Primal Movement Drop in Class w/ MovNat Certified Trainer

Join us for an hour of natural movement and primal training at Walker Lake behind the Kirkwood community center! Go to to learn more and then join us to experience for yourself the freedom of moving naturally and efficiently!

Can't make it on Tuesday? Try our Saturday class at 10am at the base of Art Hill (where the lake/fountains meet with the road!) or if you prefer evenings/indoors, we're now fortunate enough to partner with Steel Plate Crossfit in Webster Groves for a Wednesday class at 7:30pm! Have questions? Wish there was a natural human movement and mobility class in YOUR area? Give me a shout! I'm happy to help out any way I can! See you Tuesday!!!

FIRST TIMERS GET IN FREE!!! Suggested donation of $10/person/class after, but DO NOT let money stop you! Unless someone is obviously taking advantage (which has never happened!) I will never turn someone away because money is tight that week! Showing up matters more!

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