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Where Do You Get Your Paleo Supplies From?

Whilst the main elements of a Paleo diet are fresh, local and seasonal – such as meat and vegetables, there are a few important ingredients and supplies that aren’t so easy to find. I used to get these items from health food shops, but I found they could be really expensive, there wasn't much choice – and they were heavy to carry home!

I now do the non-fresh part of my Paleo shopping almost all online. My favourite supplier is iherb, as I've found them to be the cheapest, they have a large range – and they deliver Worldwide (even to Australia!) quickly and cheaply.

Iherb have just reduced their delivery charge to Australia – it’s now only $10 on orders over $60. They also offer $10 off your first order over $40 – or $5 discount on smaller orders. Definitely the cheapest way to stock up on Coconut Oil and fill your Paleo pantry!

These are the items on my non-fresh Paleo shopping list

Coconut Oil

No Paleo kitchen is complete without Coconut Oil! I go straight for the largest containers as it doesn't last long. I really like this huge container of Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I also have a smaller jar of Artisana Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil in my pantry.

Coconut Aminos

I love Coconut Aminos and use it regularly, exactly as you might use Soy Sauce, for instance in sauces and to marinade meat.

Coconut Butter/ Manna

I first read about these products on US websites; but couldn't find them in Australian stores.

Paleo Baking

I've just got a new Paleo recipe book “Paleo Indulgences”, with lots of recipes for occasional treats and special occasions. Quite a few of the ingredients I didn't have, so I have just ordered from iherb.

Coconut Crystals

I've just ordered these Coconut Crystals as a few of the recipes call for them.

Coconut Nectar

Similarly a few recipes call for Coconut Nectar, so I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of these too

Arrowroot Starch

Coconut Flour

Almond Flour

Shredded Coconut

Coconut Flakes

Flax Meal

Hazelnut Flour

Sunflower Seed Butter

Almond Butter



I tend alternate between Celtic sea salt and pink Himalayan sea salt.

Herbs and Spices

I also have to stock up on the herbs and spices that I use regularly in my cooking. I generally use a lot of turmericParsleyGingerNutmeggarlic powdercurry powderoreganocuminbasil and cinnamon

Kelp Noodles

A recent addition to my cooking is kelp noodles as a great pasta alternative.


Depending on time of the year and nutrition, there are a few supplements I sometimes take.

Vitamin D

Many of the Vitamin D3 capsules sold are in very small doses – instead of taking several, I prefer to take one capsule at a higher IU

Omega 3


After reading on so many American Paleo sites about Larabars, I've also tried some from iherb, for an occasional treat!


Other than food, I also order paraben-free shampoo online as many of the brands I find in shops locally have lots of undesirable ingredients.

Which non-fresh Paleo supplies do you regularly buy? Where do you source your Paleo supplies from? Are there any items you have trouble finding locally?

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  1. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    Thank you for this post, it’s interesting to see which brands you like.
    I need to try coconut aminos.
    A lot of these items are quite heavy, so it’s good that postage has become cheaper. I’d love it if Victoria’s Secret offered cheaper freight!

  2. Helle Hartvig
    Helle Hartvig says:

    You can also get most of the above ingredients at Go Vita on Oxford St in Darlinghurst and the coconut flakes and other goodies (everything coconuty) you can get from Suveran on Oxford St in Bondi Junc.

  3. Judith
    Judith says:

    My question is, why get things shipped from America when we can buy all of these products (Australian made) in shops or on Aussie websites. A number of these things we are able to get from our local farmer’s market, and some from a local health food shop (that is not part of a large chain).

    I have to say that like you, I enjoy the convenience of getting things online. Nothing better than having them delivered right to your door!!! We especially get all of our coconut products from Kokonut Pacific based in Canberra. Amazing products!!

    • Erika
      Erika says:

      I live in Darwin and would be lucky to find any of the above products here, trust me I’ve looked. Coconut Oil in my health food store costs a fortune. Also when buying things from “down south” often the postage to Darwin is highly inflated, or things go by road which can take weeks. I like the options of various places to buy online, interstate or overseas.

    • Florenda
      Florenda says:

      Hi Judith,
      Can i ask, where do you live? I am in Sydney South and would like to know where farmers markets are or where to purchase these things other than online. Although i must say, i find the health food shops prices bleed you dry!!! Which is why i have resorted to buying online.

  4. Sally
    Sally says:

    As a society we are obsessed with getting the best/cheapest price at any cost. While the convenience of buying online is great, what about buying local? As previous posts have pointed out, most of these products are available in health food stores or farmers markets locally. Supporting local businesses & farmers markets keeps our communities strong & vibrant, and keeps prices down in the long run.

