When you stop drinking soft drinks, it can be hard to know what to drink instead. I recently asked on Facebook what you drink during the day.

What do you drink throughout a typical work day? Tea? Coffee? Water? Something else?

Posted by The Paleo Network on Wednesday, 18 November 2015

…and here's what you said.

Hot water & lemon
Bulletproof Coffee
Green Tea
Hibiscus Tea
Herbal Tea
Beetroot Juice
Orange Juice

We all know how bad soft drinks are – when you've got into the habit of drinking a can of coke or juice throughout the day, it can be really hard to stop. But you can quit soda in just 7 steps! Fruit juice may seem a healthy option, but it can be laden with sugar.

So what can you drink instead?

  1. Water. You really can't beat it. Thirst quenching, available everywhere and totally good for you.
  2. Sparkling water. If you're used to soda, sparkling water can be a good way to quit, whilst still enjoying the familiar fizz.
  3. Flavoured water. No, not vitamin water, try adding in slices of cucumber, mint, lemon or limes.
  4. Green tea is packed with antioxidants. If you don't like it, try a different blend – and try making it with slightly cooler water if you find it too bitter.
  5. Black tea is another easy option. If you can't have it black, try it with a nut milk, like almond milk.
  6. Herbal tea. With so many blends available, there's bound to be one you like – if not, try making your own.
  7. Vegetable juices. Juices don't have to be fruit, try a green juice!
  8. Coffee. Whilst drinking coffee can be a bit of a grey area, making your coffee bulletproof by adding in some coconut oil is very popular.
  9. Kombucha. Not only does it taste good, this fermented drink is super good for your gut health – and you can make it yourself.
  10. Coconut water. Packed with goodness, this is a great choice – just make sure the one you choose is pure and not packed with nasty ingredients.

What do you drink during the day? I'd love to hear your ideas and favourites in the comments below!

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