The Primal Meal Plan

What is a typical day of paleo meals for you? Have you got stuck in a meal plan rut?

Once you get a few favourite recipes under your belt, it’s easy to have the same meal over and over, which can get very boring. Eating repetitively is also depriving your body of nutrients that can be obtained from having a varied diet.

I was really interested to see Mark Sisson, over at Primal Blueprint, has started a primal meal plan program! Every Tuesday, he sends everyone who has signed up an email containing a brand new meal plan, shopping list and recipes for the entire week.


Every day is planned in full, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack – the shopping list means you can print it out and can easily make sure you aren't missing any of the key ingredients. The recipes also make good use of the ingredients, meaning you won’t be buying a huge pumpkin – and wasting ¾ of it!

The meal plans provide about 50 – 100 grams of carbs a day (veggies and fruit, with the occasional use of a small amount of raw honey) and about 25% protein.

It’s easy to multiply up the shopping lists and recipes, meaning if you’re cooking for a big family – or like to cook up a big batch to give you extra to freeze and enjoy later – this will be easy to manage.


This seems like a great was to refocus and get some new recipes and ideas into your cooking repertoire. If you’re new to a Paleo diet, this is a great way to get a full introduction to eating primally, with the confidence that all of the foods are 100% approved! It’s also great to give you some inspiration about what to eat at meal times.

If you want to find out more about the Primal Meal Plans – check them out here!

Have you tried a paleo meal plan program? I’d love to hear your thoughts, in the comments below.