Weird paleo google searches paleo network-min

More weird Google searches

I shared with you a few months ago some of the strange Google search terms, which have landed people on this blog. Well this month there are more and I thought I’d share some of the funny ones with you. People do some really weird Google searches, don’t they?!

Weird paleo google searches paleo network-min

fish sweet plantains and baked dolphin recipe

Hmmm… dolphin recipes? I didn’t think you’re allowed to eat dolphin this side of Japan? Either way, nope – not here! How about a nice bit of salmon instead?

how to inspect the liver. lungs, heart spleen and skirt(diaphragm)

Not sure if a veterinarian, butcher or medical site would have been more helpful?

do they sell coconut oil in sydney, australia

Now this I can help with. Yes. Yes they do. Australia is quite progressive these days – you can even buy take away coffee!

breakfast recipe no egg for 80 kids

80 kids? Well unfortunately I don’t have any recipes for that many people. But maybe you could use a normal sized recipe and multiply the quantities out several times?

stoned and want a quick snack to make

I have literally no idea why this lead you to my blog? But you should probably make some avocado chocolate mousse.

dangers of almonds and red wine

Running out, probably?

will it still make a difference if i eat paleo during the week and then weekends off?

Do you really need an answer to this?

what bit is mince off a cow?

Definitely all the bad bits. Make your own.

can i go straight to stage 3 on paleo diet

There’s a stage three? Mind = blown. No one has ever mention stage 3 to me before. Is it some kind of insider secret?

what is so special about grass

Hmm… I have no idea where to start with this one.

does anybody stay with the paleo diet for more than 3 months

Definitely not. Just for the two weeks it takes to drop 6 dress sizes. Then they all go straight back to junk food. And on a similar theme…

will paleo not work if i drink diet coke


how many coconuts will get me 10 litres of oil

If you’re about to start making your own coconut oil for the first time, this probably shouldn't be the first question you Google?

can you eat the avocado seed

Not sure why you’d want to?

paleo before and after losing thigh fat

So specific…

paleo emergency travel vegetables

You know when you’re travelling, and you’ve forgotten to bring some veggies with you, then it’s an EMERGENCY?

cheap paleo pills

Is this those awesome paleo pills that you can take before and after eating junk food, to mitigate the effect?

low fat pailo lunches

Low fat? Low fat paleo? Is that a thing?

paleo sucks

This may or may not have been written by the people who Google searched for:

are soft drinks paleo?


is bread paleo

and possibly

can you have margarine on a paleo diet

We need to talk.

Any tips for our Google searchers? Help them out in the comments below!