Salt isn't supposed to be white Mineral Celtic Sea Salt Pink Himalayan

Salt isn’t supposed to be white…

What type of salt do you use in your cooking?

Salt isn't supposed to be white Mineral Celtic Sea Salt Pink Himalayan

Despite all the warnings about how we should limit our sodium intake, if you eat a healthy unprocessed, natural diet, you may actually need more salt in your diet.

Salt shouldn't be the sodium chloride – a highly refined, processed white substance devoid of nutrients – which so many people consume. The common processed table salt that most people use in their cooking and to season their meals with, is missing over 80 minerals. Yet they only put ONE mineral back into processed table salts, and that’s iodine. So the only real benefit of table salt could be argued to be the iodine content (read what can happen if you get an iodine deficiency – and what to do to avoid it).

Natural Mineral Salt

Natural mineral salts can have as many as 84 minerals and trace minerals. That’s 84 minerals you might not get elsewhere.

There are so many different natural salts available, how do you decide which one to use? I like to try different types. I'm currently using Celtic Sea Salt in my cooking, and I have a Pink Himalayan Sea Salt grinder that I use to season my food.

I usually buy salt from iHerb as I find them so much cheaper and they have a much bigger range than my local health food store. IHerb currently have a Pink Himalayan Sea Salt grinder on sale for $3.24 – on which you can get a $5 discount* (or $10 if your order is over $40) using the promo code duv741.  So if you've not tried mineral salts, why not give them a go and let me know what you think.

Which salt are you using at the moment? I’d love to hear about your favourites in the comments below.

*Don't blame me if the price goes back up!