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The avocado economy

It's no secret that avocados are one of the best paleo foods you can get. Full of fat, the foundation of an amazing dessert recipe and with loads of alternative uses, you just can't beat an avocado.

The frustrating thing is how expensive they are. They literally grown on trees, after all.
The avocado economy economy global prices Paleo Network-min

Exactly how expensive?

Given that we've just come out of summer here in Australia, we grow them here, surely they should be cheap about now? In the Northern Hemisphere, they've presumably been imported, so you'd expect them to be at their most expensive about now?

So I compared prices of avocados available today, in Australia, the US, the UK, Canada and South Africa. Obviously prices will vary wildly in each country, but this should give an indication. You can save buying in bulk, but for the purposes of comparison, I took the single price. I converted currencies into Australian dollars at today's exchange rate, which could wildly fluctuate by the time you read this.

What did I find?

South Africa was by far the cheapest, working out at under $1 (Australian dollar) – hardly surprising given that they grow their own and have just come out of summer too.

Moving over to the Northern Hemisphere, Canada and the US are similarly priced, at $2.36 and $2.22 each. Surprisingly the UK is even cheaper at under $2 each. Though disclaimer – I've yet to have a good avocado there.

So where does that put Australia? Yes, you maybe guessed it – the most expensive avocado I found at almost $3 each. Three times the cost in South Africa.

I would love to understand why they are so expensive here, I fear the answer is as simple as “because they're prepared to pay it”. When I can buy a 1 kilo bag of carrots for $1, I can't see why avocados are so much more expensive. If you've got any thoughts or insight, I'd love to hear it in the comments.

Well, until prices come down, or I manage to grow an avocado tree in my garden, it's going to be carrots for dinner.