    • Erika
      Erika says:

      Again I would love to buy local, but no farmers market here, we do have a great market on a Saturday that has fresh local (mostly Asian style) veggies, and one organic greenie shop that sells frozen grass fed meat, however not in the amount needed to make purchasing regularly viable. It’s a ‘treat’ for me. Now I could try camel meat…… and would crocodile be paleo …. wink wink.

  5. Amanda Lindsay
    Amanda Lindsay says:

    I’d love to buy coconut aminos locally but they just don’t seem to exist here! However, my friend Nick at Paleo Snacks is now stocking them… you can see his range at paleosnacks.com.au…. or look up paleo snacks on facebook…. about to order some now! : )

  6. Elissa
    Elissa says:

    If I knew of an Australian supplier for coconut aminos I would be there in a heartbeat, noone I know has ever heard of it even in health food shops! It’s crazy! I just ordered coconut aminos, coconut vinegar from the coconut shop website which is based in ryde in Sydney I would love to go local and get my coconut supplies cheaper but I haven’t come across any Local shops I can just go in and grab some aminos off the shelf, I love the valuable resources on this site it’s a godsend! I would love to try kelp noodles and larabars too! Yummo! Everything else I get from farmers markets or health food stores or northern Illawarra Organics based in Wollongong that deliver fresh organic fruit n veggies around Sydney.

  7. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    I’ve found that GoVita has decent prices on coconut oil and coconut flour. Woolies and/or Coles will occasionally have a sale on their various types of nut butters. I found a local warehouse type place in Melbourne that stocks large bags of almond flour for a great price, too. iHerb is really great for things that are difficult to find here, though!

  8. Billie
    Billie says:

    So far I have only managed to find a very small jar of coconut oil in a health shop. Seems not yet so popular in the UK, I’ve been working here for the past month still searching for better choices…

  9. Amanda Lindsay
    Amanda Lindsay says:

    Elissa – Nick is good guy – he is a coach at my CrossFit gym and he’s always striving to get new/better product. I’ve just ordered Bacon Crunch – I always thought I would steer clear of packaged goods but sometimes you need to have some on hand or you end up eating a pie!! hahah : )

  10. Boop
    Boop says:

    What’s paleo about hazelnut flour? About flax meal? About coconut amino? Have we all really lost sight of what this style of eating was all about? Whatever happened to raw unprocessed nuts and veg? Hearty serves of dead animal? Does any of this ring any bells?

    • Suz
      Suz says:

      Hi Boop, Paleo is all about what works best for the individual. As great as it is to be 100% strict all the time, often this isn’t possible for people with busy lives in the real World. In those situation it is far better to have alternatives to SAD foods. I would never recommend “Paleo baking” as a daily occurrence, but for occasional treats baking with nut flours is a good option.

  11. Judy Meyring
    Judy Meyring says:

    My daughter turned me onto this Paleo Diet but I am trying to find the
    Snack paks with the Jerky, nuts and Mango. it is packaged in oil. Can anyone tell me where to order on line.
    They come inn 5oz or 2 oz paks.

  12. Simone
    Simone says:

    At the Marrickville markets (every Sunday, Addison Rd) there is a Fijian stall which sells all things coconut. He has oils, fermented coconut oil, coconut nectar, coconut butter, coconut flakes, coconut amino’s ( check the label, he has two types and one is sweetened with coconut nectar) organic cacoa powder and heaps more. Many of his products are organic and his prices ok. He also will crack a coconut for you and pop a straw in for you to sip on as you stroll around the markets.

    Also at the markets are a great egg lady, an organic fruit and veg stall and a butchers van that sells 1kg pastured pork bacon for $16. Heaps more as well as a great vibe 🙂

    • Simone
      Simone says:

      Also, Fijian grocery stores (of which there are quite a few in Sydney, I go to one in Newtown) stock coconut butter but in blocks called creamed coconut, also other coconut products, but don’t necessarily expect to get organic 🙂

  13. Karl Schneider
    Karl Schneider says:

    Hi there is a company in Brisbane that supply all your Paleo staples they offer really good prices and services . They offer bulk buys as well at fantastic prices . They do markets and they supply hydration and nutrition for a lot of the Crossfit comps in SEQ . They are called PALEO MANA TOA .

  14. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Hi all, Dr Earth on King St Newtown has one of the most incredible ranges of all products, and stocks coconut amino sauce (Niulife organic). $11.95 for 250ml 🙂


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