The Paleo Diet Phosphorus Mineral Deficiency-min

Phosphorus & The Paleo Diet

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for our bodies and is important in order to ensure we remain healthy. It helps the cells and tissues to not only function properly, but also to grow. In order for the bones and teeth to form properly, it is important that we consume the right amount of phosphorus on a daily basis. As phosphorus is a nutrient which is present in all of our cells, it supports the release of energy and enables fats and sugars to be broken down.

In addition to calcium, phosphorus is one of the main minerals found in our bodies and it is just as important as calcium. It is recommended that adults have a reasonable intake of phosphorus on a daily basis and a deficiency in this mineral can be very detrimental to the body. If you suffer from kidney disease, it is recommended that you intake a lower level of phosphorus as it could cause additional problems if you consume too much of this mineral.

There are many signs that you may not have enough phosphorus in your body, including anaemia and a weak immune system. If you notice that you are often feeling run or catching more colds than usual, it may be a sign that your body is lacking in phosphorus or other key nutrients. There is a level of phosphorus found in most foods, so it is quite uncommon to be deficient in this mineral.

It is quite simple to get a good intake of phosphorus on the Paleo diet as it includes an abundance of foods which are high in phosphorus. A normal meal on the Paleo diet will be made up of meat, which is high in phosphorus. It is particular high in grass-fed meat and this is highly recommended with the Paleo diet. If you stock up on vegetables with your meal, you will also be able to increase your intake of phosphorus. Broccoli in particular is a really good source of phosphorus.

The Paleo Diet Phosphorus Mineral Deficiency-min

If you enjoy a snack on the Paleo diet, you should stick to fruits, seeds and nuts as these also contain high levels of phosphorus. It is important not to overdo your phosphorus levels, but still to the recommended daily intake. A good breakfast choice for improving your intake of phosphorus on the Paleo diet is eggs, which also offers many other health benefits. You can also try out some different choice of food such as pumpkins, which are not only really tasty but also have a good level of phosphorus.

There are supplements you can take which will help to enhance the level of phosphorus in your body, but it is much healthier to ensure you are taking in the right foods. Supplements should only really be used as a substitute for the intake from your foods, but with the Paleo diet you don’t need to worry, as most of the food groups have this in abundance.

As long as you eat a healthy and balanced diet, it should be really easy to incorporate your recommended daily intake of phosphorus through the foods you consume. It is a good idea to take a note of the phosphorus levels of your foods, particularly when you first start out on the Paleo diet, as it is a good way to ensure you are taking in the right level. A level of phosphorus which is too high can be just as damaging to the body as too little. You will quickly get used to how much phosphorus your food contains, so you won’t need to keep taking note of these for long.

There are many people who have the misconception that calcium is the only mineral in the body which helps to take care of our bones and teeth, but phosphorus is just as essential for the healthy functioning of the body. It is not beneficial to substitute phosphorus for more of the other essential nutrients, as they all play different parts in the proper functioning of our bodies.

When you follow the Paleo diet and stick to all of the recommended foods, you will be guaranteed to take in high levels of the right vitamins and minerals to help your body function to its optimum level. It is easy to exchange the foods you would normally consume for those on the Paleo diet and you will enjoy noticeable changes in both how you feel and how you look. A good level of phosphorus will help to ensure you stay healthier for longer.