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Low Gluten Cakes

Well this was a new one for me.  I walked past a Gloria Jean’s coffee shop today and noticed this sign for a “Low Gluten” Hazelnut Chocolate Torte.

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From what I've read about Gluten, it really is an all or nothing protein. Nora Gedgaudas spoke a lot about Gluten in her recent seminar, particularly about how gluten takes months to leave the body.  Going 100% gluten-free seems to be the only way to avoid the negative effects gluten can have.  Of course going strictly 100% gluten-free is also the only way to identify whether gluten has a negative impact.   The significant numbers of people who are intolerant will be effected even by a cross contamination – so “low gluten” just isn't going to do it!

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“Low-fat”, “low-calorie”, “low-carb”, “low-cholesterol”; “low” seems to be the word signalling a healthy product.  I can almost guarantee anything with the word low in the title isn't Paleo.

I’ll have to keep a look-out for “Low Trans Fat” cakes, I'm sure they’ll be good!

low gluten cakes paleo primal celiac gluten free-min

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  1. AmandaLP
    AmandaLP says:

    Ive seen a few places do this. Mostly it has been used as a “we are not a gluten free kitchen/space, but this product does not have gluten.”. Yes, for those who are severely intolerant, it isn’t enough, but for those who are trying to cut down on gluten or only have mild reactions, it might be fine for them.

  2. William
    William says:

    Agree fully with your premise here. What is the threshold? Personally, I don’t know so I don’t risk it.

    How’s that paleo dating site coming along? (Read your post on PH!)


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