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Eat More Gluten!

I can't wait for the day when the “health” magazines start advocating more of a Paleo approach, with real food and eating of  fat encouraged.  But it seems like we still have a long way to go.


I came across the snippet below in the March edition of “Weight Watchers” magazine.  Just in case any of their readers had been considering avoiding carbs, they warn that

“carbohydrates provide the body and brain with their primary source of fuel and are essential for energy levels”

Interesting. I tend to have fewer than 50g of carbs a day, so presumably I must have no energy?  Yet, bizarrely, I find I have more energy than ever before.  Just yesterday I had so much energy I felt compelled to break out into a sprint on my way home.  But I must be mistaken! It says so in a magazine after all.


Without eating enough carbohydrates you might get

“fatigue, light-headedness, headaches, sugar cravings and irritability”

and they advise that you choose carbohydrates like

“wholegrain bread and cereals, grainy crackers, oats, fresh fruit and low-fat dairy”

Well, I've somehow managed to avoid any of those symptoms.  I'm not sure that avoiding sugar cravings, by eating foods that break down into sugar, really counts either.  And as for low-fat dairy being a good source of carbohydrates?


The other article I read was from the March/ April 2012 edition of “Australian Diabetic Living”.  They ran a piece on Celiac disease.  The question was

“Should I avoid gluten products, just in case I might have Celiac disease?”

My answer would be that since gluten has detrimental effects on so many people, even those who don’t test positive for Celiac disease, it certainly should be avoided by everyone.  Given how long gluten stays in the body for, I think a strictly gluten-free diet is the right approach, for everyone.  Did they come up with a similar answer?

“No.  You can actually make it harder for your body to digest gluten if you cut most of it from your diet without good reason”.

Unfortunately there were no references for this startling revelation, which I’d have been very interested to check out.  So basically the diabetic magazine wants its diabetic readers to make sure they eat lots of gluten – which often come hand in hand with the not so diabetic friendly refined carbs?

What do you think?  Do you struggle to find the energy to function without bread and cereals?  Do you make sure you eat lots of gluten, to, er, help your body digest the gluten that you eat?

Eat more gluten magazine article paleo network-min

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  1. Belinda
    Belinda says:

    hmmm interesting theories….. odd suggestion on the gluten considering in celiacs it stops the ability for proper digestion….. funny the only reason I’ve been questioned on removing grains that doesn’t involve the apparent energy needs was by two fitness nuts who asked where do you get fibre from because vegies don’t have as much as you think

  2. Emma
    Emma says:

    There have been a few articles in The Age lately about reducing sugar and carb intake instead of eating “healthy” wholegrains, which is good to see, but the majority of what is out there is the same old conventional wisdom that all that stuff is good for you and vital to being healthy and happy.

    I’ve been mostly paleo since about October last year and am currently doing my first Whole30 and I can definitely say that without the carbs I have tons more energy and I never get the post-lunch sleepiness that I used to get when I was eating bread or pasta or whatever for lunch. I can’t imagine going back to my old ways!

  3. Gaby
    Gaby says:

    Sadly, that’s the advice that most people take. Their brains are so foggy they don’t even make the connection between their lack of energy and their grain/sugar intake.

  4. jillm
    jillm says:

    Our health insurer Bupa sent some info including a booklet Australian Healthy Food Guide. One of the breakfast suggestions is: Two 10c pancakes topped with 1 cup berries and 200g low-fat-yogurt, plus a small skim late.

  5. Bill Allars
    Bill Allars says:


    If you want to see something else that is funny only because it is so hypocritical have a look at the Dieticians Association of Australia website proclamation on Paleo at the link below.

    The DAA don’t support or recommend a Paleo style diet as it excludes grains and dairy, two of the rumoured basic food groups. On the same site, however, they endorse vegetarian and vegan diets with appropriate supplementation. Given that a vegan excludes meat and dairy, two of the rumored basic food groups, I’m not really sure how they can recommend it while rejected a Paleo diet. A little consistency would go a long way.



  6. Shaleah
    Shaleah says:

    How shocking, not. As a Paleo-American expat living in Oz I find the lack of sugar free or low carb, and even organic products quite frustrating. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for a legitimate Celiac or diabetic to eat properly. And that’s of course assuming they are even well-advised enough to skip the Weat-Bix for breakfast in the first place. Can’t wait for nutritionists to catch up to the science so I can shop in real grocery stores again.


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