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Is Coffee Anti-Paleo?

There are a lot of things that draw controversy amongst the Paleo community – High fat dairy, ‘paleo-fied’ baked goods, potatoes, white rice, and of course, coffee. Coffee is part of a daily ritual for so many people around the world, but whilst it provides many of us with the ‘get up and go’ required to face the day, many have questioned whether it fits the make-up of a successful Paleo diet.

But… Is Coffee Paleo?

Coffee is made by brewing the roasted ‘bean’, of the Coffea, or coffee tree. Whilst beans are not Paleo, the ‘coffee bean’ is technically a seed, and therefore, if we’re going to get technical, allowed. However, many commercially farmed coffee beans are often sprayed with artificial chemicals and pesticides, so if you do choose to drink coffee, it’s important that you buy organic. Many people naturally find that they no longer get the cravings for coffee they used to on a Paleo diet, as they have much more consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Granted, coffee contains antioxidants – but do we really drink it for that? It has also come in for some criticism from some very well respected health sources. A high consumption of coffee has been linked to problems with the adrenal system, sleep disturbances, and impaired insulin sensitivity. Trouble is, it’s a hard habit to break. If only there was a way to make it healthier…

Is coffee paleo primal diet-min

Enter Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee TM is a brand founded by Dave Asprey, and requires a specific formula to brew. This includes specially prepared coffee beans, which are devoid of problematic mycotoxins, along with grass fed butter (or ghee) and MCT oil. Buying the specialist MCT oil can be quite expensive; so many people have taken to using coconut oil instead. The result? A creamy, delicious coffee loaded with healthy fats – which has been proven to provide an easily metabolised form of energy. It’s also supposed to be great for fat loss and minimising food cravings. If you don’t tolerate dairy well – give ghee a try instead. Ghee is stripped of all of the problematic proteins associated with dairy intolerance, so many people who struggle with other forms of dairy are perfectly fine with grass fed ghee. If it still doesn't work for you, then substitute with an extra spoonful of coconut oil.

All in all, coffee might not be as Paleo as a grass fed porterhouse steak or an organic sweet potato – but many of us accept that it is one of those ‘sensible indulgences’ we just couldn't live without. I’d recommend giving Bulletproof Coffee a try, but as with anything, it’s about what’s right for you. I’d also recommend having at least one day off drinking coffee each week, to avoid any sort of caffeine dependency.

I’d love to know, what’s your take on coffee? Are you a regular drinker? And have you tried Bulletproof Coffee, or your own version of something similar?