Bone Broth Demo, bbq Beef Rib dinner and Monday nIght Football

I am always keen on ways to economically prepare Paleo friendly meals at an affordable price point. One of my favorites is to buy a bunch of beef ribs. THese are the large rib bones from steers that encase “prime Rib” or “ribeyes” in the steer. You can get them for a couple of bucks a pound. If you braise them, you get a large amount of excellent beef broth of great soup/broth and a couple of cups of tallow to use as a paleo friendly cooking oil. But even better, you end up with a big stack of delicious, tender ribs to throw on the grill to char up for some excellent eating that night. I will demo all the prep, then grill the ribs for a great dinner while we watch a mediocre MNF game. Bring a couple of containers to bring home some broth and tallow and eight bucks to cover the cost of the meat and the wine we will consume during the game. It will be fun. I'll start the beef rib braise at 5pm, and start the bbq at 8pm. Game stars at 7:45 and dinner will be at 8:30. I'll provide the beef and wine and ask other to being some salads or vegetables. Come anytime between 5-8pm.

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