Landmark Introduction & Paleo Potluck

I invite everyone to my home to share something I’m really passion about (AS passion as Paleo). This coursework – called Landmark – has literally transformed me, and I can honestly say this past year has been the best year of my entire life (I took this course in Dec. ‘13).

AND I've created my soon-to-be Non-Profit Organization: Health By Habits out of this work. I am having my favorite person from Landmark, Bam (yes, her name is Bam!) come lead this intro and join us in our Paleo event. She eats similarly, so I have no doubt she’ll fit right in! 

I want to be absolutely clear that the focus of this event is Landmark: we’ll be going through some of the work and get to look at our lives in a unique way.
… Of course, a Paleo meetup isn’t a Paleo meetup without the Paleo FOOD, so definitely bring food for a potluck, and after the introduction, everyone is welcome to stay to hang out! In my opinion, Paleo and Landmark go hand-in-hand, which is why I have an interest to share this work with the group.

As Paleo has been a sort of bio-hacking experience for most of us – with changing our biology and ultimately the way we were already/probably going to turn out if we didn’t change our habits into healthier ones – Landmark in that same way is another bio-hack to life.

In the course, we really get to discover how human beings are designed and how we – as humans – automatically and naturally have a way of being… ways that we aren’t even aware of most of the time. This work allows extraordinary breakthroughs – completely altering the way you live your life in just 3 days, AND it enables and empowers you to fulfill on what matters most to you.

I know you will love this event whether or not you choose to register for the Forum. I want it to be clear for you prior to going into this event that the total cost is $545, and it includes a full 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and a Tuesday evening.

*Drumroll* I invite you to join me for this AWESOME introduction:

Saturday, December 13


2203 W Ohio St., Chicago, IL 60612

· Street Parking is free.
· Post in the comments what dish you’ll be bringing.

For more information, check out the website at:

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