Let’s Discuss The Paleo Manifesto

The book club is taking off like a rocket! So far, we have read It Starts With Food, which inspired us to tackle a Whole30 during the month of October. The experience whetted our appetite for more knowledge and a deeper introspection. We tossed around several ideas for another book club topic, which included Grain Brain, Cholesterol Clarity, The Paleo Manifesto, and Lights Out – Sleep, Sugar, and Survival. It came down to literally drawing a name out of a hat and Lights Out was the winner. However, the book does not seem to be in active rotation at the Phoenix Public Library and I don't want people to feel they have to buy the book in order to participate. On a side note, though, Lights Out is a wonderful book, written very humorously by the quirky T.S. Wiley that is worth owning. She really puts into perspective how to reset your natural circadian rhythms in order to avoid cravings for sugar. So, after taking that into consideration, we decided on The Paleo Manifesto by John Durant. There are five copies available at the library and I already have mine on hold. I have heard nothing but praise for this book so far. I am told that the author explores more sociological and historical perspectives. This will help us understand how impactful a whole Paleo Lifestyle is on our culture, as opposed to thinking of it simply as a diet. I believe we can all grasp how beneficial and positive the nutritional standards of Paleo and now we are going to take it one step further!

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