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Hey backyard chicken farmers – those birds are only good for laying for about 3 years. When then? • I've had several requests over the years to teach people how to butcher chickens humanely at home with minimal equipment, and currently have an opportunity to offer a hands-on experience. I have five more pastured meat birds than I anticipated, so there are five openings for this class. These birds will be BIG. They should dress out between 7 and 9 pounds, not including the neck and giblets. Your basic grocery rotisserie chicken runs two to four pounds. I will demonstrate butchering three birds, and you will process your own bird, with help as needed, and take it home at the end of the class.

The class will be held on our suburban homestead, in a convenient Lynnwood location. It will start at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 27, and run three to four hours. Those who arrive on time will get a brief tour of our suburban homestead. The charge for the class is $50, and includes the price of one meat bird. An extra $20 will be charged if two people choose share one bird. Payments can be made through PayPal. PLEASE SIGN UP BY 8:00 P.M. ON THURSDAY as I will be butchering any unreserved birds on Friday. You can contact me through the contact form on my website,, or by phone at[masked] (email not provided to protect from spam). See you there!

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