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Review: Paleo Indulgences

I was excited to receive my copy of the new Paleo recipe book “Paleo Indulgences” by Tammy Credicott”.

Unlike many of the Paleo cookbooks in existence, this is most definitely not an every day book. This book is for those occasions when you might otherwise be tempted to go non-Paleo. Birthdays, celebrations and all of those special occasions marked by food.

Paleo Indulgences Diet Recipe Book Gluten Grain Free

There’s a great introduction about Paleo, what should and shouldn't be eaten and where to find the ingredients used for the recipes in the book.

The book has a great thumbnail contents pages – making it easy to find exactly which recipe you want to cook.

Paleo Indulgences has lots of baked recipes, such as cookies, scones, bread and cakes; sweet treats; ice cream and restaurant recreations.

The sweet treats contain Paleo friendly ingredients such as almond and coconut flour. Whilst you wouldn't want to eat these everyday, they are clearly far better alternatives to their SAD equivalents.

I tried out the meatball recipe and the tomato sauce to go with them, both from the “Restaurant Recreations” chapter.

The recipe was easy to follow and tasted great. I made up a large batch to take care of several meals in advance.

There were quite a few ingredients I didn’t have, such as Coconut Nectar, Coconut Crystals and Arrow Root Powder which I have now ordered – I’m looking forward to trying out more of the recipes when the rest of the ingredients arrive!

This book would be great for families trying to feed their children Paleo nutrition – but without feeling like they were missing out on SAD treats.

Which is your favourite recipe book? Have you got Paleo Indulgences yet?

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6 replies
  1. jeanie
    jeanie says:

    Thanks for this.
    I was just wondering what to do for my youngest boy’s birthday party.
    Just thinking about all that cooking involved, I’m not a very good cook. Do you know if you can buy ready made goodies, like cakes and party food, that’s Paleo?

  2. Douglas
    Douglas says:

    I have been sneaking Paleo-friendly desserts into my wife’s diet for the past few months. Without knowing it, she is eating about 90% Paleo. Not bad for someone who dismissed the idea of Paleo as silly


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