Digestion and Elimination: Fact and Fiction

Nothing in nutrition makes sense except in the light of ancestry.  This 3-4 hour long class will look at the ancestry of our digestive tract and:

take you on a fascinating tour of the human digestive system and show how it is designed by Nature for the meat-based diet eaten by our ancestors.  look at everything from teeth to toilet, comparing each part to the guts of dogs, sheep, and other primates (e.g. chimps).  examine the pH and enzyme secretions of different compartments (mouth, stomach, intestines)   look at the human “food acquisition apparatus” to understand how the unique combination of human features (bipedalism, large lopsided brain, handedness, shoulder mobility, diving reflex, color vision, low density body hair, sweat glands) supports a primal diet explain why high fiber diets can harm the gut You will not find a class like this anywhere else in the world, to my knowledge.  This information is critical to understanding why a primal diet provides the best nutrition for every human being and is the key to preventing and reversing modern degenerative diseases, saving you thousands of dollars on medical and insurance expenses.  It is the backbone of understanding primal nutrition and how to teach it to others, and is your first step to understanding that just as all cats are designed for the same diet, all humans are also designed for the same diet (although they might adapt with varying degrees of success to deviations from our ancestral diet).

We welcome anyone interested in Ancestral/Primal/Paleo nutrition to take this class for $35. No prerequisites, documentation, or additional admissions fee required.

This class is also the first in the series that you can take to lead to certification as an Ancestral Nutrition Educator/Coach/Consultant through the Ancestral Health Institute.  To my knowledge, this is the only ancestral/primal nutrition education certification program in the world.  I will provide an outline of this program at this meet up and soon post it on the upcoming Ancestral Health Institute Website (www.ancestralhealthinstitute.org, currently directed to my blog). 

If you know you are interested in the certification from the start, you will pay $50 for admission to the program (to cover costs of creating documentation), provide evidence of completing a bachelor's degree, and pay an additional $15 fee for the class (i.e. $50 total) to cover the cost of administrating homework and exams and documenting your mastery of the information. 

You can take the class now without committing to the certification.  If you elect certification at a later date, you will pay $20 per class (rather than $15) for adminstrative fees (i.e. a total of $55 for the class). 


We hope to see you there for this exciting journey through human digestion using the ancestral perspective which makes sense of things otherwise inexplicable.  Nothing in nutrition makes sense except in the light of ancestry.  We will see how to shine the light of ancestry on human nutrition, and you will see how it makes sense of who we are today.

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