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The Top 20 Paleo Acronyms

There is so much jargon used in the Paleo-sphere and people often ask what a particular abbreviation means.  This is my list of what I think are the 20 most commonly used terms.

1.       N=1   This is used to indicate a personal experiment; your own experience

2.       SAD  The Standard American Diet (but I think this works just as well with Australian or Anglo too) – i.e. the western diet.

3.       CW  Conventional Wisdom, generally of the “eat more whole grains” variety

4.       GF  Gluten-Free

5.       IF  Intermittent Fasting (though often used talking about any type of fasting, event a regular daily fast – which seems to miss the point of “intermittent”?)

6.       NAD  Neolithic Agents of Disease; Dr. Kurt Harris’s phrase for un-Paleo foods

7.       WAPF  The Weston A Price Foundation

8.       MUFA/ PUFA  Mono-Unsaturated Fat(ty Acids)/ Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids

paleo diet Acronyms jargon guide list-min

9.       CLA  Conjugated Linoleic Acid; A beneficial MUFA

10.   SFA  Saturated Fat(ty Acids)

11.   LCT/ MCT  Long Chain Triglycerides/ Medium Chain Triglycerides

12.   EVCO/ EVOO  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

13.   CLO  Cod Liver Oil

14.   HDL/ LDL  High Density Lipoprotein/ Low Density Lipoprotein

15.   CHO  Carbohydrates (Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen)

16.   LC/ VLC/ ZC  Low Carb/ Very Low Carb/ Zero Carb

17.   CF/ WOD  Crossfit/ Work-out of the Day

18.   HIIT/ HIT  High Intensity (Interval) Training

19.   PWO  Post Work-out

20.   VFF  Vibram Five Fingers barefoot shoes

So, what’ve I missed off the list?  Which Acronyms and Abbreviations keep cropping up in your reading?