Peach Blossom Festival and U-Pick Farm!

Schnepf Farms is considered an Arizona Treasure and they hold many events that have become traditions for locals and visitors alike. At this time of the year, the u-pick garden is bursting with fresh produce! They provide you with a basket and allow you to stroll through the fields and load up for $1.50/lb! Local, pesticide-free, FRESH veggies dirt cheap! February 1st is also the first day of the Peach Blossom festival where you can take a leisurely walk through the orchards and see the peach blossoms bloom. We are so blessed with gorgeous winter weather, so let's pick some veggies, get some fresh air, and low-impact exercise! I know Queen Creek is a long haul away but it is a very family friendly place to entertain children and out of town guests for a fun day trip. 🙂

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