Paleo bliss bombs fat 4 ingredients recipe

Recipe: 4 Ingredient Paleo Bliss Bombs

I had a friend coming round yesterday and wanted to make a paleo treat – only problem was I didn’t have many ingredients. I’ve made these paleo treats before, but have always used lots of different ingredients. These came out great – sometimes it’s best to keep things simple!

Paleo bliss bombs fat 4 ingredients recipe


Paleo Bliss Bombs Ingredients:

(makes 9 balls)

  • Medjool dates (I used about 7)
  • Fresh strawberries (I used 5 as that was all I had!)
  • Almond meal (about 40g)
  • Shredded coconut (a handful)

paleo diet bliss bombs recipe

Paleo Bliss Bombs How To:

This is so easy!

1) Remove the stones from the dates and de-hull the strawberries.

2) Put the dates and strawberries into a food processor or blender and whizz them until the form a paste. Add the almond meal and mix again.

3) Remove the mixture and use your hands to roll into equal size balls.

4)  I rolled some in the shredded coconut and left some coconut-less.

If I’d had the ingredients, I would have put a rasperry or nut in the centre and perhaps mixed some cacao powder in with the mixture.

Do you have a recipe for something similar to these bliss bombs? What do you use in yours?

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  1. jenny lin
    jenny lin says:

    I made these for a treat and they really were really lovely!
    Thanks for recipe, I will make some more at the weekend.


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