FREE Primal Movement Workshop (MovNat)

Join me for a FREE one hour introduction to primal movement as taught through the MovNat system – the most comprehensive approach to natural physical training in existence today! Learn how to move the way your body was DESIGNED to move, based on thousands of years of evolution! Join us as we begin to undo the damage done by repetitive daily movements and break out of those old patterns to discover freedom of movement and agility you may never have known you have! People of any age and fitness level, from 3 to 103 and from invalid to athlete, will be able to benefit from learning how their physical body functions and moves by nature and how to take those natural movements back into everyday life for a less painful and more healthful life! In this class we will:

-Learn tips that are guaranteed to improve your running form, time, and/or post running discomfort, whether you NEVER run or complete marathons regularly!

-Learn how crawling can correct hip and knee mobility issues!

-Learn how to climb up and descend down hills anyone else would consider “too steep” and would spend hours walking around! … and much more! Feel free to visit:
to learn more about natural movement training and we'll look forward to seeing you there! ***Indoor options ARE available via a nearby gym if weather fails to cooperate, so this class WILL HAPPEN RAIN OR SHINE. Details of alternate location will be disclosed through the event page if it starts looking necessary. Specifics of WHERE WITHIN Forest Park will be nailed down as we get closer to the date so as to allow for the possibility of other events in the park conflicting with ours, so please DO RSVP if you intend to be there so I can be sure you get the correct details. Thanks so much and see you there!***

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