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Stop being a fat bitch

As someone who's struggled with weight loss, I was surprised to see the name of Lola Berry's new diet plan – “Stop Being a Fat B*tch”. Yes, you did read that correctly.

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Whilst the intention was apparently noble, there was a huge back-lash. With people shocked that she'd chose such an emotive title. These comments summed up the reception of the name of her diet program:

  • Is this a joke? What the hell. This is horrible.
  • How about we teach never to call yourself ” a fat bitch ” – that'd be first mindset lesson in weight loss.
  • Oh my. As a psychotherapist that works specifically with women that are struggling with long term weight issues, I find this completely inappropriate and demeaning. If I REALLY try, I think I can just manage to glimpse where Lola is coming from but it is waaaaaay off the mark and will actually cause more harm than good. This is a classic example of why people need to stay within the boundaries of which they are qualified – I don't go giving nutritional advice so please leave the mindset stuff up to those of us that are qualified.
  • Wow, what a disappointment. In a time where orthorexia, fat shaming, weight stigmatism and eating disorders are on the rise, this title only serves to perpetuate all of those problems, regardless of the intention of the book. Utterly shocked.
  • Seriously? Isn't this encouraging people to call women struggling with weight issues a fat bitch? Disappointing. What about those struggling with auto-immune diseases that are overweight due to illness and need assistance in eating strategies to help with their healing? Are they a fat bitch because of their illness?
  • That's a horrible degrading title, I honestly thought you had more integrity than that. This is a career killer.
  • “Fat” women don't need any help with self hatred. We usually carry it around with us as a visible reminder. Bitch a word used by (primarily) males to shame and assert dominance over women who don't conform to society's ideal- it's not motivational, it's demeaning and petty.
  • I'm in shock!!! Lola Berry we are here to help rid the cultural definitions of what beauty is and to free women from this brainwashing so that they can be comfortable in their own skin, and be empowered to make what ever choices they want for themselves and that includes how they look and feel about themselves. Not re-affirm these ideals of the mainstream -which are only created in the first place to suppress the feminine. By doing so you are affirming that there is something wrong with “not fitting into the mainstream's definition of beauty” and as a result feeding the insecurities of women which is a seed set in our psyche by western media. I hope when you come to speak at a an inspirational women's event later this year that you choose to leave this thinking behind you, it does nothing but support the continual suppression of feminine.
  • As a nutritionist I really feel bad having looked up to you and admired you – you might have called yourself that horrible phrase but how about dropping that phrase from positive conscious thought – why emphasize it when it's so demeaning? As women we should be empowering each other – as nutritionists we should be inspiring and empowering people to make positive choices and sadly I think the title of your weight loss program misses the mark

It looks like the name is going to be changed, with Lola Berry apologising for the upset:

I'm really sorry the name of the eating plan has upset lots of people, that's not my intention at all. The whole point of it was to evoke a change in self talk, but I can see how it's too strong and I'm sorry for that. The content is all about changing your mindset to achieve your health goals. So, I would love you guys to name it. What would you like it to be called?

I'd love to hear your thoughts (please comment below), do you find the title offensive, or do you appreciate the sentiments behind it?

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  1. Misty
    Misty says:

    I say keep it! I was interested as soon as I saw the title…my ears perked up like a dogs!
    I don’t find it offensive at all. It spoke to me. My first thoughts were that it was something new and whoever is behind the title feels passionately about their mission to help women. All of us who know the struggle have referred to ourselves in negative terms, and sometimes the word bitch is used in a way that reflects strength. The book ”Skinny Bitch”, changed my life. It was my bible for years. I’m gonna check it out. I’m in need of some serious straight-no-bullshit-get-to-business encouragement. Why does everything have to be turned into something that offends someone, somewhere, somehow!?! Life’s too damn short. We are always encouraged to not care what others think, right?

  2. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I like it I call myself that every day I wish I couldn’t but it’s true and maybe 2016 is the time to stop being a fat bitch it sucks and the name is light hearted fun leave it alone!!!

    Please can I have the link to the 4 week plan???

    • Jane Peters
      Jane Peters says:

      Fantastic title!! It is how fat people feel. Less pussy footing around and more motivation and determination. I would suggest that the softly softly approach will get fewer results shirt and long term. More of this straight talk more like military style please!!!

  3. Marciedes Metzger
    Marciedes Metzger says:

    I loved the title of Lola’s plan! It grabbed my attention immediately and made me curious to read it. It made me feel like she was a real person who had struggled with being overweight and all of the social and psychological problems that accompany it. It made me feel that she had a wonderful sense of humor and had developed the rare ability to laugh in the face of adversity, laugh at herself and to put her problems into perspective. Tell her to market it in the US under that name and use the publicity to sell books and lock in speaking engagements. Use the platform to get her message out and tell her detractors to lighten up.

  4. JaneDoe
    JaneDoe says:

    You say you named it to change the self-talk. However, the goal of changing self-talk is to change from Negative self-talk to Positive self-talk. Putting a word that often carries a Negative conotation in it doesn’t promote nor change Negative self-talk to Positive self-talk, it only encourages it. I don’t know what name I would give it, but I wouldn’t use that title.


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