Grain-Free / Sugar-Free Baking Class #1

One of the critical transitions people experience when they decide to embark on the GAPS journey — or SCD, Paleo, or some other ancestral diet-healing protocol system — is the complete absence of baked goods. You might find yourself desperate for a cookie, or with a nagging feeling of incompleteness for the lack of bread. It gets tough.

There's however, an alternative: we can use nuts and seeds instead of wheat or other grains, and honey or dried fruit, instead of sugar, to make our own baked goods. It works great!

In this first class — of the series of two — we'll make:

*Basic coconut flour bread — which can be modified to make sweet or savory breads

*Basic pie nut crust — with a GAPS-legal fruit filling

*Herbed Seed and Nut Crackers

*Coconut Butter Cookies

*Basic Coconut Flour Muffins

We'll also explain the basic technique to make nuts and seeds digestion-friendly, the differences between regular baking and nuts baking, and how to modify for vegetarian and dairy-free diets.

**Payment is required to RSVP**

$45 for 1 class OR $80 for both classes

Please pay here: http://truenourishmen

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