50 Shades of Art Journaling

Busy with work? Stressed out at home? Come join us for a 6-hr art session with Linh in San Carlos. You will be learning art techniques and how to use diverse medium for your art journaling, which helps improve problem-solving and cognitive thinking. For more details, see here: http://bit.ly/LFNArtjournal

This one day workshop is about playing with paint and learning techniques such as: painting papers, collage, binding a simple journal, doodling, creative lettering, collage using old books/magazines/papers, and layering with paint/stencils/stamps. This course emphasizes on equipping the students with a tool to improve their quality of life by providing a deep and rich experience through art journaling. Scientific evidence supports benefits for Art Journaling. Art Journaling clarifies your thoughts and feelings, reduces stress, and helps improve problem-solving as well as increasing cognitive thinking. Join us and learn a new tool for self-care while making new friends.

In this class you will experience:

• Being a part of a small class size in a safe, inspiring 

• environment and pleasant atmosphere ready for creative play and adventure. 

• Step-by-step demos to help you go through the processes 

• Various techniques using stencils, stamps, gesso 
Soul collage 

• Collage methods of layering with paint 

• Painting harmonizing backgrounds 

• Mindful doodling

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