Steps To Health: Paleo/Primal Diet and Beyond

This 2 hour class will help you start the new year with steps to better health by learning why and how a practically paleo lifestyle incorporating primal foods, strength training, and body-mind practices can awaken your native potential to wildly flourish at any age!

This class provides an overview of topics to be covered in greater depth in a series of classes offered at a later date. Topics covered will include:

–Outline of primal nutrition
–Who can benefit from primal nutrition
–Why grains, beans, seeds, sugars, and most vegetable oils are toxic
–Benefits of intermittent fasting
–Common nutrition myths
–How to gain strength, flexibility, and endurance while training as little as 30 minutes each week
–How to take a primal approach to mental health and happiness
–The primal approach to awakening spiritual experiences
–Methods for managing the mind for better health

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