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I Quit Sugar

I recently bought Sarah Wilsons “I Quit Sugar” ebook, which is currently selling for $15.


I've been following Sarah’s blog and was very interested to read this book.

Whilst I don’t think Sarah would describe herself as “Paleo”, her ideas are very similar.  I also really like how she has tried this approach herself, so is able to explain the positive differences quitting sugar made to her.  The book explains, in simple terms why we shouldn't eat sugar, and then lays out exactly how to quit sugar – which is no easy task for sugar addicts!  Keeping with the Paleo theme, Sarah encourages increased consumption of fats and talks at length about fruit and fruit juices.  This is one area I get a lot of questions on, as many people don’t seem to appreciate the sugar content is not a good thing; Sarah does a great job of explaining this.

Whilst Sarah does eat dairy and some grains, I think this book would be a great starting point for a friend or family member who has expressed an interest in Paleo, but doesn't know how to start – or why they should.  To go from Sarah’s no Sugar plan, to a full Paleo diet would not be much of a leap and this book would be a great tool for the journey.

Sarah has recently spoken with Nora Gedgaudas, and her blog seems to mention Paleo more and more since this conversation.

Have you read her book – Did you Quit Sugar?  I’d be very interested to hear what you think about it!

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