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Weston A Price in New Zealand

Apparently Sally Fallon Morell and Geoffrey Morell will be coming to New Zealand next year on a speaking tour with the Weston A Price foundation (WAPF).  Details are still to be announced and it will be between the 24th March and 6th April 2012.


The Weston A Price Foundation approach is not the same as Paleo.  Dairy as well as grains are not discouraged.  Grains are soaked or sprouted prior to eating to remove some (but not all) of the toxins.  I'm certainly not interested in adding grains to my diet, but I am interested in learning more from the WAPF about things like fermented vegetables and organ meats, which I think could be a really beneficial addition to my diet.

I think a WAPF approach is a huge improvement on a typical Western Diet, and probably a good transition into Paleo.  In fact, a lot of Paleo people I have met started off with a WAPF approach before they discovered Paleo.

It should be a very interesting event to attend – and nice to have something like this in our part of the world.  I'll post the details when they are announced.

What do you think about a WAPF approach?

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  1. Gaby
    Gaby says:

    I think that Weston A. Price’s work was so important to the whole Paleo movement that it’d be super interesting to attend. Granted, some people may get confused but IMO it’ll be very educational. I’ll try to make it.


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