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I found a fantastic family-owned farm out by my house that operates in the same fashion as Polyface Farms. They have grass fed beef, chicken, turkey, eggs and produce packs and are looking to expand into other areas. They deliver all over Phoenix but told me that they would love to have our group come for a farm tour and some delicious food. Their beef and eggs are the BEST I have ever tasted and I am so thrilled they live right by me so I would like to share them with you. (They also offer grass fed fat and suet and organ meats!!!) If you're not interested in a tour, you can check them out at, otherwise I hope you'll consider joining us! Kids welcome, very family friendly place.


Farmer Goose Update:

We are so excited to see everyone!! Just a few details. We will see you at 10am – call us if you have questions about how to get here but there is a link to a map above.

Cost is $5/adult and $1/child. Cost goes down to $4/adult with 20+ attending and $2.50/adult.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Farmer Goose


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