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Let's delve into some Paleo literature!  For our first Paleo book club meeting, we will discuss It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  This is definitely a book worth purchasing, even just the Kindle version.  However, feel free to borrow it from the library if you're commitment shy at the moment.  This book is a nice and gradual introduction to Paleo eating using purely a nutritional approach as opposed to taking an evolutionary stance.  The explanations are simple, direct, and thought-provoking.  The authors are well known in the blogosphere for developing the Whole30, which is a phenomenal and effective detox program.  We may be so inspired after reviewing the book that we could decide to embark on one as a group!


I am visualizing this gathering to be a very casual, happy-hour style format.  Refreshments will definitely be welcomed!  Munchies, drinks, or treats will be appreciated.  Think of it as a smaller-scaled potluck!  Please try to read the entire book before the meeting.  I would like us to share with each other what lessons we learned or took away from each chapter and to also share a recipe or meal tip we acquired from the book.


I realize that I am scheduling this meeting on the same day as Toffler's wellness workshop at the Ironwood Library, but as you see, I am only a few miles up the road from her.  Just let me know if you plan on going to her session and may run a few minutes late coming to this one.  My husband will be at the ASU game during this time so it allows me to have the house to myself!

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