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Vitamin Water – Health in a Bottle?

It seems that everywhere bottled water is sold, “Vitamin Water” is sold.  Every day I see people buying it.

It annoys me that these drinks are sold as health in a bottle.  They have names like “Energy”, “Calm”, “Power”, “Essential”, “Revive”, “Recoup” and “Focus” and their bottles boast of the amazing health benefits and wealth of vitamins contained in each bottle.  I think a lot of people genuinely believe that by drinking this, they are nourishing their body with a supremely healthy product.  This belief is highly encouraged by the marketing of these drinks, which is what I take issue with.

Vitamin water paleo healthy diet soft drinks supplements-min

Instead of reaching for a “Revive” drink when feeling worn-out, I'm sure a hydrating drink of water, a healthy Paleo meal and a power nap would be far more reviving than the sugar crash that will come after drinking a bottle of “Revive”.


The ingredients contained in all of these Vitamin Water drinks are: –

Water, Fructose, Sucrose, Flavour, Food Acids (citric acid, mono-potassium phosphate), Vitamins (C, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, B6, B12), magnesium lactate & calcium lactate.

Depending on the flavour, these ingredients are also found too: –

Flavour (including D-Ribose), dragonfruit flavour (0.015%), Food Acids (di-potassium phosphate), Vitamins (E, A, Folate), Colour (Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice, Beta-carotene),  Caffeine, Lutein, Guaranna & Extracts of Apple, Blueberry, Pomegranate and Acai (0.026%)

What do you think about “vitamin” drinks?  Is your low-energy solution a bottle of “energy”, or your method of concentrating a bottle of “focus”?

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  1. eddy
    eddy says:

    Totally agree. People struggle to realise the blatant marketing ploy, taking advantag of their conscience. If they stopped to question it, maybe they realise there more nutrition in a banana and its cheaper. Although I doubt that the underlyning sugar addiction was what was really motivating them to buy. Do people really feel better after drinking one? And do they recognise more than three of the ingredients in that list?!

  2. Wenchypoo
    Wenchypoo says:

    I tried one when they first came out–it tasted like someone found a way to stuff a glazed doughnut into a bottle! It tasted a lot like the glaze from a Krispy Kreme, and that’s probably why people are addicted to it–the sugar, the taste of sugar, and the illusion that they are drinking something good for them, when it’s just liquid junk (like Gatorade and all those other “power” drinks).

    You want Vitamin Water? Take a multivitamin pill, put it in your mouth, and drink water to wash it down. Believe me, you wouldn’t drink the water of you dissolved a vitamin pill in it!

  3. Clara
    Clara says:

    A friend and I were going on a diet together so we went food shopping. She put some vitamin water in the cart and I went ballistic. The stuff is sugar water pure and simple. Sheesh people, read a label once in a while.

  4. jillm
    jillm says:

    Make stock from chicken or ham bones and vegetables. Put it in the freezer. Occasionally I have a cup of hot broth instead of tea or coffee. A pinch of curry gives it a nice flavour.

  5. Elissa
    Elissa says:

    Disgusting, the addition of “low calorie” gives the wrong message to people that truly want to lose weight, its a shame they think this is a great solution to their weight loss journey. Natural water with a a few wedges of orange is the best on training days, thats what I have when I play my sunday soccer matches, just plain water and a few slices of orange half time. thats my vitamin water. any other time I dont eat any oranges cause of the carb/fructose content.

  6. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    If its not natural then it’s not what you looking for… As a avid coconut water drinker and importer I can’t look at sports/ energy drinks the same way ever again. CocosPure coconut water has changed the way I hydrate and where I get all my energy from…


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