Primal Play with Darryl Edwards

Darryl will be visiting us all the way from London England, for ‘one night only'. Let's join him at the park and play around 🙂

This is a pretty last-minute event, so just stop on by and let Darryl know what you'd like to do.
– He can talk, or answer your questions.
– We can do a play session.
– We can just hang around and have fun in the park!

Here's a map of where we will be meeting at Bull Creek, meet us at the area in red (by the big rocks):

Who is Darryl Edwards?

Hello, I’m Darryl Edwards, and I play.
Pretty simple little statement, “I play.” But it literally changed my life.

“I Play” took me from sitting for hours on end as a computer programmer, into a career helping people rediscover the joy of getting healthy through movement. “I Play” transformed me from a sedentary guy whose health was slipping away with each passing year, into someone whose body is ready for pretty much whatever I throw at it. “I Play” has taken me around the world, opened my mind to exploring countless new ideas, and changed how I feel when I open my eyes every morning of my life.

You want to see the true power of play? Just look at me.

I’m Darryl. I’m happy. And I’m healthy.

Because I play.

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