods we crave
  • How the specific food we crave is a clue to which emotion needs to be healed
  • How to understand & resolve our own disordered patterns



Marc David

Founder of the Institute For the Psychology of Eating, and Best-Selling Author of the Slow Down Diet and Nourishing Wisdom

The Psychology of Eating

  • Why 99% of all people on a weight loss plan will put it all back on within a year
  • Why self-hate biochemically impacts our ability to lose fat
  • Why it’s predictable that some people will binge eat
  • Why your willpower problem isn’t down to willpower at all



Matt Stone

Independent Health Researcher and Author


  •  Why we should take our body temperature
  • The factors that significantly impact or metabolisms
  • The beneficial, and harmful types of exercise on our metabolisms
  • Why many of us drink too much water

David Mendosa

Journalist, Diabetes Advocate and Medical Writer

David's Story

  • How David put his diabetes into remission
  • How he lost half his body weight
  • What he does to ensure he remains at his current weight


Crystal Fieldhouse

Paleo Blogger, Podcaster & Founder of Ecology Skincare

Crystal's Story: How Crystal & Her Husband Lost 50 Kilos & Healed Their Health

  • How Crystal initially reversed her health issues and lost weight
  • But how her symptoms started to come back – despite eating a perfect diet
  • What caused Crystal to lose too muchweight
  • The tests Crystal has to get to the bottom of it
  • Why it isn't just about food
  • The simple changes she made to get her health back on track

Christine Cronau

Nutritionist & Best-Selling Author of The Fat Revolution

The Fat Revolution

  • The impact Christine’s low-fat vegetarian diet had on her health
  • How Christine healed
  • The fibre myth
  • The truth about eating an alkali/ acidic diet
  • How to change your diet



Dr. Susan Smith

Holistic Health Educator and Author

Metabolism & Rejuvenation

  • Why extra weight is so detrimental to the body
  • The importance of muscle mass on our metabolism
  • The specific superfoods that may be beneficial to weight loss
  • Why sleep & water are so crucial



Kelly Larisey

Nutritional therapist & Life Coach

Kelly's Story: How Kelly Reversed Emotional Eating & Lost 55lbs

  • How Kelly lost 18 pounds (8 kg) in the first 30 days
  • How Kelly dealt with her emotional eating patterns
  • The impact the weight loss has had on Kelly’s life



Eve Parker

Life Coach and Weight Release Guru

Eve's Story: How Eve Lost Over 150 Pounds By Harnessing Her Personal Power

  • Why we need to call it “weight release”, not weight loss
  • The stark moment that made Eve realise she had to make a change
  • The importance of understanding the ego
  • Understanding primary & secondary food cravings
  • Why we must re-connect our mind and body – and how
  • No shame eating

Zoe Harcombe

Obesity Researcher & Nutritionist

Why Conventional Dieting Fails – and What We Need to Do Instead

  • The eating problems that lead to Zoe studying nutrition
  • What happens 6 – 24 months after a typical low calorie diet
  • The worst carbohydrate
  • The three common medical conditions that cause food cravings
  • The perfect diet
  • Why we mustn’t graze



Dr. Jill Tieman

Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractor & Blogger

Nourishing Food

  • The one thing you must do before trying to lose weight
  • Which real food diet is most suitable for you
  • What happens when we eat grains
  • Why you should eat something fermented at every meal



Hannah Sutter

Former Barrister, Health Activist & Best Selling Author of Big Fat Lies

Why Calorie Counting Doesn't Work – and What We Should Do Instead

  • Why we got fat
  • What happens when we calorie count
  • Why people are doomed to regain the weight the lost right after a diet
  • The foods we must avoid to lose weight
  • The steps to transition from a sugar burner to a fat burner



Larry Diamond

Health advocate

Larry's Story: How Larry Lost Over 100 Pounds In A Year

  • The turning point that made Larry transform his life
  • How Larry went from being hungry all the time, to never being hungry
  • The importance of the “motivational high”
  • The steps to take to emulate Larry’s success


Just register here to hear the talks!

If you've got friends or family who will benefit from this information, please share with them too. Let's make this the last New Year with the resolution to “lose weight & get healthy”.

Happy Thanksgiving paleo recipes turkey healthy

Happy Thanksgiving

With a lot of my readers being American, I couldn’t ignore the fact that today is Thanksgiving in the USA. So if you’re American – Happy Thanksgiving – and if not – how about having your own international Thanksgiving day? It’s often quite hard to get hold of Turkey where I live in Australia, but I find it a little easier to obtain at this time of year, thanks to the American Expats who live here!

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, how can you accommodate your guests while still keeping it Paleo? Fortunately there are several options out there that will be great for everyone, using a few substitutions to the traditional Thanksgiving menu.
Happy Thanksgiving paleo recipes turkey healthy

Substitution Ideas For Traditional (Non Paleo!) Thanksgiving Recipes:

  • Substituting bread crumbs. A lot of recipes will ask for bread crumbs when you are cooking. A good alternative to bread crumbs is crushed up pork crackling/ pork rinds. Just crush them to the same consistency as you would bread crumbs – or alternatively try ground nuts.
  • Instead of sugar, if you can, try to omit entirely. If you can’t, try a more natural sweetener, like raw honey.
  • Substitute starch with spaghetti squash, butternut squash, or acorn squash.
  • If you are planning on making a salad use a natural dressing like olive oil and lemon or lime.
  • If you’re making a dessert, a recipe may call for whipped cream. An alternative to whipped cream is chilled coconut milk – both healthy and delicious.
  • Instead of making a traditional desert, keep it simple with berries in coconut milk.

Cooking for a group of family and friends is a great chance to show case your Paleo diet – and show that eating healthy food does not sacrifice amazing tasting food.

Thanksgiving is a time to share thanks for the blessings in your life – a worth while thing to do if you’re American or not. Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween healthy paleo recipes

Happy Halloween

Do you celebrate Halloween? Like so many festivals, Halloween is heavily linked with trashy food. If you are interested in ways to have a great Halloween while still following a healthy Paleo lifestyle then read on, because I have some great ideas to help you have a fun holiday.

Halloween healthy paleo recipes

One of the things to keep in mind with Halloween is that it’s all about spending time with family and friends and having a good time – rather than the treats you can and cannot eat. I know that Halloween is a big “treat” holiday, but there are plenty of other things you can focus on to have a good time.

As far as trick-or-treating goes, you can still have fun and do that; however you want to focus on the social fun traditional aspect of it, rather than the end result of candy. Take your family out and have fun. You can have a lot of fun creating unique costumes and so this is your chance to go out and show them off. At the end of the night you can spend time with your family and make your own tasty paleo treats. Some parents offer their kids a buy back scheme – to offer cash or another reward in exchange for the junk they collected.

I was really impressed to see how one father enabled his son to join in the fun – whilst avoiding the sugar filled junk normally given to trick or treaters – see the photo below. Would you try something like this?

Paleo Diet Halloween Trick or Treat Alternative
You can make some great Paleo friendly treats to enjoy. Try spiced nuts, jerky and kale chips instead of sweets and candy.

When you buy pumpkins to carve, make sure you save the inners to make a huge batch of pumpkin soup. You can use the carved pumpkins to serve dips for veggies, instead of plain bowls.

Well there you have it! Here are some ideas for you to make the most out of your Halloween. Just remember to not focus on what the world tends to focus on, which is the sweets, lollies and candy. Focus on having a fun time with friends and family and prepare some Paleo friendly snacks in advance.

Do you do anything for Halloween? How do you keep it Paleo?