Traditional Super Foods: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Research with Chris Masterjohn

Humans have passed on dietary wisdom through the ages allowing each generation to flourish with vibrant health.  Traditional societies valued not only plant foods for their health value, but also many fatty animal products that have disappeared from the American menu. Foods such as liver and other organs, bones and marrow, butter and cod liver oil, egg yolks, shellfish, and coconut products have played important roles within traditional societies in promoting vibrant skeletal and dental health, energy, happiness, and fertility.  Modern science confirms the wisdom of these traditions, showing that these foods contain vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients difficult to obtain from other foods that act together to promote vibrant health.  In this lecture, you will learn from popular real food writer and blogger Chris Masterjohn why these ancient ‘sacred' foods need to return to their rightful place in the modern menu.

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