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East County Senior Center
276 Sky River Pkwy, Monroe, WA

Water Bath Canning: this is the processing method that is required to make jam, plain salsa, home bottled fruit, basic non-brined pickles and some simple relish (corn relish). In other words, water bath canning is for HIGH ACID FOODS.
Instructors: Georgia Schlegal and Susan Alling Things to Bring With You:
1 wide-mouth quart canning jar with a metal ring (lid will be provided)
1 pint canning jar (either regular or wide mouthed) with a metal ring (lid will be provided)
2 dish towels (to wrap and carry home your 2 hot jars)
Socks to wear on feet while canning in the kitchen
1 apron to wear during canning
Your favorite paring or cutting knife (optional) Bring No Children Under Age 14 With You to This Class
Techniques Taught: This class will show how to scald and peel peaches, prepare canning jars, put peaches in the jars, cover with light syrup, safely prepare the lids, rings for sealing, then water bath the quart jars for long term storage.
We will also learn how to prepare a mild salsa with canned diced tomatoes and a seasoning mix, reinforcing the above techniques, and showing how these skills can transfer to other fruits and relishes. The ratio of acid to your ingredients will be stressed when making this salsa to make a safe product.
You will also learn how to use a simple conversion chart to estimate planting rows in your garden, pounds of fruit per canning jar and how to estimate the volume of fruit or tomato products your family uses throughout a year. Water bath canning is currently one of two preserving methods approved by the USDA for high acid foods. Plain tomatoes may be water bathed provided the proper amount of lemon juice is added to the bottom of the jar to ensure the required acidity.
All canning peaches used in this class are donated by Mott's Fruit in East Wenatchee. Reliable Guidebook: The best most reliable guidebook for bottling both high and low acid foods is the BALL Blue Book (of preserving, home canning, freezing and
dehydration) available at Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart and Winco stores. Home bottling is not necessarily cheaper. It IS, however, more reliable and dependable than relying upon the grocery stores and allows you to control how much sugar or salt you add to your family's foods. You also eliminate many food miles by buying from local reputable farmers. How to Register:
You must reserve your spot by sending an email to <susanalling> with the following information:

COST: $28 per person (cost of ingredients, lids, handouts and kitchen use, and tax to the Dept of Revenue) Payment info: Mail your check for $28.00 to Strategies for Provident Living, PO Box 1163, Duvall, WA 98019 prior to the class so we can purchase the supplies. You will receive confirmation within 48 hours.
EXTRA CLASSES: will consider doing a second water bath canning class this summer, in later Aug.

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