Low Carb/Keto potluck with a Mediterranean theme!

Your ideas for themed potlucks are always welcome and we will kick them off with dishes from the Med! This potluck is for people who are interested in a very low carb ketogenic diet. If you are looking for ideas for recipes to bring, please contact Melissa or Chef Rachel.

Please bring a folding chair or two, a serving utensil for your dish, and a list of all of the ingredients in it. Please use safe food handling practices.

Just a reminder – this is meant for the low carb/keto crowd, which means high fat and moderate protein, very low-carb.

Mediterranean cuisine includes food from the region of Italy, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, and Albania.  Lots of Paleo friendly recipes can be found on chowstalker.com and the Grass Fed Girl blog.  I'm thinking lots of antipasti meats, olives, and other amazing veggies! 

PLEASE RSVP with what kind of dish you plan to bring

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