Let’s Meat-Up at the Organic Butcher!

Join us on Sunday, March 11 at 11AM to meet up with fellow local real food foodies at our favorite local butcher shop. Attendees will get 10% off any purchases they make that day!

Owned and operated by a Paleo enthusiast who carries tons of Paleo friendly products and only the highest quality of humanely raised and sustainable meats! Come check out this awesome resource for delicious Paleo eats and you can find a number of great foods while in-store for this meet-up:
– Polyface eggs and broth
– Polyface pork
– Amish grassfed butter and cheese
– Paleo bacon, with only salt as the ingredient
– Paleo meatloaf
– Gluten free crab cakes and meatballs
– Game meats (venison, elk, antelope, bison)
– Soup from 100 Bowls of Soup
– Collagen bars
– Beef and chicken stock
– Humanely raised veal, lamb, seafood and more
– Organ meats
– Large variety of bones
– Bulletproof coffee
– Sir Kensington's condiments
– Primal Kitchen mayo
– Jeni's Grassfed Ice Cream

This shop is just the cutest; we can't wait to introduce you to Don the butcher and would be happy to sign books and help you navigate the store. It's not a large shop, so we'll be monitoring RSVPs and the weather to make sure we don't need to cap attendance. If you have cookbooks you want signed feel free to bring them, we’ll be happy to sign while there! Looking forward to seeing everyone – Stacy and the boys

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